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Year 8 students inspired by trip to University of Brighton

As part of the careers programme at Durrington High School year 8 students were inspired by the possibilities offered at University when they spent the day with the Brighton outreach team at the University of Brighton last term. Every student in year 8 has now had the opportunity to take part in this exciting day, with the other half of the year visiting in the Summer term.

The objective of the day was to open the door to future possibilities for students as they gained an insight into life at a busy university. The group explored the many reasons they may choose to go to university and also the financial implications and ways to meet these if they did. University student ambassadors were on hand to answer questions and show them around the impressive campus.

There was a competitive architecture-based activity which the students really enjoyed and there was also a chance for an interactive quiz at the end of the day to test everything that they had learned throughout the day.

Toby Henry, DHS career leader said, ‘Many of our students are already thinking about the possibility of going to university, making this is a really insightful and helpful trip for them. For those students unsure about university or those who have never considered it before, the trip offers a first look and answers a number of questions as to why they might consider it as an option. Being at the university also has the power to inspire students to work hard to get there. They are really rewarding trips for all.’

Parental feedback echoed Mr Henry with one taking the time to comment, ‘My child has always said he would never go to University, but after his trip to Brighton this week, it has inspired him to consider it as an option in his future. I think it’s great that you are opening doors for children and letting them see there are a lot of options out there for them.’

Student feedback was also very positive with one student saying ‘I have learnt what to expect if I go to University and what I need to do to get there’ and ‘I have learnt some of the qualities/ skills I will need to get into university, and I have also learnt that university isn’t just about studying.’

Huge thanks go out to the Brighton University outreach programme team as well as the Durrington Careers Team and pastoral staff for organising the trips.

  • DHS has helped me find myself, by encouraging my work efforts. This has made me the person I am today. As a result I have realised I can achieve anything. I am now a more confident person, thanks to Durrington.