Teacher Assessed Grades Appeals

For Teacher Assessed Grade appeals please use one of the following forms:

Summer 2021 – GCSE appeals form for stage 1 appeals

Summer 2021 – GCSE appeal form for stage 2 appeals

It should be noted that a stage 1 appeal must have been completed before submitting a stage 2 appeal.  We have been given clear deadlines by the exam boards relating to appeals and hence advise you, should you want to appeal, to do this as soon as possible.  Please also remember that the result of an appeal could mean that your grade goes down, stays the same or goes up.  There is no right of appeal against any appeals based grade change. The timeline for the appeals process is as follows:

Exam Results

Summary of 2020 exam results 
 Achieving Basics (at 4+) in English and maths 78%
 Achieving Basics (at 5+) in English and maths 60%
 Achieving a 7+ in English 34%
Achieving a 7+ in maths30%

Exams & Assessment News

Year 11 Letter

Dear Parent/Carer Last week there was a lot to take in. It was hard for us all to hear that Year 11 would not be returning this week and that

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