Platinum Science Legend Award

In order to gain my Platinum Science Legend award, I was asked to join Mr Morrice (my science teacher) in a Team Teach, in which I would teach some of a lesson to my own science class. To prepare, we made some slides for the slideshow that would be used in the lesson, including me writing the Do Now questions that the class would do at the beginning of the lesson.

At the beginning of the lesson that I was teaching, some of my classmates were looking at me and whispering “What are you doing?” or “Why are you standing up there?” but when Mr Morrice told them I would be teaching them for this lesson, they said “Oh that’s cool” and “Oh nice”.

I then read out the Do Now questions which I had written, and the class began working on them. Mr Morrice then asked if I wanted to do the register as well and I said yes, and began reading out the names. This made some of my classmates laugh as they didn’t know how to respond to the register, some said “Yes Reuben”, someone said “Yes Mr Bowdery” but some just went with “Yes”.

I then walked round the class and asked students if they needed any help with the questions, and helped the students that needed it.

I was quite excited going into it, but when I was actually there it was quite nerve-racking standing up at the front and teaching them. At the end I felt proud of myself and pleased that I would get the Platinum award.

Reuben Bowdery – Year 9

Science teacher Mr Morrice added:

I nominated Reuben for a Science Legend Platinum award due to his exceptional dedication in lessons. He demonstrates a genuine passion for science, and consistently strives to attain his best.

Reuben planned and executed an impressive Do Now starter activity. It was evident that he had thoroughly researched the lesson content beforehand, as he confidently addressed questions and maintained clear communication throughout.

The students actively participated in the activity, eagerly raising their hands to answer questions, mirroring the   level of engagement seen in my own teaching. At the conclusion of the starter, Reuben expressed his enthusiasm by requesting the opportunity to present another lesson, highlighting his enjoyment of the experience.

I am extremely proud of Reuben’s achievement and the Science Legend award is very well deserved.

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