Return to School -January 2022

As you are likely aware there have been some significant updates in relation to Covid 19 (with the suggestion that more could change in the new year).  Part of the current expectations are that we implement (as we did in September) a return-to-school LFT testing program for when students come back to school in January. Our program has been created to ensure a prompt and safe return for all.  

The following information is very important and we appreciate you reading it through carefully taking note of timings and other actions required.  You will find information specific to year groups below as students in each year group have a different testing schedule and start point back in school.  If you have children in separate year groups you will need to read the information specific to their year group for their return plan timings.

Step 1: If you haven’t already completed the consent form, please do this now. It is important that you do this even if you don’t give consent.  One form is required per child (if you have more than one child in school).

Step 2: Once you have indicated consent please read the information below carefully.  Please be aware that even if your child is not part of the LFT testing program they will need to follow the set schedule and provision for their year group.

Please also be reminded that your child must isolate and not return to school if they have Covid-19 symptoms until they receive a negative PCR result.  The symptoms are:

o             Loss of taste or smell

o             A new and persistent cough

o             A high temperature (which in children is a temperature above 37.8 degrees but if you don’t have a thermometer they are hot to the touch).

Finally, please be aware that this is the current plan.  If there are any changes due to a change in guidance we will be in contact with you again.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Mr C.Woodcock

Head of School

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