Inspiring Students to Aim High with Worthing College’s Aspire Programme

On Tuesday 18th May we were delighted to welcome Steven Foden from Worthing College into school to speak to year 11 students headed to Worthing College in September about their Aspire Programme. We have many ambitious and talented students at Durrington High and our careers team ensures the carefully constructed careers programme throughout their time here is not only informative about future options but inspiring too. 

Aspire is a support programme for students attending Worthing College who are considering applying to the country’s most competitive universities. The talk explored what makes some universities different from others and why a successful application to those settings might be more challenging. Steven engaged the students by using the latest data which showed the number of applications versus the number of places, getting them to consider some of the ways they could give themselves an advantage.

Steven then went on to talk about different aspects of the programme including the Extended Project Qualification, lectures to help broaden student thinking and the extra support offered for the UCAS application process. Those students achieving strong grades will be approached by the college after enrolment and others can sign up to the scheme as well. 

It is important to note that many colleges will have similar programmes, so if this sounds like something that would appeal, students should enquire with their destination to see what support programmes are available to them.

It is fantastic to be able to welcome careers professionals into school to engage with students again. We have been really proud of the way so many students have continued to engage virtually with work experience and other careers based programmes, but it was a real pleasure to welcome Steve into the building. These are great offerings that provide enrichment and extra support to the college programme as well as expanding student knowledge and understanding for those seeking ambitious pathways.

More details of the Worthing College Aspire programme can be found here

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