Durrington High School

Going beyond our best


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Senior Leadership Team

Name Responsibility
Ms S Marooney CEO DMAT
Mr C Woodcock Head of School
Mr S Allison Head of School Improvement / Director of Research School
Mrs L Allison Deputy Headteacher
Miss J Squires Deputy Headteacher
Mr J Fuller Associate Deputy Headteacher
Mrs N Bridgeman-Sweeney Assistant Headteacher / Company Leader Franklin
Mrs S Dedman Associate Assistant Headteacher / Company Leader Roddick
Mr S Down Assistant Headteacher
Mr P Kelly Assistant Headteacher / Company Leader Da Vinci
Mrs S Temple Associate Assistant Headteacher / Director of Science
Ms F Haynes Associate Assistant Headteacher / Assistant Director of Research School
Mr C Runeckles Associate Assistant Headteacher / Assistant Director of Research School
Mrs K Blight Senior Leader Target Groups
Mr L Ridout Senior Leadership DMAT
Mr N Roberts Director of Finance


Company Leaders

Name Responsibility
Mrs S Dalmon Company Leader Hawking
Ms J Hedger Company Leader Shelley
Mrs C Johnson Co-Company Leader Roddick
Miss K Hughes Co-Company Leader Roddick
Miss L Wolstenholme Company Leader Coubertin

Directors & Head of Departments

Name Responsibility
Mrs K Bloomfield Co-Director of English
Mrs G Christie Director of Art / Design & Technology
Mr B Crockett Head of Geography
Ms P Graham Director of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs J Grimwood-Read Co-Director of English
Mrs E Isham Director of Performing Arts
Mrs E Mason Director of Mathematics
Mrs C Marsh SENCO
Mr T Pickford Director of PE
Miss C Wheal Director of ICT, Business & Computing



Teaching Staff

Name Responsibility
Mrs J Aston Business / ICT
Mr S Atkins Deputy Leader Geography
Mr J Beckwith Science
Ms N Bedford Mathematics / Year 7 Lead Teacher
Miss E Bilbrough SCITT MFL Tutor / KS3 French Leader
Mr S Bloomer Art & Technology
Mr S Borrett Deputy Leader Mathematics
Mrs P Buchanan Mathematics
Mr R Burns Art & Technology
Mrs L Chaitow PE
Mrs J Chan Deputy Leader Science
Miss B Clarke Humanities / Deputy Company Leader Hawking
Ms K Clarke English
Miss E Clements Science
Ms J Collins Humanities
Mr J Crane Research School Associate / PE
Miss A Cross Performing Arts
Mr C Davis Humanities / Head of Vocational Learning
Mr M Davis MFL
Mr R De Gruchy PE
Mr C Dean Performing Arts
Mrs G Eastment Humanities
Mr I Foster Mathematics
Mr J Frost Head of History
Ms S Gerlings Art & Technology
Mr T Gilbert MFL
Mrs S Gill Science
Mrs C Gray Art & Technology
Mr J Griffiths Lead Teacher of Computer Science
Mr D Hall Performing Arts / Deputy Company Leader Da Vinci
Miss K Heane English
Miss A Hewett Maths
Miss E Hitchcock Humanities
Ms S Hodnett Leader of Media
Ms A Humphries Art & Technology
Mr H Key English
Miss D Kirk SCITT
Mr R Knapp Science
Dr M Kyle Science
Miss L Longhurst SCITT Manager
Miss B Maughan Performing Arts
Mr P McCafferty PE
Miss R McDonnell Science
Mr A Mohammed Assistant Leader Science
Mrs J Montagner Mathematics
Miss S Morley SME
Mr J Mulhern Mathematics
Ms B Norman Leader of Literacy & Literature
Miss T Overton English
Miss R Owen Deputy Leader Science
Mr A Paul ICT
Ms H Peach Humanities
Miss F Pimentel Mathematics
Mr N Poole PE / Deputy Company Leader Franklin
Ms L Pritchard English
Mr F Rahman English
Mr M Reene Science
Mrs E Rose English
Miss J Scanes Science
Ms S Stevens Deputy Leader Mathematics
Mr R Suckling Humanities
Mr A Tharby Research Lead
Miss H Townsend Humanities / Year 8 Excellence Academy Leader
Miss M Trafford PE
Ms S Trignano Science
Miss E Wade Leader of Product Design & Food Technology
Mrs L Wallis-Tayler PE
Ms D Walters Lead Teacher Spanish
Mr T Wardell Science
Ms H Whittington Science
Mrs A Yates SCITT


Administrative Support

Name Responsibility
Mrs S Baker Library Resource Area Manager
Ms S Caldwell SIMS Data Manager
Mrs J Cottam Medical Administrative Assistant
Mrs T Courtney Finance Officer
Mrs J Davis Careers Advisor
Mrs J Dommett Assistant School Business Manager
Mrs L Edwards EA to Research Leadership Team
Mrs H Fraser Social Media
Mrs K Fullwood Office Administrator / Reception
Mrs K Jefford Careers Leader / Community & Enterprise Manager
Mrs J Kentfield Director of HR and EA to CEO
Miss D Lancaster Office Administrator / Reception
Mrs A Larks Exams Officer
Miss J Nixon Student Resource Assistant
Mr S Norfolk Data Leader
Mrs P Potter EA to SLT
Mrs J Ray Welfare Officer
Miss B Seymour Receptionist
Mrs S Smith Finance Assistant
Mrs M Wright SCITT Co-ordinator


Student Support

Name Responsibility
Miss R Biswell Student Support
Mrs Z Blackman Student Support
Mrs K Brand Student Support
Mrs C Bowden Student Support HLTA
Mrs D Demetriou Student Support HLTA
Ms J Dexter Student Support
Mr C Dummer Student Support
Mrs R Gaskell CLA Lead / Deputy Company Leader Coubertin
Miss S Gillessen Student Support
Ms R Gower School Counsellor
Ms D Harwood School Counsellor
Mrs C Hatchard Well-being team – Child Protection Lead
Miss E Hughes Student Support
Miss R Lock Inclusion Leader
Mrs W Lovett Admin to SENCO
Mrs C Mattioli Student Support
Mr S Metcalf Student Support Behaviour
Mr J Morrice Student Support
Mrs J O’Callaghan Student Support
Mrs J Owen Student Support
Miss J Scutt Complex Case Worker / Deputy Child Protection Leader
Ms H Skingley Student Support
Mr C Vasquez Student Support
Ms D Wilson Student Support


Learning Supervisors

Name Responsibility
Mr S Braxton Learning Supervisor
Mrs S Tester Learning Supervisor


Pastoral Managers

Name Responsibility
Mrs D Benn Pastoral Manager Coubertin
Mr S Briscoe Pastoral Manager Franklin
Mrs K Chester Pastoral Manager Da Vinci
Mrs C Cunliffe Pastoral Manager Hawking
Mrs M Gardner Pastoral Manager Shelley / Deputy Company Leader
Mrs C Johnson Pastoral Manager Roddick
Mrs D Savage Pastoral Manager Mercator


Technician Support

Name Responsibility
Mrs J Feest Laboratory Technician
Mrs D Guillaume Hospitality and Food Technology Technician
Mrs L Lawson Art & Design Technician
Ms S Sadler Laboratory Technician
Dr W Skinner Laboratory Technician
Mrs S Slater Design Technology Technician
Mrs M Williams Senior Laboratory Technician


IT & Print Room Services Team

Name Responsibility
Mr B Blundell Network Technician
Mr M Church Network Technician
Mr S Lowe Reprographics Technician
Mr A Robbins Director of IT Services


Site Team

Name Responsibility
Mr R Blanchard Maintenance
Mr J Da Silva Agrela Maintenance
Mr S Podgaiskis Maintenance / Cleaner
Mr J Phillips Site Leader
Mr B Thrift Deputy Site Leader


  • Determination is a key part of school life. Without hard work and determination, you will not achieve. But DHS has helped me through the years to become focused and determined, helping me to push myself to my peak potential.