Durrington High School

Going beyond our best

A year in office

As outgoing Head students, Love Onwuzurike and Alistair Lee, have written their take on what being Head Student has meant to them this past year and how it has equipped them for life after Durrington.

Love Onwuzurike

I was privileged enough to be Head Girl at Durrington High School from 2017-2018 which came with a lot of responsibilities. Myself and the head boy Alastair Lee worked closely with the head teacher and senior staff to find ways to better the school for not only the students but for the community.
We started the Be Kind campaign to promote kindness, one of our four DHS principles, inside and outside of the school. This consisted of fortnightly random acts of kindness through the school and kindness posters in every form, making people more aware of their actions.
We also did a lot of charity work, for example we helped organise the pole to pole challenge showing students that together we can achieve great things. We raised over £800 for mental health awareness.
I have always loved the challenge of leadership and being head girl allowed me to take that further. For example I have presented multiple speeches and assemblies making my confidence and love of public speaking grow. I have handled tough situations which taught me how to have patience and depend on my team. Durrington High School has pushed me to go further than I ever imagined and prepared me for the future ahead.

Durrington’s four principles of aspiration, kindness, perseverance and pride are evident in the teachers, students, staff and school as a whole, making it the best place to be. I am sad to say goodbye to such an amazing school where many friends and memories were made but, I am glad to say I am well equipped to face my future, and that my story will not be written without mentioning Durrington High School and my time as Head Girl.

Alistair Lee

It was pleasure and honour to be selected as Head Boy for my year group in my last year at Durrington. As Head Boy I’ve delivered speeches, presented at open evenings and put my ideas forward that I believe will help to improve school. To wear the grey blazer around Durrington is a proud feeling, and knowing what you have achieved is amazing.

Being Head Boy is a challenge but one that comes with many rewards and throughout my time I’ve experienced many of these. Speaking to new students on open evenings, giving speeches, working on the Be Kind campaign, being a part of the pole to pole challenge and knowing I have made a difference to the school. Being Head Boy provided me with skills and confidence that are priceless and I will require them in life and they will help me along my way in whatever I do.

  • Durrington has shown me that I can try again and do better rather than settling for satisfactory pieces of work.