First Seahorse award goes to…..

Year 11 student Billy Lambe is the first student to be awarded the KAPP seahorse; having received his bronze badges for kindness, aspiration, perseverance and pride. This is a huge achievement, especially over such a short amount of time. Billy epitomizes our school values and we are incredibly proud of him. We also know that others will soon follow in his footsteps as our school is brimming with incredible students who embrace and live out KAPP every day.

Billy said, ‘I am really proud to achieve the first seahorse. When I heard about KAPP I was determined to do my best to be awarded the various badges. I think the values of KAPP are really important and instil a great work ethic that can be taken forward to college and work. I think this shows that if you put your mind to something you can achieve anything.’

Billy’s first badge was for pride. Having started karate age 5, in October 2020 Billy was awarded a rare recognition; his ‘named belt’ which has both Billy’s surname and the karate organisations name embroidered onto a black belt first Dan. Billy received this for four years of volunteering; helping, guiding and encouraging other students to work their way through their grades whilst also doing his own training once a week.  A huge achievement.

The second badge was an aspiration badge for Billy’s dedication to playing the drums. He has a lesson each week, and can read music really well. He has continued to aspire to be the best he can by practicing and going to his lessons, showing great dedication and commitment over the years.

Billy was awarded a kindness badge for his care of the priest at his local church, who was shielding during lockdown. He ensured he had meals and regularly took food items he thought he would like over to him. Recently he helped prepare the family roast dinner and decided that a plate should be made up and delivered to Father Chris as a surprise. Thinking of and caring for others in this way is inspiring.

Finally, to complete the set and be eligible for the seahorse Billy was awarded a perseverance badge for his incredible dedication in SME, being selected as the student in his class that has shown the most effort.

Mrs Ward, Assistant Headteacher who is leading on KAPP said, ‘We are so proud of Billy for being the first student to achieve the seahorse. We have been delighted with the response from parents/carers, and school staff in terms of nominating students for badges. Finding out what our students are achieving both inside and outside of the school gates is very special, and rewarding their efforts and achievements is wonderful. To have achieved all four badges in less than a term is amazing; Billy is a credit to himself, his family and our school community.

As more nominations come in, we are looking forward to awarding more badges and seahorses over the coming weeks.

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