National Scientific Thinking Challenge

In 2021, a group of friends from 6 different university chemistry departments created a test for Year 10 students to try. It was the middle of the pandemic and learning had been badly disrupted.

They worked at Warwick, Southampton, Bristol, Newcastle, Manchester and Oxford Universities and wanted to encourage students and give them something positive and enjoyable to try at a difficult time.

After more than 6,000 people took the test, and positive feedback from teachers and students saying how much they enjoyed the challenge, they decided to make this an annual event.

This year four classes from Durrington High School entered the challenge in which students had to answer 34 questions in 50 minutes. No revision was undertaken and the questions were all based on the analysis of the tables and graphs.

Over 13.6K students took part from across the country and those scoring in the top 10% were awarded gold, the top 25% silver, and the top 40% bronze.

Our students did amazingly well and achieved 9 golds, 8 silvers, and 22 bronze!

We are extremely proud of everyone who entered and enjoyed taking part in this challenge which we plan to repeat next year.

91%GOLDJessie Hopkins
88%GOLDWilliam Townson
85%GOLDJames Barnard
82%GOLDEduards Barkovskis
82%GOLDCharlie Bell
82%GOLDHeidi Redman
82%GOLDOscar Turnbull
82%GOLDKevin Vokel
82%GOLDRaffe Young
79%SILVERLiam Elliot
79%SILVERMacey Roberts
79%SILVERJames Cook
79%SILVERKeaton Gilmore
79%SILVERRosalyn Purser
79%SILVERLuke Puttock
76%SILVERTamara Clayton
76%SILVEROllie Marett
74%BRONZEHenry Fellingham
74%BRONZEBeau Hutchby
74%BRONZERobert Parsons
74%BRONZETheo Seirlis
74%BRONZEZak Samson
74%BRONZETaran Walker
74%BRONZEAmber Cotton
74%BRONZESarah Landy
74%BRONZECharlie McGeorge-Hinks
71%BRONZELily Denyer
71%BRONZELuca Dragoi
71%BRONZEGaby Keywood
71%BRONZEFlynn Hooper
71%BRONZEEthan Robertson
71%BRONZEAmy Warren
71%BRONZEHeidi Palmer
68%BRONZEPhoebe Brookman
68%BRONZEHolly Elves
68%BRONZEEthan Campbell
68%BRONZETamsin Roughton
68%BRONZETaiya Moulding
68%BRONZEEvie Riley

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