The Durrington Journey

At Durrington, we believe that if students are to get the most out of their time at school and learn well, we need to be explicit about our expectations in terms of what it means to be a Durrington student.  We call this ‘The Durrington Journey’ – outlined below.

This is really important for us for two main reasons.  Firstly, every student that comes to Durrington deserves to thrive and feel safe in a calm, well-ordered and supportive environment.  Secondly, if students are going to learn effectively they need to be focused in lessons and supported to reflect on their own learning.  When this is all in place, students learn well and leave us with the best possible exam outcomes, that will open doors for them in the future. 

The Durrington Journey and our KAPP values (Kindness, Aspiration, Perseverance and Pride) shape the culture and expectations for everyone at Durrington High School.

As a parent or carer, please take the time to discuss this with your child/children.  Through working together with the same clear message, we can ensure that all of our students can go on to achieve amazing things.