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Year 7 students shine at the MFL Spelling Bee

On Wednesday 12th February 20 year 7 students took the brave step of competing in the MFL Spelling Bee after successfully reaching the finals following class-based competition. The event took place in the main hall and friends and family were invited to watch. There were delicious refreshments served on arrival to celebrate how well the students had done to get this far before Mr Davis gave everyone a warm welcome.

He reiterated how well the students had done to reach the final and congratulated them on how hard they had worked over the term in preparing. The students had practised at home but also had support from year 9 mentors who helped them every Thursday lunchtime. The French competition took place first followed by the Spanish.

Each finalist was called up to stand at the front of the room with the screen behind them which displayed the words they had to spell.  They each had one minute to spell as many words as they could that were produced by the random generator, which had been created by Mr Norfolk, DHS Data Leader, and read out by Mr Davis. The words were all from a worksheet that students had been asked to revise from and covered countries, school essentials, colours, verbs, numbers to 20 and animals. The students were challenged further as they had to spell the words using the French/Spanish alphabet.

Everyone did extremely well. It is a credit to them all that they could stand in front of their peers and their families and take on a very difficult task. After everyone had given their best each student was given a certificate before the top 3 in both languages were given out. The results of the French competition were

1st – Ayla Djevdet

2nd – Ruby Blaikie

3rd – Luca Dragoi

And for Spanish

1st – Isaac Leigh

2nd – Holly Richards

3rd – Jack Miles

Mrs Copper, Head of MFL, who judged the competition alongside Mr Davis, congratulated the students on their fantastic efforts and thanked the audience for their support both at home and on the night.

Mr Davis, said, ‘We are really proud of all of the students that have pushed themselves tonight. They have shown great confidence in their language skills to spell a large range of words in a different language, which many of them have only been learning since September. We are delighted with how they are doing and the Spelling Bee gives them an opportunity to shine. I would also like to thank the year 9 mentors who have given up their time to support the finalists and help prepare them for tonight’s event. Well done to all involved, it has been a great evening.’

  • We are taught to overcome obstacles, work hard and have a commitment to succeed