Going beyond our best

  • At Durrington High School we achieve the best we can by being committed, positive and confident.


As part of our emphasis on raising achievement across the school we are divided into seven companies. Each company is headed by a Company Leader, who is ultimately responsible for the progress and well being of the students in the company. Each Company Leader is supported by a Deputy Company Leader and a Pastoral Manager.

Each company has its own tie; these are available from our uniform suppliers, McGregors School Wear and Broadwater Sports.

Company Leader: Ms J Hedger
Deputy Company Leader: Mr N Poole
Pastoral Manager: Mrs D Benn
Company tie colour: Red

Form Tutor
7CBo Mrs C Bowden
7DVa Mr D Vasquez
8EBi Miss E Bilbrough
9LWa Mrs L Wallis-Tayler
9KCl Ms K Clarke
10TPi Mr T Pickford
10LCh Mrs L Chaitow
11JCa Mr J Crane
11DWa Mrs D Walters


Da Vinci
Company Leader: Miss L Wolstenholme
Deputy Company Leader: Miss K Hughes
Pastoral Manager: Mrs K Chester
Company tie colour: Purple

Form Tutor
7RBu Mr R Burns
7CGr Mrs C Gray
8DOb Mr B Cable
8ICa Mr I Canavan
9KHa Miss K Haslett
9RDe Mr R De Gruchy
10JRm Mr B Crockett
11SBl Mr S Bloomer
11MMl Mrs E Lambie


Company Leader: Mrs N Bridgeman-Sweeney
Deputy Company Leader: Mrs J House
Pastoral Manager: Mr S Briscoe
Company tie colour: White

Form Tutor
7MKy Dr M Kyle
7SKe Ms K Guirey
8JSc Miss J Scanes
8RMc Miss R McDonnell
9JBe Mr J Beckwith
9MRe Mr M Reene
10STr Ms S Trignano
10TSe Miss T Searle
10PBe Miss P Bence
11ROw Miss R Owen


Company Leader: Mrs S Dalmon
Company tie colour: Pink

Form Tutor
7RHa Ms S Gerlings
7LFr Miss L Freeman
8EWa Miss E Wade
8BMa Miss B Maughan
9GEa Mrs G Eastment
9CMr Mrs C Marsh
10RSu Mr R Suckling
11EIs Mrs E Isham
11AMo Mr A Mohammed


Company Leader: Mr J Fuller and Mr J Lamb
Pastoral Manager: Mrs D Savage
Company tie colour: Blue

Form Tutor
7HPe Ms H Peach
7HTo Miss H Townsend
8JMu Mr J Mulhern
8AHe Miss A Hewett
9FPi Miss F Pimental
9SMo Miss S Morley
10TGi Mr T Gilbert
10MTr Miss M Treleven
10NBe Miss N Bedford
11SSt Miss S Stevens


Company Leader: Mrs S Dedman
Deputy Company Leader: Mr D Hall
Pastoral Manager: Mrs C Johnson
Company tie colour: Green

Form Tutor
7APa Mr A Paul
8AHu Mrs A Humphries
8SBo Mr S Borrett
9MDa Mr M Davis
9AHa Ms N French
10SAt Mr S Atkins
10TBi Dr T Brinded
11JGr Mr J Griffiths
11PGr Mrs P Graham


Company Leader: Mr P Kelly
Deputy Company Leader and Pastoral Manager: Mrs M Gardner
Company tie colour: Yellow

Form Tutor
7ATh Mr A Tharby
7CDe Mr C Dean
8TOv Miss T Overton
8SHn Miss S Hodnett
9BCl Miss B Clarke
9KHe Miss K Heane
10ER0 Mrs E Rose
10TBr Mr T Brennan
11JGm Mrs J Grimwood-Read
11RSh Mr R Shoebridge