TeenTech Sussex Festival 2023

The Computer Science department took 24 year 9 students to the TeenTech Festival 2023 at the AMEX Stadium in Brighton. Following up from their virtual event two weeks ago, this gave students the opportunity to try their hand at immersive challenges and experiments, to handle cutting edge technology and, most importantly, to spend time with engineers, technologists and scientists from a wide range of companies influencing their 21st-century lives.

The day was led by Maggie Philbin OBE, who has worked in radio and TV for over 30 years, parents might remember her from ‘Tomorrows World’. 

Students worked in teams to design a future innovation, using sensors, data and cutting-edge technology to tackle real-world problems!  Students were designers, developers and marketing experts. They had to then present their ideas to the rest of the school, before presenting them to the other schools at the festival. All our students did us proud with their presentations. 

Later in the day students met and talked to real-world innovators, large technology companies, and industry leaders. Each stand they visited had a fun, hands on activity, from VR headsets where students learnt how Gatwick airport train their air traffic ground staff to land planes, to understanding how facial recognition software is been used. Students got to try their drone driving skills on a simulator to see if they could be left in charge of driving them for deliveries. The students had lots of interesting questions for the businesses and were inspired by the variety of jobs and how creative they were. 

After lunch, overlooking the stadium, students went to the Challenge Zone where they competed in simulated tasks that demonstrate real world work by major science and technology companies, and prizes were awarded. This was a chance to experience innovations in science, technology and engineering, and a chance for the students to see that they have the skills required to be successful in these areas. The challenges we took part in were from BAE, Computer Science at Sussex University, The Army, Infrared Astronauts and Gatwick airport. 

As the day closed three of the Durrington High School groups were awarded for their future innovation ideas from the presentation they made in the first session. Certificates were handed out and students will now have their designs put forward for the National TeenTech Awards. So, watch this space!

Mrs Taylor
Director of Business & Computing

DHS Careers Leader Toby Henry added, “The day was brilliant at showing how technology and engineering are the foundation of so many industries. Students learned that construction is not just about digging and logistics, is not just about driving a lorry. The amazing crew at TeenTech provided our young people with new ways of thinking about and exploring their future potential. Students can always visit the careers library to find out more.”

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