Year 11 Mock Results

Dear Parent/Carer I am delighted to inform you that your child will receive their Mock examination results this coming Wednesday 20 January. The sequence of events showing how this will happen is outlined in the table below. As we could not have the assembly as planned, myself and Mr Woodcock have recorded a message we […]

Student View: Music Lessons at DHS

The performing arts department at DHS is full of opportunities. In usual times the24-hour musical would have taken place and rehearsals for both the annual musical and Dance Live would be well underway, as well as preparations for the Christmas celebration evening. For obvious reasons these events can not take place this year, but the […]

Year 7s take on the Stomp challenge

Year 7 have had a fanatic introduction to music lessons at DHS by partaking in a Stomp challenge. Year 7 students have lessons as form groups and so not only have they been developing their musical skills but it has been a great bonding experience for them. Each form group created a piece of music […]

Year 7s learn to become safe digital citizens

In Computer science lessons this half term year 7 students have been learning about being a digital citizen. This has included introducing basic skills such as using email and cloud storage, but primarily it is about educating them in how to stay safe online. Lessons have been based around the 5 principles of safety from […]

Brand new sports facilities on schedule and environmentally friendly

The new sports hall and refurbished courts are progressing well and on schedule to be opened later this term. The team have been working extremally hard in all weather over the past few months to ensure we are in this position. The impressive structure can be seen from the Littlehampton Road but it is even […]

Students ‘meet’ impressive NASA engineer during inspiring Brighton College webinar

At Durrington High the computer science department offer a huge range of opportunities for students to enhance their learning and get an insight into the plentiful opportunities the subject can lead to in later life. With trips and clubs severely limited due to COVID-19 restrictions the department has still managed to provide enrichment opportunities for […]

Durrington students celebrate excellent GCSE results and look towards a bright future

The sun shone on Durrington students today as they received their excellent GCSE results from proud staff at the school. Amidst an unprecedented and uncertain picture nationally, the students’ grades bear testament to their hard work and passion for learning which has been fostered by strong relationships and great teaching from Durrington’s staff over the […]