Student uniform & personal presentation

As we near this first half term of 2022 we hope that the students are looking forward to a well-earned rest next week and that our year 11 students are both organised and ready to begin their first planned out week of GCSE revision (the program for which they have been organising within tutor time).

School will restart on Monday 28th February and, as normal, we will expect all students to return in full and correct uniform and present themselves in line with school expectations.  Since the start of the academic year a number children have grown, hence, uniform that fitted well in September 2021 (and met expectations) may now be too small or too short.  

When students return after the half term break we will be having our normal mid-year focus on standards. We are keen that no child is put in a difficult situation by returning to school with either uniform and/or presenting in a way that doesn’t meet expectations.   Therefore we are asking that parents/carers support us and specifically to check (rectifying as necessary) your child’s uniform and personal presentation where necessary purchasing any new items needed before the start of next half term.  

Some key areas we are asking that you check are:  

  • Skirts/skirt length: If your child wears a skirt to school please remember that our only acceptable skirt is the Banner A Line.  If worn, skirts are expected to touch the top of the knee (when the child is standing). Skirts must also not have the waistband rolled.  We recommend that parents/ carers check skirts and order any new sized items before we return to school next half term. This will avoid their being any potential delay in delivery.  To support further we have been in contact with First for Uniform and they have agreed to order in a batch of extra long length (28”) skirts in a variety of waist sizes, we will let you know when these arrive.
  • Hair: Please make sure that any changes (colour/style/cut) remain within school expectations.
  • Nails: Please ensure that any/all acrylic or false nails are removed before students return.
  • Piercings & jewellery: No additional piercings are permitted (that cannot be removed) and would therefore be in breach of school expectations upon your child’s return. Students must also not wear any jewellery (other than a watch) on any other part of their body.

If you do wish to double-check on what is/isn’t expected (for either uniform and/or personal presentation) please refer to the school policy which can be found here.   

By contacting you now (and speaking to as many as possible of the minority of students whose uniform may not currently be compliant with expectations) we are very much hoping that no child will be left in a difficult position after half term.  As normal, if a child is wearing an incorrect uniform and/or does not present in line with school expectations, they may have their expectations card signed, could be issued with a sanction and may also need to work out of lessons until the issue is resolved.    

Thank you again for your ongoing support of basic expectations, it is very much appreciated.  

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