Update: Wider Reopening of School for all Students (week beginning 8th March)

Dear parents/carers,

Please find below updated information that you and your child/children need to be aware of in advance of their return to school next week.  Thank you in advance for your time in reading and supporting the following expectations; by continuing to work together and being clear in our communication we will put all our children in the very best position as they return to school.

What day will my child return to school?

Timings for the return of each year group are set out below.  Please be aware that some form groups are required in before school starts between the 9th-15th March. This is detailed in the section below.  If your child has a testing slot before their normal start time this should be prioritised.

How will testing continue?

Between Tuesday 9th and Monday 15th March students in the following tutor groups (who have consented to testing) should arrive early to school to allow for the second and third waves of testing to take place.  For students in all other tutor groups not named in the table testing will be scheduled during the normal school day.

Please make sure you are aware (and share with your child) if they need to be on site before the normal start time.

Home testing

We will be in contact to update you on the system and processes relating to home testing next week when both test kits have been delivered and the guidance is updated in relation to the use of these.  A provisional date for home-tests to start is in the w/c 15th March.

What about uniform and personal presentation?

Students (as per previous communications) will be expected to wear full school uniform on their return to school.  They are also expected to meet our normal standards in relation to personal presentation.  We ask that parents/carers contact your child’s company leader urgently should if you anticipate there being a problem in relation to uniform or personal presentation.

As you will be aware all students have all been provided with access to lockers (for which they will need their own lock).  As the weather is getting warmer there no need for students to wear any non-uniform items (e.g. coats/scarfs/hoodies/ trainers) in the school building at any time.  As before students are free to wear additional (plain white) underlayers to keep warm; please be assured that we will make use of the school heating as/when needed.

What about the use/wearing of facemasks?

We will be following the most recent government guidance that recommends to all students that they wear a mask within classroom settings*.   Our school position is that we strongly encourage all students to wear masks in lessons to help protect their peers and the wider school community.  It will be for individual students (and their families) to decide if they follow this recommendation.    

We will continue to expect all students (unless they have a current medical exemption) to:

  1. have two masks with every day
  2. wear their mask at all times when in communal areas of the school.  

 Students may be sanctioned for non-compliance in relation to basic expectations.

In fine weather we will continue with the expectation that all students to be outside the building at breaks and lunchtimes further reducing risks.  There is no expectation on students to wear masks outside of the building.

There will be a review of mask-wearing by central government before the Easter break, we    will then update our expectations accordingly and communicate this to students and parents/carers.

*(exceptions apply in the guidance in relation to when students are partaking in strenuous physical activities or where social distancing can be maintained)

What about homework?

To support transition back into the structure of day-to-day on-site schooling homework for all students, in all year groups, will commence in w/c 15th March.  As normal this will be set through the Connect system.

When will after school clubs/activities restart?

Information will follow in relation to these restarting.  We are hopeful that some clubs will commence in w/c 15th March.

Year 10 parents’ evening

Advanced notice that the school will close at 2.05pm on Wednesday the 24th March as year 10 parents evening has moved to this date. All students will therefore be dismissed at this time. 

Year 11 students and exams

Further information will follow shortly in relation to the plan as we continue to work with Year 11 towards the summer.

Should you have any other urgent questions please contact the key member of staff that your question relates to:

Thank you again for your time in reading the above information carefully and ensuring your child is ready to return to school. 

As a final point here are some key messages from our SSLT who are keen to share advice and reassure their peers as they transition back to school. You can also find a back to school check list here. 

Kind Regards

Mr C.Woodcock
Head of School

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