Going beyond our best

  • Durrington High School has made me become more confident in myself by encouraging me to just go for it! The extra-curricular activities have offered me good opportunities to work with new people and meet new friends, resulting in me feeling safe and content at school.


As part of our emphasis on raising achievement across the school we are divided into seven companies. Each company is headed by a Company Leader, who is ultimately responsible for the progress and well being of the students in the company. Each Company Leader is supported by a Deputy Company Leader and a Pastoral Manager.

Each company has its own tie; these are available from our uniform suppliers, McGregors School Wear and Broadwater Sports.

Company Leader: Miss L Wolstenholme
Deputy Company Leader: Miss H Townsend
Pastoral Manager: Mrs T Fuller
Company tie colour: Red

7LWkMiss L Wakeling
7MReMr M Reene
8TGiMt T Gilbert
8KCoMrs K Cooper
9DWaMrs D Walters
9ACrMiss A Cross
10ACaMiss A Cann
10DVaMr D Vasquez
11EBiMiss E Bilbrough

Da Vinci
Company Leader: Mr P Kelly
Deputy Company Leader: Mr N Poole
Pastoral Manager: Mrs K Chester
Company tie colour: Purple

Mrs C Edwards
Mrs N Bridgeman-Sweeney
8NSmMiss N Smith
8HKiMiss H Kingwell
9EHiMiss E Hitchcock
9JBaMrs J Braidwood
10PSlMr RP Sluman
10CGrMrs C Gray
11JFrMr J Frost
11SBlMr S Bloomer

Company Leader: Mrs S Dalmon
Deputy Company Leader: Miss A Hewett
Pastoral Manager: Mrs C Cunliffe
Company tie colour: White

7RKeDr R Keys
8ABrMr A Brown
8KBrMrs K Brand
9FRaMr F Rahman
9EStMrs E Steele
10MKyDr M Kyle
10TWaMr T Wardell
11NBeMiss N Bedford
11JBuMr J Burgess

Company Leader: Mr M Calton
Deputy Company Leader: Mr D Hall
Pastoral Manager: Mrs Z Blackman
Company tie colour: Pink

7SWaMiss S Warwick
7GEaMrs G Eastment
8ZSmMrs Z Smith
8JNeMr J Newell
9JAsMrs J  Aston
9RSuMr R Suckling
10SGeMs S Gerlings
10LRiMr L Ridout
11EWaMiss E Wade
11BMaMiss B Maughan

Company Leader: Miss C Wheal
Deputy Company Leader / Pastoral Manager: Mrs D Savage
Company tie colour: Blue

7JVeMr J Veness
7KVaMs K Vasallo
8EMcMiss E McDonald
8ZReMiss Z Reeves
9RGiMr R Gilliland
10HPeMrs H Peach
10LChMrs L Chaitow
11EIsMrs E Isham
11STrMs S Trignano

Company Leader: Miss B Clarke
Deputy Company Leader / Pastoral Manager: Mrs C Johnson
Company tie colour: Green

7KHuMiss K Hughes
7GFiMr G Finch
8HJaMiss H Jacobs
8CTaMrs C Taylor
9RGaMrs R Gaskell
9MTaMiss M Trafford
10SAtMr S Atkins
11AHuMrs A Humphries
11RDeMr R De Gruchy

Company Leader: Mrs B Woodall-Jones
Deputy Company Leader / Pastoral Manager: Ms C Wayne
Company tie colour: Yellow

7MFoMiss M Foster
7DFoMs D Frost
8DFrMiss D Friis
9LPiMs L Pritchard
9JBoMr J Brown
10JBeMr J Beckwith
10CDeMr C Dean
11SStMiss S Stevens
11TPiMr T Pickford