Durrington High School

Going beyond our best


As part of our emphasis on raising achievement across the school we are divided into seven companies. Each company is headed by a Company Leader, who is ultimately responsible for the progress and well being of the students in the company. Each Company Leader is supported by a Deputy Company Leader and a Pastoral Manager.

Each company has its own tie; these are available from our uniform suppliers, McGregors School Wear and Broadwater Sports.

Company Leader: Miss L Wolstenholme
Deputy Company Leader: Mrs R Gaskell
Pastoral Manager: Mrs D Benn
Company tie colour: Red

Form Tutor
7DWa Mrs D Walters
7ACr Miss A Cross
8CBo Mrs C Bowden
8DVa Mr D Vasquez
9EBi Miss E Bilbrough
10JCa Mr J Crane
10RKn Mr R Knapp
11TPi Mr T Pickford
11LCh Mrs L Chaitow


Da Vinci
Company Leader: Mr P Kelly
Deputy Company Leader: Mr D Hall
Pastoral Manager: Mrs K Chester
Company tie colour: Purple

Form Tutor
7EHi Miss E Hitchcock
7JCl Ms J Collins
8RBu Mr R Burns
8CGr Mrs C Gray
9JFr Mr J Frost
9SBl Mr S Bloomer
10AMo Mr A Mohammed
10RDe Mr R De Gruchy
11BCr Mr B Crockett


Company Leader: Mrs N Bridgeman-Sweeney
Deputy Company Leader: Mr N Poole
Pastoral Manager: Mr S Briscoe
Company tie colour: White

Form Tutor
7FRa Mr F Rahman
7PMc Mr P McCafferty
8MKy Dr M Kyle
8TWa Mr T Wardell
9ECl Miss E Clements
9RMc Miss R McDonnell
10JBe Mr J Beckwith
10MRe Mr M Reene
11STr Ms S Trignano
11ROw Miss R Owen


Company Leader: Mrs S Dalmon
Deputy Company Leader: Miss B Clarke
Pastoral Manager: Mrs C Cunliffe
Company tie colour: Pink

Form Tutor
7JAs Mrs J Aston
7JMn Mrs J Montagner
8SGe Ms S Gerlings
8LRi Mr L Ridout
9EWa Miss E Wade
9BMa Miss B Maughan
10GEa Mrs G Eastment
11CMr Mrs C Marsh
11RSu Mr R Suckling


Company Leader: Mrs S Dedman
Pastoral Manager: Mrs D Savage
Company tie colour: Blue

Form Tutor
7SSt Miss S Stevens
8HPe Ms H Peach
8HTo Miss H Townsend
9JMu Mr J Mulhern
9AHe Miss A Hewett
10FPi Miss F Pimentel
10SMo Miss S Morley
11TGi Mr T Gilbert
11NBe Miss N Bedford


Company Leader: Miss K Hughes & Mrs C Johnson
Pastoral Manager: Mrs C Johnson
Company tie colour: Green

Form Tutor
7JGr Mr J Griffiths
7MTa Miss M Trafford
8APa Mr A Paul
9AHu Mrs A Humphries
9SBo Mr S Borrett
10MDa Mr M Davis
10PGr Ms P Graham
11SAt Mr S Atkins
11EIs Mrs E Isham


Company Leader: Ms J Hedger
Deputy Company Leader and Pastoral Manager: Mrs M Gardner
Company tie colour: Yellow

Form Tutor
7LPi Ms L Pritchard
7KCl Ms K Clarke
8ATh Mr A Tharby
8CDe Mr C Dean
9TOv Miss T Overton
9SHn Miss S Hodnett
10HKy Mr H Key
10KHe Miss K Heane
11ERo Mrs E Rose
11HWh Miss H Whittington
  • The teachers have encouraged me to enjoy learning.