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Year 7 students visit the past as they explore Hampton Court Palace

On Wednesday 6th March 60 year 7 students headed back in time as they visited the historic and beautiful Hampton Court Palace. The trip compliments their history curriculum which currently focuses on the Tudor times. This is the first of three trips planned this term and by the Easter holidays over all 180 students will have the opportunity to visit the palace.

It was an early start with the students leaving at 7.30am to embark on a 2 hour coach journey to get to the palace. Shortly after they arrived they attended an hour long workshop, with the teacher in full Tudor dress. This was an exciting and interactive session in which the students had the opportunity to act out the story of William and Mary coming to power.

After the workshop the students were able to explore the palace and the grounds, completing their workbooks at they did, which helped them focus on the unique features of the palace such as paintings.  The students also really enjoyed exploring the maze, which proved so much fun they insisted on completing it several times over.

Another favourite part of the palace was the weapons room in which the walls were completely covered in all types of weapons from the past. The students were impressed with the sheer amount of weaponry on show. They also expressed disbelief at the size of the house, finding it fascinating that people had actually lived there.

Joanna Collins, History Teacher and trip organiser, said ‘it is a really valuable experience for the students to see with their own eyes the former residence of Henry VIII and learn about its history. Having been there themselves it is a great reference point when we continue our learning about the Tudors, focusing on Henry VII next term.’

We are sure the students attending the future trips to the palace will have the same valuable and enjoyable experience.

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