Durrington High School

Going beyond our best

Durrington High School GCSE students exhibit work at Colonnade House

The exceptional work of GCSE fine art, textiles and graphics students was exhibited at Colonnade House in Warwick Street, Worthing from 16th -19th July. This is the third year in which the Best of the Best exhibition has taken place, with a private view for those whose work is exhibited and their guests on Tuesday evening and the gallery open to the public for three days.

The work is incredibly impressive with a range of pieces including self-portraits, textile wall hangings, cardboard reliefs and hats. The students’ sketchbooks were also on show to allow people to look at the inspirations and process involved in getting to the final piece.

The work was that of year 10 and 11 GCSE students and was the product of many different stimuli such as natural forms, collections, surreal and classic art, anatomy and messages. Some pieces had also clearly been influenced by the trip to Florence in February half term. Louise Rudrum’s wonderful painting of a close up of her friend in the back streets of Florence was one of them. Louise said she felt ‘very proud and surprised’ to see her work displayed in the gallery.

Grace Martin had two pieces of her work displayed, a painting of herself with lemons and oranges from her fine art GCSE exam and an incredibly intricate and fascinating suitcase filled with collectable items which was her GCSE textiles final piece. The suitcase had been found in a charity shop and many of the collectables, including old photographs, were family treasures.

This year’s exhibition was particularly special for Gail Christie, Director of Art and Design at Durrington High, as she retires at the end of this school year. Gail had been an incredible and inspiring teacher to students at Durrington High for 30 years and has been instrumental in the school consistently producing amazing GCSE results in all subjects across art and design.  ‘I love to see the students work celebrated in this way. It is of outstanding quality and deserves to given a professional setting. It is fantastic to see the students faces when they see their work, it is one of the highlights of the year for the art and design team.’

Many thanks to Gail, Steven Bloomer, Claire Grey and Alison Humphries for their hard work in putting on the exhibition and giving our students the chance to see they work in a professional setting.


  • Durrington has shown me that I can try again and do better rather than settling for satisfactory pieces of work.