Durrington Research School

As one of only 32 Research Schools across the country, we are at the forefront of evidence-based teaching, well-being (pastoral care) and behaviour. Research Schools are selected because of their strong track record of using the best available research evidence to embed excellent teaching. It’s for this reason that we lead training and support for other schools across the south-east of England.

From the perspective of our students, being a Research School means that they are taught by highly trained and expert teachers. This matters to us, because we strongly believe that a child’s education is too important to be left to chance. Rather than teaching our students in a way that we think might work, we use robust research evidence from academics around the world to tell us what is most likely to support learning in the classroom. This research evidence is then used to inform and shape not only how we teach, but every other aspect of our work as a school. We are committed to this because we believe that our students deserve no less than a world-class education that will help them to become confident, intelligent and successful learners.


You can find out more about our work as a Research School here.