Going beyond our best

  • Durrington High School has made me become more confident in myself by encouraging me to just go for it! The extra-curricular activities have offered me good opportunities to work with new people and meet new friends, resulting in me feeling safe and content at school.


As part of our emphasis on raising achievement across the school we are divided into seven companies. Each company is headed by a Company Leader, who is ultimately responsible for the progress and well being of the students in the company. Each Company Leader is supported by a Deputy Company Leader and a Pastoral Manager.

Each company has its own tie; these are available from our uniform suppliers, McGregors School Wear and Broadwater Sports.

Company Leader: Miss L Wolstenholme
Deputy Company Leader: Mr D Hall
Pastoral Manager: Mrs D Benn
Company tie colour: Red

Form Tutor
7TGi Mr T Gilbert
7KCo Mrs K Cooper
8DWa Mrs D Walters
8ACr Miss A Cross
9ACa Miss A Cann
9DVa Mr D Vasquez
10EBi Miss E Bilbrough
11JCa Mr J Crane
11RKn Mr R Knapp

Da Vinci
Company Leader: Mr P Kelly
Deputy Company Leader: Miss B Clarke
Pastoral Manager: Mrs K Chester
Company tie colour: Purple

Form Tutor
7NSm Miss N Smith
7HKi Miss H Kingwell
8EHi Miss E Hitchcock
8JBa Mrs J Braidwood
9PSl Mr RP Sluman
9CGr Mrs C Gray
10JFr Mr J Frost
10SBl Mr S Bloomer
11RDe Mr R De Gruchy
11BCr Mr B Crockett

Company Leader: Mrs N Bridgeman-Sweeney
Deputy Company Leader: Miss A Hewett
Pastoral Manager: Mrs C Cunliffe
Company tie colour: White

Form Tutor
7ABr Mr A Brown
7ROw Miss R Owen
8FRa Mr F Rahman
8PMc Mr P McCafferty
9MKy Dr M Kyle
9TWa Mr T Wardell
10JEa Miss J Eason
10NHu Miss N Hull
11JBe Mr J Beckwith
11MRe Mr M Reene

Company Leader: Mrs S Dalmon
Deputy Company Leader: Miss R McDonnell
Pastoral Manager: Mrs Z Blackman
Company tie colour: Pink

Form Tutor
7ZSm Mrs Z Smith
7JNe Mr J Newell
8JAs Mrs J  Aston
8RSu Mr R Suckling
9SGe Ms S Gerlings
9LRi Mr L Ridout
10EWa Miss E Wade
10BMa Miss B Maughan
11GEa Mrs G Eastment

Company Leader: Miss C Wheal
Deputy Company Leader / Pastoral Manager: Mrs D Savage
Company tie colour: Blue

Form Tutor
7EMc Miss E McDonald
7ZRe Miss Z Reeves
8HWh Miss H Whittington
9HPe Ms H Peach
9HTo Miss H Townsend
10EIs Mrs E Isham
10JDn Mr J Daniels
11NBe Miss N Bedford
11STr Ms S Trignano

Company Leader: Mr M Carlton
Deputy Company Leader / Pastoral Manager: Mrs C Johnson
Company tie colour: Green

Form Tutor
7HJa Miss H Jacobs
7CTa Mrs C Taylor
8RGa Mrs R Gaskell
8MTa Miss M Trafford
9SAt Mr S Atkins
10AHu Mrs A Humphries
10DFr Miss D Friis
11MDa Mr M Davis
11SGi Mrs S Gill

Company Leader: Ms J Hedger
Deputy Company Leader: Mr N Poole
Pastoral Manager: Ms C Wayne
Company tie colour: Yellow

Form Tutor
7SMu Miss S Murdoch
8LPi Ms L Pritchard
8KCl Ms K Clarke
9ATh Mr A Tharby
9CDe Mr C Dean
10JBr Ms J Bradley
10SHn Miss S Hodnett
11SSt Miss S Stevens
11TPi Mr T Pickford