TeenTech Festival 2023

This virtual event was attended by over 30 Year 9 students who took part in the interactive live event hosted by Maggie Philbin. The aim of the event was to change the students’ perspectives of technology jobs and break down stereotypes as well as opening their eyes to realise that tech jobs are everywhere and on the increase.

Gareth Sear from Gatwick, gave an insight to the technology that they use at the airport to keep the airport safe and also running so smoothly on a day to day basis, with a focus on the self-driving robotics that will be parking your cars in the near future. 

Through the morning the students also got to answer some questions, these ranged from VR to coding in gaming, all with the aim to shape and challenge their thinking of technology. 

Anson Lai and Hassanah Khodabocuas from AWS gave a real insight into cloud computing and how Ai and machine learning is used in the web services that they work with. 

Students could ask questions directly to the experts throughout the morning, and we had a number of our questions asked to the panel through the event. 

You can find out more about TeenTech on the link below.


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