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Durrington High School has an on-going commitment to ensuring that all our students have access to good quality impartial careers advice, thereby ensuring that each student has the best possible foundation on which to base their future choices and pathways.

Each student has access to information in the Careers Library as well as our Careers Advisors, who offer impartial careers advice for Years 7-11, helping students make those crucial career decisions from choosing GCSEs, Apprenticeships and A Level Choices. Every Year 11 is seen by our Careers Advisors to make sure that they have explored all possible options before making their decision about their post-16 education.

Our careers team offer a wide range of activities and resources, which help our students make good informed decisions about their future as they progress through the school. Our Careers Library is fully resourced and is open to all students during lunchtimes. The IT facilities include kudos, introduced in Year 8 & 9, which is a web based programme providing students with career information, colleges etc. Another programme included is Unifrog which is a Careers Guidance tool which at all times maintains a comprehensive set of every University course, and every Apprenticeship vacancy, in the UK. The benefit of being web based is that these programmes can be used at home by the students / parents & carers. Students will only be able to access these sites by a product code only available from the careers team.

National Careers Week During the week of 5th – 9th March 2018 Durrington High School will be taking part in National Careers Week with the aim of providing students with quality career information. We believe in supporting our students to help them make the right choices for their future and gain the skills and confidence they need to reach their goal.

The week encourages students to come together with local employers, colleges, universities and apprenticeship providers for career events and activities. Throughout the week students will be taking part in activities and receiving advice and guidance on future pathways. All students at Durrington receive one to one guidance by our qualified careers team; in addition these events provide the students with first-hand knowledge from industry and educational experts. The aim of the event is to motivate students to consider different careers. It is also an opportunity to ask lots of questions to equip them with the knowledge to start planning their future.

Key Dates: Parent Carer Careers Eve Invite Sept 2017

Year 10 Work Experience- 5-9 February 2018

NB: Deadline for work experience application forms Friday 20 October 2017

Year 9 Option Choices Preparation – Early Spring 2018 Year 9 Options Evening – Monday 5th February Year 8

Introduction to Careers – Late Spring 2018

Attention to all Year 11 Students and parents / carers

Careers Fair Monday 25th September 2017 for Year 11 Students and Parents / Carers

Our Annual Careers Fair is on Monday 25 Sept. The evening starts at 6pm and finishes at 8pm. Over 30 local companies, colleges and universities will be in attendance.

Training: All Remit apprentices are employed by a company local to where they live. You can seek your own employment or we can help you to find an employer.

Apply: An application form is on the website, www.remit.co.uk/applying_apprenticeship once this has been completed Remit can contact you about any vacancies in your area. For more information call the recruitment team on 01623 410020.

Apprenticeship Vacancies: New vacancies are advertised on the National Apprenticeship Website, apprenticeships-in-sussex.com and  on Facebook

Kudos – this is an impartial online careers guidance and information program that helps young people plan their future and make informed decisions. It suggests careers and helps you to explore your career options. Instructions for Kudos

Year 11 – NUS Discount Card

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Applying to colleges guidance sheet

College open days for entry in September 2018
















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The careers team

Mrs K Jefford

Lead Careers Advisor / Community & Enterprise Manager

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Mrs J Davis

Careers & Work Experience Administrator

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