Student View: Music Lessons at DHS

The performing arts department at DHS is full of opportunities. In usual times the24-hour musical would have taken place and rehearsals for both the annual musical and Dance Live would be well underway, as well as preparations for the Christmas celebration evening. For obvious reasons these events can not take place this year, but the department is still thriving with exciting drama and music lessons in school. Last half term year 7s took part in a Stomp Competition and below we hear the thoughts of students in years 8 and 9 about their exciting and engaging lessons:

Year 8 students Phoebe, Charlotte and Jessie:

We love music at Durrington because it is a good team building lesson that also helps build confidence in all students. Music gives you great opportunities such as learning new instruments and finding new interests.

During coronavirus, nothing has really changed in the music department. Our lessons are still as fun as ever because we still get to use all of the same facilities such as keyboards, iMacs and much more (of course within the guidelines).

So far this year, we have started to read and understand sheet music by learning each of the notes on the stave. We also learned a song called The Rattling Bog when we were looking at traditional folk music. We also got the chance to perform the piece to our fellow peers, who say, ‘The curriculum is very varied and fun!’ (Amelia and Jess) and ‘The teachers are really helpful” (Charlie).

Year 9 students Jasper, Chloe and Molly:

We love music at Durrington because it is so engaging. Most of our lessons are spent on the keyboards or iMacs creating or playing a piece of music. It is a good to have a practical lesson.

Covid hasn’t really changed music much; we still get to use all the facilities at DHS like normal (except with extra coronavirus safety measures!) and we can learn and play just like we used to.

So far this year, in our reading music topic, we have learned the Harry Potter theme tune, Someone Like You and Counting Stars on the keyboards. Last year, we spent a term working on the iMacs and making our own backing track on GarageBand which was a really good way to mix technology and music together. A lot of us ended up making some really cool beats on them and we were happy to have the opportunity to do that.

The music facilities at Durrington are great. We have two music classrooms, each with their own set of practice rooms and enough keyboards for everyone to have one in lessons.

As well as this, there is a workspace full of Apple iMacs which we use often in class to either play music on or create music using different pieces of software. Our classmates say, ‘I enjoy working in the practice rooms as we can hear our music better’ (Storm), ‘I like the great equipment we are able to use!’ (Alex), ‘I like music because the teachers at DHS make it so fun!’ (Ren) and ‘I like music because I find the differences between all the styles interesting.” (Abi).

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