The importance of KAPP and the Durrington way by Callum Cummins

Callum Cummins in year 9 was awarded the platinum badge for kindness which was presented during the Senior Leadership Team meeting. As part of the award ceremony Callum gave a speech about the importance of KAPP and the Durrington way.

“Hi, I’m Callum Cummins and I am going to talk about KAPP and how it’s important for the students at Durrington High School. First of all, I would like to start with kindness, which shows us that we should be kind and polite no matter who we are speaking to, may it be in school or the park. DHS helps us to be able to achieve these badges due to the kindness passport and the aspiration challenge. For example, in the passport to get my platinum badge I had to donate a bag of items and give them to charity. Also, I had to complete many more things for this badge.

Now moving onto my favourite badge Aspiration. This is important for all students at DHS because the definition of aspiration is the hope or ambition of achieving certain things. This shows us no matter how big your dream is, it’s never impossible, meaning everyone can go beyond their best. 

Another badge part of KAPP is Perseverance, this helps to show us that even if you fail once you will always try again, which is needed in many jobs, and never giving up is certainly the Durrington way.

Now, making it onto the final badge, Pride. This shows us no matter who we are we can achieve anything we want. Everyone should take pride in what they have accomplished and getting badges for each part of KAPP just makes me, and hopefully everyone, push an extra bit further. 

Personally, I think KAPP is something every school should have as it gives you a purpose and the best part is you get to show your achievements to everyone in the school just by wearing that one badge or seahorse.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me, I hope you have enjoyed it.”

Co-Headteachers Mr Allison and Mr Woodcock were so impressed with Callum’s speech they have invited him to speak at the year 7 assembly to inspire others to make the most of the opportunities on offer at Durrington.

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