Going beyond our best

  • Durrington High School has made me work harder than what I thought was possible, making me proud of the results I have achieved.

The Durrington Multi Academy Trust (DMAT)


Our children have one chance at an excellent education. It is the core purpose of the Durrington Multi Academy Trust (DMAT) schools and staff to ensure that whatever their starting point, every single child in our community is equipped to embrace the opportunities and challenges that life and growing up in the 21st Century present. We take our responsibility of transforming life chances very seriously.

We have a clear and ambitious vision for education that is based on a proven track record of success, experience and skills, embodied within an established team of staff. We are committed to working collaboratively with other schools to bring about the following outcomes:

  • Ensuring excellence from all, for all
  • Transforming the life chances of young people and their community
  • Raising aspirations by believing that, together, we can all achieve beyond our expectations.

In order to deliver these outcomes, we offer a range a support and training services to other schools, details of which can be found in this booklet.   This strand of our work runs alongside the work of the ‘Durrington Research School’, which offers training and support for school on how best to use the most recent research evidence to improve teaching and learning.

We look forward to working with you.

Sue Marooney
CEO Durrington Multi-Academy Trust

Our approach to professional learning

As a Research School, we are committed to ensuring we provide school-led support for using research evidence to improve teaching practice.

The Research Schools Network is collaboration between the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and the Institute for Effective Education (IEE) with the aim of creating a network of schools that support the use of evidence to improve teaching practice.

This puts us in a unique position as a provider of training and support. All of our programmes are put together using a blend of the most up-to-date educational research as well as the wisdom and experience of school leaders and teachers with a track record of success behind them.  This includes:

  • Shaun Allison – Director of the Durrington Research School and author of a number of educational books including, ‘Perfect Teacher Led CPD’ and the award winning, ‘Making Every Lesson Count’.
  • Chris Woodcock – Deputy Head at Durrington High School. Chris’ specialist areas are leadership, inclusion, whole-school behaviour, school systems, PP and data.
  • Chris Runeckles – Assistant Director of the Durrington Research School. Chris’ areas of interest are mobilising the research evidence to help teachers improve their classroom practice.
  • Fran Haynes – Assistant Director of the Durrington Research School. Fran’s area of interest is whole-school literacy and team improvement.
  • Andy Tharby – Research Lead at the Durrington Research School and co-author of the award winning ‘Making Every Lesson Count’. Andy’s area of interest is helping teachers to use cognitive science to improve their teaching.

These key members of staff will lead some of the programmes and support our subject specialist staff to deliver high impact support and training.


As well as training programmes, we can offer bespoke support packages for schools. This might include:

  • INSET days on a variety of topics, such as:
    • Developing an evidence informed approach to teaching
    • Improving whole school behaviour
    • Improving the performance of disadvantaged students.
  • School Self Evaluation
    • We can work with you to review your strengths and weaknesses as a school and then formulate an effective improvement plan.
  • Improving attendance
    • We will work alongside your staff to analyse your whole school attendance and then plan and implement an effective improvement plan.
  • A review and development of your school CPD programme.
    • How can you review your current CPD provision and develop a robust and effective CPD programme in your school?
    • Evaluating the impact of this CPD
  • Departmental Improvement work.
    • We will work with you to:
      • Identify the issues with any underperforming teams in your school
      • Plan and implement a rigorous department improvement programme to address the specific issues in the team.
      • Evaluate the impact of this work.

Contact us if you have a different need or focus and we will arrange bespoke support.