Durrington High School

Going beyond our best

Year 7 enjoy getting wet and muddy during the Mud Run

Last Monday over 300 year 7 students headed to the field after school to take part in a fun and challenging mud run. The mud run is a chance for our newest students to work on their teambuilding skills and also improve their individual resilience and confidence, whilst also having the opportunity to get really muddy! The course consists of a lap of the courts, astro and around the field. On the field there were a series of obstacles such as crawling through a pitch black tunnel, scrambling under a large net, jumping over a table and finishing with a slip and slide!

The students really enjoyed the race with Oliver saying ‘it was really fun’ and Harry saying ‘I thought I wouldn’t like the tunnel but I overcame my fear and actually enjoyed it.’ Ayanda also said ‘ I didn’t think I was going to do it but I realised I could and I loved the slip and slide at the end!’ Emily loved the large net saying ‘I kept getting tangled up but it was so funny, I loved it.’

As well as being a chance to have fun and learn important skills the mud run was an interform competition and the points earned by the students would go towards their company totals in July’s sports day. During assembly on Monday morning the year 7s gathered for a prize giving ceremony. Firstly prizes were awarded to the two form groups who had 100% participation in the race (including their form tutor) – 7DWa and 7SSt.

The order of the tutor groups was announced next with 7KCl in third place, 7SSt in second and 7DWa in first place. The top 10 students were then announced:

  1. Harrison Langley
  2. Frankie Spiteri
  3. Jack Pynn
  4. Luke Bartram
  5. Josh Barden
  6. Jack Haward
  7. Jasper Stacey-Perkins-Stone
  8. Alex Brennan
  9. Zach Jackson
  10. Mia Brown

Then the all-important company results were read out, Coubertin took the top spot by just 33 points with Mercator in second place and Shelley 3rd.

Mrs Wallis-Tayler said ‘we are really proud of the amount of students that took part. At DHS we encourage our students to actively participate in events such as these, reminding them that the more they put in the more they will get out.’

Congratulations to all the students and teachers that took part in the mud run and many thanks to Mrs Wallis Tayler, Miss Wolstenholme and the year 7 form tutors for enabling the event to take place.

The slip and slide

The large net

Under/over the table

The blackout tunnel

Representatives from 7DWa and 7SSt who both had 100% participation in the race.

Students from 7DWa -the winning form group

The top 10 finishers

Students from the winning company Coubertin and company leader Miss Wolstenholme

  • Durrington High School has made me become more confident in myself by encouraging me to just go for it! The extra-curricular activities have offered me good opportunities to work with new people and meet new friends, resulting in me feeling safe and content at school.