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This information is provided by our catering partners:

Harrison Catering is an independent family business with a simple, intelligent approach: we prepare fresh food everyday from scratch. Our sustainable and ethical approach to sourcing high quality, seasonal foods ensures that the following are served on our menus: British Free Range Eggs, Red Tractor Cheese, Pole and line caught Tuna and Fresh British Sourced Meat and Poultry. We are delighted to provide great food in our schools that whilst delivering great nutritional value also helps for children to gain an understanding and appreciation of fresh food, whilst representing great value for money.

We welcome your feedback
Hearing your thoughts on our catering service is an essential part of getting things right and developing our food service, please feel free to speak to our catering manager at the school if you have any comments.

Providing healthy school meals
Healthy eating is particularly important to students and young people. It can not only have an effect on their physical development, but on their performance in the classroom.

Harrison Catering is committed to providing balanced meals that meet nutritional standards and to helping to educate pupils on how to make healthy food choices.

Our focus on fresh food means that only minimal amounts of fried or processed foods appear on our menus – generally in the form of much-loved British favourites like fish and chips. We also aim to maximise access to fruit and vegetables by offering a choice of cooked vegetables, salads, and fresh fruit daily. Every egg we use is British-sourced and free range and the majority of our meat is British-sourced as well.

In addition, all Harrison staff are trained in how to prepare and serve healthier food through the company’s bespoke Eat Well Live Well training programme.


Grab_and go – week 1
Grab and go – week 2
Grab and go – week 3

Break time – week 1
Break time – week 2
Break time – week 3

Lunch menu – week 1
Lunch menu – week 2
Lunch menu – week 3

September 2018 catering tariff increase

  • At Durrington we are encouraged to respond to feedback allowing us to develop our learning and to go beyond our best.