On-site Lateral Flow Testing Consent

Dear Parent/carer,

As you may have seen in the news schools are being asked to coordinate on-site Lateral Flow Testing once again as part of the students returning to school after Christmas.  This is a separate process to any home testing that takes place.  It will be run by trained school staff with the aim of trying to ensure a Covid-free return to the classroom in January via high efficacy testing. 

Whilst we await further guidance (for example we have not been told yet if we will be staggering return by year group or if all students should return on the same day and testing should be staggered) we do need to get the consent process up and running please..  Once we have the guidance we will be back in contact and devised the most efficient and least disruptive plan for the start of term.   When we last asked parents to complete the LFT consent a fantastic 90%+ of you did this in a short time frame. We need this speed of response again please (whether or not you are giving consent for your child to be tested).  

How to provide consent (or opt out):

To give your consent (or choose not to) is a very simple process simply click here and complete this short form.  Please also remember that even if you do give consent for your child to be tested this can we withdrawn by you (or them) at any point up until the test takes place.

Below are some documents that provide further details regarding the process.

DMAT Covid 19 Testing Privacy Statement

Data Protection FAQs for parents Covid Testing in Schools and Colleges

If you have more than one child please be reminded that you will need to complete a form for each of them separately. 

Thank you in advance of your anticipated quick response & support.

Sarah Dedman

Assistant Headteacher

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