Durrington High School

Student Culture

Students at Durrington High School are encouraged to take a very active role in our school and there is tough competition for these important leadership roles. Currently Ruby Childe and Eddie Pullen are our Head students; in addition Year 11 prefects and learning mentors are part of each company team. Eight Year 10 students from each company have also been given the role of prefect to support our ever growing student leadership team.

The senior student body is led by the Head students of the school and they meet once a week with Mrs Hedger, Company Leader of Shelley. The group works to coordinate a wide range of activities and the senior students are also the ambassadors for the whole school.

Student Leadership Team 

Applications for the student leadership team 2020/21 are now open. The deadline for completed applications is Thursday 27th February at 4pm. Completed forms should be handed in to Mrs Hedger.

Application Form

Letter to parents /carers

Student Leadership Presentation

Other student leadership roles within the school include:

Year 10 and 11 Prefects
Prefects are expected to represent the school at events throughout the year. They provide tours around the school for both parents / carers and potential staff. They are also responsible for completing a duty once a week which will either be in the canteen or the Pavilion. Prefects also lead assemblies for their companies.
Member of staff overseeing students: Mrs J Hedger and Mrs S Dedman

Student Librarians
Student Librarians oversee issuing books to students and assist in other administration tasks in the Learning Resource Area.
Member of staff overseeing students: Mrs S Baker

Subject Ambassadors
Each subject area appoints students to help and support within curriculum areas. This could be anything from leading extracurricular clubs to duties in department areas at break and lunchtimes; to ensuring resources in departments are looked after and helping to develop the curriculum.
Members of staff overseeing students: Curriculum Leaders

Student Leadership 2020 (002)Sport Captains
Sport Captains help within the PE department running after school clubs. They oversee equipment within the department and are all experts within their chosen area of sport. Every week they read out the sporting success in assemblies.
Members of staff overseeing students: The PE department

Peer Mentors
These mentors work with students in Key Stage 3 offering support during the transition period and throughout the year, leading workshops within form times.
Members of staff overseeing students: Mrs D Benn