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  • Students take to the (dry) slopes as they prepare for an incredible half term trip to Austria

    Students who are Austria bound for the upcoming skiing trip in February half term had the opportunity to refresh their skills or get to the grips with the basics as they headed to the dry ski slopes at Knockhatch Ski Centre on Wednesday 15th January.

    The outdoor dry slope gave the students a small insight into what they can expect whilst in Zell Am See, and for some students it was the first time they had experienced skiing and so an essential part of their preparation. It was also an opportunity for the group to spend time together prior to the trip, giving them a chance to forge and strengthen friendships. The students were all very excited to get the gear on and spend some time on the slopes.

    They took part in a two-hour lesson which allowed those of differing abilities to feel comfortable and test out their skills. Even getting used to the feel of the equipment and learning how to put on the boots and skis will give them an advantage when they hit the Austrian slopes in a few weeks.

    The students had a great time and the trip made them even more excited for the ‘real thing’ in February. PE Teacher and trip organiser Nathan Poole said, ‘This is a great way to equip the students with the basic skiing skills needed. Doing this whilst in the UK at the dry slopes ensures that they will be able to get the most out of the experience in February.’

    Many thanks to Mr Poole and the PE team for organising such a worthwhile trip and we look forward to hearing all about the amazing trip in half term.

  • GCSE PE students enjoy learning about physiotherapy as a potential career path with visit from Worthing Hospital team

    On Tuesday 14th January all GCSE PE students were treated to the insights of physiotherapists Emma Skilton and James Barclay from the Worthing Hospital physio team. The sessions were arranged by the DHS careers team as part of a robust careers programme which aims to showcase a variety of careers to students across the school.

    The session began with both James and Emma explaining to the students the journey they took to get to where they are. James, who is an ex-DHS student had taken a sports science degree and Emma had taken a physiotherapy degree. They explained that there were different routes to take and many universities that offered the degree qualification. They also advised that getting work experience in the field was of great value.

    Next was some myth busting in which students voted on whether they believed various statements to be true or false, with James and Emma then explaining the truth.  Myths such as ‘most physiotherapists work in private practise on sports injuries’ were busted (60% work in NHS hospitals) and surprising facts such as ‘physiotherapists work with people from new-borns right through to end of the life care’ were revealed.

    The students then showcased their knowledge of the human anatomy as a series of X-rays showing different injuries, such as a broken metatarsal and dislocated shoulder, were presented and the students identified the bones/muscles and spoke about the injury. James and Emma were impressed by the students’ knowledge!

    The session ended with some insightful questions from the group such as ‘what is your favourite part of your job?’ (working with people and seeing progress) , ‘what is the worst part?’ (can be stressful) and the all important ‘how much money do physios get paid?’ (starting at around £23k).

    It was a really useful session for the students as Mr Henry, DHS Careers Leader, explains, ‘Physiotherapy is a career path that students interested in sports and taking GCSE PE may not have considered and so it is really worthwhile for them to find out, from those in the field, what the job entails and how they can get there.’

    Many thanks to the careers team for organising such a great event and to Emma and James for taking the time to speak with our students.

  • Year 9 students inspired by Chichester’s art and architecture

    During the last week of the Autumn term 36 year 9 students headed to Chichester for an inspiring and educational trip to both Pallant House Art Gallery and the impressive Chichester Cathedral. The students had all been regularly attending the after-school art programme throughout the term after being identified as gifted and talented in the arts. The art programme has allowed them to explore art and design outside of their regular lessons, exploring and developing new art techniques and learning about a variety of artists.

    The trip to Chichester was a fantastic way to end the term and offered an extension to the after-school club. During a practical workshop at Pallant House students were given the exciting opportunity to experiment with different drawing techniques. They also explored various ways of looking at and discussing the varied collection of artworks. They then headed to the cathedral where they continued to develop their sketching skills as they took in the grandeur of the vast medieval cathedral with its stunning architecture, stained glass and tapestry. They were clearly inspired by their surroundings and produced some fabulous sketches.

    It was a wonderful day, made all the more special by the festive feel of the town. The students were a credit to the school and a pleasure to be with. Many thanks to Mrs Gray, Mrs Humphries and Miss De Santis for making such a special trip possible.

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