GCSE Music Student Emma Shares Her Fantastic Song ‘Colour’

At Durrington High School we love to celebrate the talents of our students and we are delighted when they share work and achievements that they are proud of with us, whether that is inside of school or outside. 

Year 11 student Emma Olsen did just that when she emailed her self-penned and composed song ‘Colour’ to Mr Woodcock, who was really impressed with both the song and the initiative taken. Soon the song had been shared with many members of staff and posted on our social media pages, where it received many likes and shares.

Emma is an inspiration. To be able to write her own songs and then sing with such emotion is rare. We are really proud of her and know that other students will be inspired by her story. We are keen to share her songs more widely so if you have a connection with a radio station or record company please contact us.

Emma is a GCSE music student and ‘Colour’ is her original composition. She has been supported by music teacher Miss Maughan throughout her time at Durrington, enjoying singing in the school choir and also working with vocal coach Alex.

Find out more about Emma in this short interview

Listen to the song

Our KAPP recognition system actively encourages students and their parents/carers to share student achievements with us. We want to recognise the work and accomplishments our students have that are outside of school as well as within it. If you have something you are proud of please do let your teachers know about it and /or complete the KAPP nomination form.

You can find the KAPP nomination form here.

Emma also has ambitions to own her own business and is headed to Brinsbury College to study agriculture in September. She is also determined to continue to develop her music by writing her own songs and singing with student bands alongside this and we can’t wait to see where it takes her.

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