Durrington High School

Going beyond our best

89 DHS students undertake their vital DofE training assessments

As the rest of the school finished for the Easter holidays, 44 year 9 students undertaking their Bronze DofE commenced their exhibition training assessments.  The assessment sessions are really useful for the DofE leaders, enabling them to assess which teams are ready to undertake their expedition in May and which teams require more training and practice and will complete it in July.

On the afternoon of Friday 5th April  8 teams set off on their 15km routes, carrying all of their camping equipment with them. Each team was accompanied by an adult to observe how they worked together as a team and put their hiking skills in to practice.

Once the students had completed their hike, they arrived back at the school and began to pitch their tents. Once this task was completed they prepared and ate the evening meals they had planned in advance. This also enabled students that had attended the cookery skills classes to put their learning into action. Once everyone had enjoyed their meals and packed up their tents, they headed home.

Early the next morning on Saturday 6th April, 45 new students arrived to undertake the assessment. The 8 new teams started the day by pitching their tents and cooking a delicious breakfast. Once they had finished the much needed breakfast and taken down their tents, they headed off on the 15km hike, all equipment on their backs, to get valuable practise for the expedition hike taking place later this year.

Over the course of the weekend the 16 teams successfully completed their activities, some learning valuable lessons and identifying areas they needed to hone to improve their hiking and camping skills ahead of their final expedition.

Once all the teams had returned to school on Saturday morning everyone headed off for the Easter break and a well-deserved rest – especially the fantastic DofE helpers who had hiked 30km in less than 24 hours!

Many thanks to the DHS staff and volunteers who make it possible for our students to take part in such a valuable programme.

  • DHS has helped me find myself, by encouraging my work efforts. This has made me the person I am today. As a result I have realised I can achieve anything. I am now a more confident person, thanks to Durrington.