Summer Ball – BUZZ professional photography

All images from our Summer Ball have been uploaded onto TheBUZZ website today  and the Access Code Password is 448e45f0. From here, students and their friends and families may purchase additional copies, low/high resolution Jpegs, other print sizes and products.

If you purchase a photograph(s) online, they will be at the same special offer price available on the night of the prom; £10.00 for a 9” x 6” high-class print in a quality strut-mount, buy 2 get the 3rd free, together with free low res. image(s) for social media and you will not incur the additional online prices and postage costs.  The deadline for this ends Friday 14th July 2023.

Select “Durrington High School Prom 2023 Gallery”, add Access Code 448e45f0 and then make a selection of the photograph(s) you want, price option(s) for 1 or buy 2 get 3rd free as below:

1- Early Bird Special offer 9” x 6” print (1) & 2 – Early Bird Special offer 9” x 6” print (2) & 3 – Early Bird Special Offer Free Print (3).  

If you experience any problems, please email 

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot view/purchase photographs on your mobile as unfortunately the BUZZ website has an issue at the moment using phones. Please try on a computer.

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