Student Support

Our team of dedicated teaching and associate staff are committed to giving every student the support they need to reach their personal best.  Each student is part of a house within which they are supported by both their form tutor and additionally by a team of company staff including a full time pastoral manager, deputy house leader and house leader.  We pride ourselves on knowing each and every student and understand that they need to feel safe and happy at school to enable them to progress in their learning.  Sometimes this is as simple as recognising an achievement or positive contribution they have made to our school (or wider) community, at other times they may be finding their life hard and need someone to talk to and offer them objective advice or support.

In addition to our house teams of staff we have a wide-ranging team of specialist staff who work across the school community.  They are known for going the extra mile in support of individual students with more complex needs.  A supportive and proactive home-school relationship is valued, as is an open and honest dialogue with parents/carers.  Our student support is headed by Mr Fuller ( Deputy Headteacher).

Each house has a pastoral manager who works full time to help and support their students.  They can offer advice & guidance on many issues and also look after and promote attendance within their house.  Please feel free to contact them as set out below if you have any issue you need to discuss:
  Pastoral manager Email address Direct line
Turing Mrs K Lucas  01903 705647
Angelou Mrs K Chester 01903 705627
Attenborough Mrs H Qazi 01903 705607
Pele Mrs D Morley

01903 705609
Seacole Mrs K Lawrence 01903 705613
Malala Mrs Z Blackman 01903 705608

For students who have additional needs we have two on-site specialist areas of provision that offer additional support.  Mrs Blight (SENCO) ( provides additional learning support where it is needed.  Mrs Wayne ( (Student intervention leader) runs The Boulevard Centre where students who have more complicated emotional or behavioural needs are supported.

Both areas have their own teams of support staff who are on hand to work one-on-one with students or lead group sessions on a specific theme. Access to either learning area is strictly at the discretion of the leadership team in school. All students who use the areas continue to follow a lesson-based learning timetable.

We have a number of student support assistants who work 1:1, or with small groups of students to support them and overcome specific difficulties they are experiencing.  We firmly believe that the earlier we can offer advice and support the sooner a problem or issue will be resolved.

We work hard to commission and use a number of external professionals within the school.  These include an in-school counsellor. These staff are not a substitute for outside agencies or provision, rather they offer a quick route to assessment, support or diagnosis when significant issues are proving to be a barrier to a student’s learning and progress.

We are always interested and seeking to expand out high quality student support provision to meet the changing needs of our student population; this includes working closely with a range of outside agencies and services as and when the need arises.

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