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A taste of Durrington for the new year 7 intake

This week Durrington High School opened its doors to the new year 7 intake, due to start at the school in September. All new students, currently in year 6 across a range of primary schools, were offered the opportunity to take part in up to 3 taster sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. They could choose from a wide range of subjects including active computing, in which students explored how companies sort through and search data using physical games, and design technology where they made an acrylic keyring. They could also learn cooking skills in the food technology sessions and increase their vocabulary playing word games in English. The taster sessions are a fantastic chance for the students to get a first look at the school, meet fellow students and learn new skills.

Over 100 students attended each day and the sessions were a great success. April Cross, who ran the drama session where students explored team building games, said ‘the students were amazing, energetic and inspiring to work with.’ During the art sessions the students produced some fantastic portraits using wax resist techniques and those taking the textiles workshop experimented with weaving and mixed media.  Students were able to explore the many sporting opportunities available at DHS in PE sessions, which included the chance to try out the fantastic fitness suite where the rowing machines proved very popular, and a dance workshop focused on contemporary technique.

It was also a chance for the year 6 students to try out activities and learn new skills as they took part in lessons they may not have experienced in primary school. The Spanish and French classes, where the students learnt how to express opinions about food and drink were very popular, perhaps helpful to their summer holidays this year! They also looked at the rainforest in geography sessions, discovering why it is such a difficult place for humans to inhabit, whilst in history they discovered what our lives would be like if we lived in Medieval England. In the maths sessions, students worked in teams to solve problems against the clock in a relay format and in science they designed a helicopter.

The full range of sessions offered students a glimpse of the learning they can look forward to in September and the year 6 students enjoyed their first experience of life at Durrington High School. Naomi Bridgeman-Sweeney, Assistant Headteacher, said, ‘the taster sessions are a wonderful way to welcome our new intake to the school prior to the transfer day in July. It gives them a chance to build confidence and become familiar with their new school. We hope they leave us inspired and excited about joining Team Durrington and eager to return in July.’

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