This information is provided by our catering partners:

Harrison Catering Services is delighted to provide the catering for Durrington High School.

Since its founding in 1994, Harrison an independent family business has always been about creating quality food prepared on-site and served by people who love what they do.

Harrison understands that what students eat affects their health and their ability to learn and perform in the classroom and on the fields. Our catering team provides a wide range of food options and we work to educate the students on how to make healthier food choices. Our goal is to instil a love and understanding of fresh healthier food at a young age that will positively influence them throughout life.

All Harrison staff receive training on how to prepare and serve food through the company’s bespoke Eat Well Live Well© training programme and complete Smile accredited customer service training to ensure the best experience for customers.

We have a selection of trusted supply partners and look to source ingredients from the UK where possible. The Harrison team work with the school to tailor menus to the tastes and preferences of the students. It introduces further interest and excitement to menus through themed menus ranging from holidays like Easter and Christmas to cuisines from around the world, tying these into the school curriculum whenever possible in a fun and engaging way.

If you have a food allergy or intolerance please ask the catering manager every time you visit the catering service to obtain the allergy information for you to make your choice of food.

We have created a series of exciting How-to videos to help you create our recipes at home. Please visit to learn how to make some of our delicious dishes.

Our Harrison branded packaging made by Vegware, is a range of completely compostable packaging. The eco packaging is plastic free, low carbon and made using renewable, sustainably-sourced, natural materials (trees, corn and sugar cane) and recycled materials and emits significantly less CO2 during manufacture than conventional packaging.  It is certified compostable in under 12 weeks.

If you require further information or have any feedback about the catering service, please contact Alistair Warwick by email