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  • DofE students battle the wind and rain to successfully complete their expedition

    Two teams of year 10 students who were unable to complete the DofE expedition in the summer term took on difficult weather conditions over the weekend to ensure they were successful in completing the expedition element of the DofE Bronze Award. The rain fell hard and the wind was wild for much of the weekend, which included an 11km hike on Saturday, overnight camp and a further 11km hike the following day.

    The students stated off at Stanmer church where, with their heavy backpacks which contained all the equipment they needed for the weekend, they headed off across the South Downs to Plumpton Green. They set up their tents in the miserable weather and managed to cook a dinner of pasta on the camping stoves before heading to their tents for bed. Team A had a difficult night with their tent letting in so much water they were forced to wear their pyjamas to continue the hike the next day! Esther Giles said, ‘It was horrible everything was soaking wet from the rain overnight so we had to wear whatever was dry. We had to laugh though, it was better than crying!’

    The weather did however break for a few hours in the morning as they packed up the camp site after preparing and eating a delicious breakfast of haloumi, beans and waffles. The students also enjoyed the fact that they had time to talk to each other away from mobile phones. ‘We really enjoyed spending time together without our phones. We played games such as naming famous people from A-Z and we did have a lot of fun’ explained Amie Calvert.

    The girls in Team A; Esther Giles, Whitney Ricketts, Libby Pinn and Amie Calvert, found the experience very challenging and often felt like giving up, but explained that they ‘carried on and were so excited and happy when we saw the minibus. It was a great feeling to know we had done it.’

    Both teams showed fantastic resilience to complete the expedition successfully in such difficult conditions and pass this element of the award. Congratulations to the students and also many thanks to the staff members who supported them over a very wet weekend; Chris Davis, Steve Briscoe, Karen Chester and Vicky Potton.

  • Performance in Education highlight importance of road safety to year 7

    On Wednesday 16th October Performance in Education visited Durrington High school with their performance of ‘Streetwise’. All year 7 students attended the performance which is aimed at increasing awareness of road safety and is funded by Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.

    The play which was performed by Tom Garland, Helen Webster and Jack Archer focuses on the story of Chloe and her friends through a series of diary entries and sketches. In the story the three main characters of Jo, Mark and Will all face two situations in which they have a near miss with a vehicle in the road. These near misses highlight to the students the importance of paying attention and being aware of your surroundings when on or near a road. Incidents include listening to music on headphones, using a mobile phone and crossing without using the crossing patrol.

    Following the performance, the actors spoke to the students about their characters various near misses, ensuring they understood the issues presented and how to avoid the same happening to them.

    The talented actors played a range of characters using simple costume changes and mask. These include 2 school boys, Tegs and Ripper who continually misbehave and provide humour to the story. Despite the moments of humour, the serious message of the play is not lost on the students. The end of the play conveys that Chloe is hit by a car as she crosses the road on a corner without looking, intent on meeting her friends. The serious consequences of a long stay in hospital are reiterated to the students following the performance, along with a clear message that Chloe had been very lucky and the consequences could have been much worse.

    The performance and follow up presentation were a great way to engage the students and clearly communicate such an important message to the year 7 group.

    Ollie Marett, year 7 student said, ‘I thought it was very good as it was educational and quite funny. I thought Tegs and Ripper were funny even though they were naughty, and we learnt important things like not going on your phone near a road and to take off your ear phones. Basically, pay attention at all times.’

    Many thanks to Safer Roads Sussex and Performance in Education for providing an engaging and informative morning about such an important issue.

  • Students win art prizes at Shoreham International Neighbours Festival

    Four students from Durrington High School received recognition for their artwork last month taking joint first prize, second prize and a highly commended certificate at the Shoreham International Neighbours Festival held on Saturday 28th September. This is the second year in a row the school have been successful at the festival, with a joint entry taking home second prize last year.

    Year 9 students Zaira Lee and Maisy Richards were awarded joint first prize and year 8 students Amelie O’Connor and Millie Beasley-Thair received second prize and highly commended respectively. The competition was for 12 -16-year olds and was judged by local artist Tony Day who was very impressed with the work of our students.

    The event is a free family multi-cultural festival which aims to promote community cohesion by celebrating community and its diversity with music, dance, food, gifts, stalls and entertainment, as well as the art competition. Given this, students were asked to submit art work which was inspired by the title of ‘International’ or ‘diversity,’ allowing them a wide scope for interpretation.  Alison Humphries, graphics teacher at Durrington High School, invited the students that attended the gifted and talented art club to submit an entry to the competition. Mrs Humphries said, ‘We are very proud of our students that have succeeded in the competition. It is fantastic to see their hard work pay off and be recognised by an established artist such as Tony Day. To have their work exhibited for the local community to see is very special and much deserved.’

    Congratulations to Zaira, Maisy, Amelie and Millie.

    Maisy Richards winning piece

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