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Company Leader

Mrs L Poole

Deputy Company Leader

Miss H Townsend

Pastoral Manager

Mrs T Fuller


Company Leader

Mr P Kelly

Deputy Company Leader

Mr N Poole

Pastoral Manager

Mrs K Chester


Company Leader

Miss A Hewett

Deputy Company Leader

Mr A Brown

Pastoral Manager

Mrs K Lawrence


Company Leader

Mr M Calton

Deputy Company Leader

Mr D Hall

Pastoral Manager

Mrs Z Blackman


Company Leader

Miss B Clarke

Deputy Company Leader

Mrs C Johnson


Company Leader

Mrs B Woodall-Jones

Deputy Company Leader

Ms C Wayne


Company Leader

Miss C Wheal

Deputy Company Leader

Mrs D Savage

Ms S MarooneyExecutive Headteacher / CEO DMAT
Mr C WoodcockHead of School / Designated Lead for CLA
Mr S AllisonDirector of Education (DMAT) / Director of Durrington Research School
Mrs L AllisonDeputy Headteacher
Mr J FullerDeputy Headteacher / Standards, Behaviour and Wellbeing
Mrs S DedmanAssistant Headteacher / Inclusion, Wellbeing and Behaviour
Mr P KellyAssistant Headteacher / Company Leader Da Vinci
Mrs S TempleAssistant Headteacher / Progress, Data, Reports and Intervention, Y11 and Disadvantaged
Mrs A WardAssistant Headteacher / Student Culture, KAPP and Student Leadership
Ms F HaynesAssistant Headteacher T & L / Assistant Director of Durrington Research School
Mr C RunecklesAssistant Headteacher T & L / Assistant Director of Durrington Research School / ECTs
Mr J CraneActing Assistant Headteacher T & L (from November 2021 Y11 / Disadvantaged)
Mr B CrockettActing Assistant Headteacher T & L (from November 2021 Data / Progress / Intervention) / CPD
Mrs L Tunbridge AdamsDirector of Safeguarding and Well-Being / Lead for Children Looked After and Children Previously Looked After
Mr M AngellDirector of Operations
Mr S BloomerHead of Art and Design
Mr S AtkinsHead of Geography
Mrs K Cooper Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs E IshamDirector of Performing Arts
Mr S BorrettDirector of Mathematics
Mrs K BlightSENCO
Mr T PickfordDirector of PE & Dance
Mrs C TaylorDirector of Business, ICT & Computer Science
Mr A MohammedCo-Director of Science
Mrs J ChanCo-Director of Science
Mr J FrostDirector of History
Ms H PeachHead of SME
Miss E WadeHead of Design Technology
Ms J BradleyCo-Leader of English
Mr A TharbyCo-Leader of English
Name Responsibility
Mrs L Allison Science
Mr S Allison Science
Mrs J Aston Business / ICT
Mr S Atkins Head of Geography / SME
Mrs I Baquedano MFL
Ms N Bedford Deputy Leader Mathematics
Miss E Bilbrough MFL
Mrs K Blight Mathematics / SENCO
Mr S Bloomer Head of Art & Design
Mr S Borrett Director of Mathematics
Ms J Bradley Co-Leader of English
Mrs J Braidwood History / SME
Mrs N Bridgeman-Sweeney English / Leader of Transition / Line manager of Exams
Mr A Brown Science / Deputy Company Leader Franklin
Mr J Brown English
Mrs P Buchanan Mathematics
Mr J Burgess Business / Computer Science / ICT
 Miss A Cann PE/ Humanities
Mr M Calton Mathematics / Company Leader Hawking
Mrs L Chaitow PE
Mrs J Chan Co-Director of Science
Miss B Clarke History / SME / Company Leader Roddick
Mr J Crane PE / Acting Assistant Headteacher T & L (from November 2021 Y11 / Disadvantaged)
Mrs K Cooper Head of MFL
Mr B Crockett Geography / Citizenship / Acting Assistant Headteacher T & L (from November 2021 Data / Progress / Intervention)
Miss A Cross Deputy Leader Performing Arts / Drama
Mr R De Gruchy Deputy Leader of PE
Mrs S Dedman Humanities / Assistant Headteacher / Inclusion, Wellbeing and Behaviour
Mrs G Eastment Humanities
Mrs C Edwards Science
Mr G Finch Science
Mrs K Forrest English
Miss M Foster English
Miss D Friis Mathematics / Math’s Research School Associate
Ms D Frost English
Mr J Frost Director of History 
Mr J Fuller PE / Deputy Headteacher / Standards, Behaviour and Wellbeing
Ms S Gerlings Design Technology
Mrs R Gaskell SME
Mr M Gasson Performing Arts
Mr T Gilbert MFL
Mr R Gilliland Science
Mrs S Gill Science
Mrs C Gray Art & Design
Miss Ani Grimes Art & Design / Photography
Mr D Hall Performing Arts / Deputy Company Leader Hawking
Ms F Haynes English / Assistant Headteacher T & L / Assistant Director of Durrington Research School
Miss A Hewett Mathematics / Company Leader Franklin
Miss E Hitchcock History / Deputy Leader of History
Miss K Hughes Mathematics / SEN Assessment and Intervention Leader
Mrs E Isham Director of Performing Arts
Miss H Jacobs English & Media
Mr P Kelly Business & ICT / Assistant Headteacher / Company Leader Da Vinci
Dr R Keys Science
Miss H Kingwell Art & Design / Photography
Dr M Kyle Science / Deputy Leader KS3 Science
Miss M Lamper English
Miss P Leeming Science
Miss B Maughan Performing Arts
Miss J McConville Mathematics
Miss E McDonald Mathematics
Miss E Melluish English
Mr A Mohammed Co-Director Science
Mr J Morrice Science
Mr J Newell SME
Miss S O’Keefe SME
Ms H Peach Head of SME
Mr T Pickford Director of PE
Mrs L Poole PE / Company Leader Coubertin / Coordinator for previously looked after children
Mr N Poole PE / Deputy Company Leader Da Vinci
Ms L Pritchard English
Mr F Rahman Science / Research School Associate
Mr M Reene Science
Miss Z Reeves Mathematics
Mr C Runeckles Humanities / Assistant Headteacher T & L / Assistant Director of Durrington Research School / ECTs
Mr D Scott Business / Computer Science / IT
Miss N Smith Design Technology
Mrs E Steele Geography
Ms S Stevens Deputy Leader Mathematics
Mr R Suckling Geography
Miss H Sutton English
Mrs C Taylor Director of Business / Computer Science / ICT
Mrs S Temple Science / Assistant Headteacher / Progress, Data, Reports, Intervention, Y11 and Disadvantaged
Mr A Tharby English / Co-Director of English
Miss H Townsend Geography / SME / Deputy Company Leader Coubertin
Miss M Trafford PE
Ms S Trignano Science / Transition and Disadvantaged
Miss E Wade Design  Technology
Mr K Turner Mathematics
Mr J Veness Mathematics
Miss L Wakeling MFL
Mrs L Wallis-Tayler PE / Deputy Leader Disadvantaged Students Support and Progress
Mrs A Ward History / Citizenship / Assistant Headteacher Student Culture, KAPP and Student Leadership
Mr T Wardell Science
Miss C Wheal Business / ICT / Company Leader Mercator
Mrs B Woodall-Jones English / PE / Company Leader Shelley
Mr C Woodcock Geography
Name Responsibility
Mrs S Baker Library Leader
Ms S Caldwell SIMS Data Manager
Mrs C Copley Administration and Finance Assistant
Mrs T Courtney Senior Finance Officer
Mrs V DaCosta Library Assistant
Mrs J Davis Careers Advisor
Mrs J Dommett Director of Finance
Mrs K Fullwood Office Administrator / Reception
Ms A Gemel EA to Executive Headteacher / CEO DMAT
Mr T Henry Careers Leader
Mrs A Hoey EA to Research School & SCITT
Mrs A Larks Exams Officer and cover
Mrs J Nanson Student Services
Mr S Norfolk Data Leader
Mrs P Potter EA to Head of School / DHT’s
Mr D Riches Welfare Officer
Mrs G Scott Office Administrator / Reception
Miss B Seymour Receptionist
Mrs S Smith Finance Assistant
Name Responsibility
Miss R Biswell Student Support
Mrs K Brand Student Support
Miss E Connolly Student Support
Miss Y Daneshi Student Support
Mrs D Demetriou Student Support HLTA
Miss A Goacher Student Support / Art & Design Technician
Ms J Green Student Support
Mrs S Hadfield Student Support
Mr A Harwood Student Support
Ms D Harwood School Counsellor
Mrs C Hatchard Designated Safeguarding Lead – Child Protection Leader
Miss R Lock Inclusion Leader
Mrs W Lovett Deputy SENCO
Mr S Metcalf Student Support Behaviour
Mrs J O’Callaghan Student Support KS3 Literacy Intervention
Mrs J Owen Student Support
Miss B Potter Student Support
Miss R Price Student Support
Miss H Rice Student Support Careers / SEN and Complex case support
Mr T Richards Student Support
Miss A Rudram Student Support
Ms Caron Searle Student Support / Food support
Ms K Strong Student Support
Mrs L Tunbridge Adams Director of Safeguarding and Wellbeing / Lead for Children Looked After and Children Previously Looked After
Name Responsibility
Mr M Collins Learning Supervisor
Mrs K McGarry Learning Supervisor
Mrs S Tester Learning Supervisor
Mrs T FullerPastoral Manager Coubertin
Mrs Z BlackmanPastoral Manager Hawking
Mrs K ChesterPastoral Manager Da Vinci
Mrs K LawrencePastoral Manager Franklin
Mrs C JohnsonPastoral Manager Roddick / Deputy Company Leader
Mrs D SavagePastoral Manager Mercator / Deputy Company Leader
Ms C WaynePastoral Manager Shelley / Deputy Company Leader
Name Responsibility
Mrs S Baker Science Laboratory Technician
Mrs C Bourner Science Laboratory Technician
Ms S Sadler Laboratory Technician
Mrs S Slater Design Technology Technician
Mrs M Williams Senior Laboratory Technician
Name Responsibility
Mr A Robbins Director of IT
Mr D Grice IT Technician
Mr S Lowe Reprographics Technician
Mr J Jeffery-Milner Apprentice IT Technician



Mr M Angell

Director of Operations

Mr A Matthews

Site assistant

Mr S Podgaiskis


Mr J Phillips

Site Leader

Mr D Rawley

Site Assistant

Mr B Thrift

Deputy Site Leader

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