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  • Join in our 5km challenge to raise money for Worthing Hospital

    Team Durrington want to say a MASSIVE thank you to our local NHS Key workers and in particular the brilliant staff at Worthing Hospital.  Building on, and inspired by, the fantastic @Run5K4NHS campaign started by local football players in Sussex (who have already raised over £19,000 to support hospitals in Brighton) we want to do our bit for Worthing Hospital as they need our support too!

    Our challenge to you…

    We are asking parents/carers/staff/students/governors (anyone linked to Team Durrington) to complete a 5K.  This could be part of (or all of!) your regular daily exercise (if you can do this safely and in accordance with the latest government guidelines) – you could cycle, run, walk or jog. Or we would encourage you to think more creatively about doing a 5km indoors or in your garden. Maybe on an exercise bike or rowing machine or could you skip, hop, dance or even hoopla hoop for ‘5km’ whatever you can do we want you to join in – it’s all about raising money for our wonderful local hospital.

     Please note students should only take part if:

    • they have permission from a parent/carer
    • are fit and well do to so (i.e. not in self-isolation or have any other medical condition that could be triggered by exercise)
    • if they can fit this in as part of the once-daily allowed exercise away from home.

    Once you have done this please then donate:

    • £1 per minute it takes you to complete the 5k or
    • £5 donation for completing the full 5K.  

    In addition to your contribution please share with your family and friends and encourage them to donate (or sponsor you) through our Just Giving page. All money will be sent directly to League of Worthing Hospitals & Community Friends.  Our simple goal is to raise as much money as we can as quickly as we can!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get involved if you can! 

    We would love to hear, share and celebrate how you’ve done your 5k:

    • Any photos, mini video clips and/or route maps (be careful not to record these starting and finishing at home for safeguarding reasons!!) can be emailed to socialmedia@dmat.education or shared on your social media page using the hashtag #DHS4NHS
    • please share this JustGiving page on your social media tagging in/nominating some family/friends/other students to take part and donate – (they don’t have to go to DHS!) Use the hashtag #DHS4NHS

    For added safety we recommend, if you are a student going outside to do this, you complete the challenge with a member of your family; it’ll make it both safer and more fun (perhaps mum/dad could run with you or cycle alongside you?).

    Good luck and let’s raise as much as we can. #inthistogether #forWorthingHospital #supportheroes #proudofDHS #DHS4NHS

  • Apart but still together – live learning at Durrington High

    The past few weeks have been an incredibly challenging time for the whole country, as the Coronavirus pandemic has seen us all have to dramatically adapt our daily lives. Schools have been forced to close to the vast majority of pupils and school leaders have needed to react quickly to find new ways of learning. At Durrington High School the past two weeks have proved a great success with students across all year groups engaged and motivated as they learn from their homes, thanks to our fantastic distance learning approach.

    Shaun Allison, Head of School Improvement, explains, ‘During this period of closure we were determined to ensure that we maintained the high-quality learning experience that our students deserve – albeit from a distance.’ To achieve this the school has implemented Google Classroom which was set up by the school’s IT services team before the school closed. Alongside the technical set up, some very hasty training was put in place for all teachers, focusing on distance teaching using Google Classroom. Students were also given guidance on using the app during tutor time.

    Despite the short time frame for preparation, thanks to hard work and a fantastic team approach the school was ready to launch on the first day of school closure. The great advantage of Google Classroom is that it replicates the normal school day; when students log in at home the classes and lessons that they would normally have on their timetables are shown. Teachers are online at the same time the physical lesson would be taking place, setting the work and asking and answering questions in a similar way to how they do during a normal lesson.

    Shaun Allison says, ‘Rather than just simply setting work for students to complete, we are trying to fully embrace the idea of ‘distance teaching’.  As one of only 32 research schools in the country, we have made sure that everything we know about effective teaching is still being implemented, just at a distance. A number of teachers are recording ‘Loom Videos’ to explain key ideas for students to use during lessons, to replace the traditional ‘teacher at the board.’ Executive Headteacher Sue Marooney adds, ‘We feel the best way to keep students learning and engaged with school is by keeping our routines, contact and communication as stable as possible.  This is why we have adopted this approach. Our teachers are fully committed to supporting our children through a thorough programme of distance learning so that when we do return to school they are in the best possible position.’

    Staff and students have responded to this new way of working brilliantly and parents/carers have been very supportive, with many praising the school via email and on social media with comments such as, ‘’Just a big thank you to the school for keeping our children in education. Keeping to the school timetable keeps the children with some familiarity.’, ‘Day 3 of home schooling and I haven’t had to do a thing at home. Google Classroom has been great. It is so reassuring knowing our children are still getting an education. Thank you Durrington for being so proactive. You’re not only supporting the children but taking the pressure off the parents as well.’ And ’Well done DHS – engaging learning and so good for them to have structure to their day in such crazy times. ‘

    Alongside the distance learning there is a robust programme in place designed to support the wellbeing of all students during this period of prolonged isolation. The wellbeing team are available via email and telephone, including counselling sessions, alongside dedicated wellbeing and safeguarding Google Classrooms. There is regular communication with students via video message and letters to highlight key ways to look after their wellbeing, encouraging them to keep to a structure, explore breathing exercises/meditation, connect virtually with friends, be kind and take part in physical activity.

    Each week a new mental and physical challenge is set for students and staff. The weekly challenge encourages all students to have a go at something different.  The first week saw many students attempting to create an origami swan and complete as many ‘keepy uppies’ as they could with a toilet roll! The school’s social media channels are also helping to keep the school community alive; during the past two weeks they have been bursting with evidence of excellent distance learning and photos of home learning set ups – this can be viewed using the #DHSDistanceLearning hashtag. The weekly challenge attempts are also shared via Facebook and Twitter which helps the school community to ‘see’ each other and offer support and encouragement.

    Chris Woodcock, Head of School, says, ‘It is so important to keep in touch with our school community during this uncertain time. As a school we are incredibly supportive of one another and very much have a ‘Team Durrington’ approach. We are very aware of how isolating this situation can be for our staff, students and their families and want to offer all the support we can to get through this difficult time. We do not know how long this period of closure will last for, but we do know that at Durrington High School we will continue to adapt as needed, putting our students first and focusing on our core values of kindness, aspiration, perseverance and pride. And of course, we very much look forward to when we can welcome our students back to the school building when it is safe to do so.’

  • Year 10 design and technology students go behind the scenes at MINI

    Almost 50 GCSE design and technology students had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Mini Plant in Oxford on Thursday 12th March. The plant is the largest and oldest of the three MINI plants in the UK and is where all the parts are assembled and come together to make road-ready MINI cars.

    The trip was a great way to enhance the students classroom learning of key subject topics such as automation, robotics, production lines, quality assurance, quality control and job role changes. The large group were split into small groups of 12 and taken on the two-hour tour of the plant which gave them the opportunity to see the production and assembly line in full swing.  They were able to ask relevant questions and build on their knowledge as they watched with interest all the different stages of production and assembly. They also learnt about the impact of electric vehicle technology and how this has led to adaptation of the production line.

    Miss Wade, Head of Design and Technology, said ‘Being able to see what they had been learning about in a real-world setting has been invaluable to deepening the students understanding of many areas of the exam syllabus. Having this experience as a reference point as they continue their studies gives them a great foundation to refer back to. It is also a really inspiring trip for them as it shows where their skills and knowledge of D&T can take them.’

    Many thanks to Miss Wade for organising and facilitating the trip.

  • National Careers Week at DHS

    Durrington High School embraced National Careers Week by offering students fun career-based activities and the opportunity to meet with a variety of employers and vocational education providers. It was a really engaging week for all students who visited the lunchtime stalls, whether they were year 7s inspired by the idea of a particular career path or year 11s chatting to the post 16 provider they will be heading to in September.

    During period one form groups took part in three quizzes in an effort to win prizes. The quizzes were designed to get the students thinking about the variety of jobs that exist, but also challenged them to think about how the job market changes and evolves. They explored the idea of career paths by asking students what jobs celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Meghan Markle had done before becoming famous. Congratulations go to 7KCo, 8JAs, 9ACa, 10SHn and 11STr for getting the top scores in their respective year groups.

    Staff throughout the school were also asked to complete and display a poster which detailed their own career path. This provided a fantastic stimulus to provoke discussion around career paths and how they are usually a wavy line rather than a straight one! It was also a great chance for students to find out information about their teachers that surprised them. ‘Talking about career paths in really important’ says Mr Henry, Careers Leader, ‘at this age students can sometimes feel pressured to know exactly what career they want which can be overwhelming. Opening up the conversation reassures them they there is plenty of time to find the right job for them, and that during that process they will learn and develop many different skills.’

    The lunchtime exhibition was a huge success with 30 different employers and education providers visiting the school over the five days. As well as taking advantage of a few freebies such as pens and sweets, the students took part in activities and challenges which gave an insight into jobs. A popular example was trying to beat a robot at completing a Rubik’s Cube with the computer coding team at HMRC. There was an excellent range of career opportunities on show and the students had a great time engaging with employers such as Schneider Eurotherm, the Grand Hotel Brighton and Sussex Police. It was also a really useful opportunity for students planning on going to university to talk to both Chichester and Sussex University about the options available and the various routes to being accepted. For the more immediate future they were also able to discover the fantastic range of courses offered at local colleges GB Met, Chichester and Worthing.

    Mr Henry said, ‘National Careers Week is a great opportunity to bring careers into the spotlight. We have been delighted to welcome our partners to school throughout the week to inspire and engage our students. We are very grateful to them all for taking the time to visit us and provide valuable information and insights to our students.’

    Durrington High School has a robust careers programme with dedicated events for different year groups such as year 7/8 university visits and year 10 work experience. National Careers Week is a key part of this programme and a wonderful way for students across the whole school to get involved and start thinking about careers. The highly knowledgeable careers team were also on hand all week to answer any questions from students and again the week was a great way to highlight to students that the careers team are there to support and guide them throughout their time at DHS.

    Many thanks to the following employers and education providers for supporting us during the week and making such a positive impact on our students:

    Plumpton College

    Sussex University

    GB Met (Childcare and Early Years, Hairdressing, Special Effect Make-up, Fashion and Design, Carpentry, Engineering, Media/Theatrical Make-up, Business, Travel and Tourism, Beauty Therapy, Games Development)


    BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music)

    Schneider Eurotherm


    Worthing FC Academy

    Rewards Academy

    HIT Training


    Chichester College

    Worthing College

    Reflections Nursery

    The Army

    Chichester University

    The Grand Hotel

    West Sussex Police

    Brinsbury College

  • The Addams Family – a freakishly fantastic DHS musical

    Durrington High School have produced yet another magnificent musical, getting rave reviews from all who saw it. The Addams Family musical is not as well-known as past productions such as Bugsy Malone, Les Misérables and Oliver, but it was a resounding success thanks to the hard work of staff and students. Rehearsals began in September and the cast have worked tirelessly since then to ensure the performance was perfect.

    The story focuses on Wednesday Adams (Ruby Childe) falling in love with ‘normal’ boy Lucas Beineke (Alfie O’Kane). Both children want their parents to give them just one ‘ordinary night’ when the families meet for the first time at The Addams’ home. What follows is a hilarious series of events in which Gomez Adams (Thomas Mitchell) struggles to please both his daughter and wife Morticia (Ava Hodgson), and Mr and Mrs Beineke (Ellie Lossing-Smith and Harvey Smith) have an awakening to return to a more care free life.

    The performances from the main cast were superb. Their talents really shone as they took on solos with fast paced, witty lyrics, conveying humour and meaning whilst being pitch perfect. Alfred Newman did a fantastic job portraying a man in love with the moon(!) as Uncle Fester and Jamie Bunce was an imposing and hilarious Lurch. Joshua Tomley made a fantastic Grandma amusing the audience with physical comedy and exaggerated expressions. The energy from Ruby Childe was wonderful as she convinced as a stroppy teenager in love and Morgan Pharaoh did a great job of playing her devious younger brother Pugsley. Tom Mitchel was hilarious as Gomez Addams with his understated delivery and perfectly timed one-liners. Ava Hodson’s Morticia commanded attention whenever she was on stage and Ellie Losing-Smith, Harvey Smith and Alfie O’Kane gave excellent performances as the nervous and confused Beineke family. The cast were supported by over 60 ancestors who were on stage throughout the performance, remaining in character the whole time. Dressed in all white costumes and portraying the dead from across many different eras they looked amazing, there were even some famous faces such as Elvis Presley in amongst them.

    The band did an outstanding job, especially given that the musical has minimal dialogue and they played almost continually throughout the 2-hour performance. Led by Anne Whiteside the band comprised both students and staff and they played each of the 24 numbers expertly.

    The professional lighting and sound team were supported by year 11 student Tom Payne. Tom has played a key part in the lighting and sound direction of all DHS productions during his time with us and will be much missed next year as he moves on to college.  The backstage crew, Neve Crutchlow and Josh Shanley were brilliant; moving the scenery and making sure all the props were in the right place at the right time.

    Audience members were delighted with the show commenting on the school Facebook page with praise such as ‘Really enjoyed the show! Well done to everyone involved, amazing talent and very entertaining.’, Congratulations to everyone involved, you should feel very proud of the high standard of show you’ve produced.’, ‘Another fantastic evening spent watching the outstanding talented students of our school. Loved every minute of it’ and ‘Fantastic! Enjoyed it so much! Amazing talent.’

    Emily Isham, Director of Performing Arts and the show, said, ‘The DHS musical is an absolute pleasure to direct. Year on year our students surpass my expectations with their talents and commitment. It is such a team effort and everyone involved makes me proud to be part of such a wonderful event.’

    Huge thanks to Emily and the performing arts team, April Cross, David Hall, Cyrus Dean and Beth Maughan, for giving the students such a fabulous opportunity to perform. Thanks also to Zofia Reeves, Laura Pritchard, Georgia Garrod, Jo Owen, Lizzie Wolstenholme and Lindsay Tunbridge-Adams for supporting the production.

    Now, for next year……

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