Durrington High School

Durrington students complete a 24-hour run to raise money for #DHS4NHS

Following on from the success of the #DHS4NHS 5km and 500 challenges, four brave students decided they wanted to take on a challenge of their own and continue raising money for this important campaign. All funds raised as part of #DHS4NHS go directly to Friends of Worthing Hospital and the total now raised is £4520 (plus £951.85 in Gift Aid).

It was a family affair with sisters and cousins Freya and Erin Cummins and Isla and Evie Knapp took on an incredibly tough challenge – the P24 – in which they ran 1.12 miles every hour on the hour for 24 hours. They did an amazing job, covering then distance of a marathon in 24 hours with little rest in between each run. They run took place on the longest day, beginning at 8am on Saturday 21st June with the last run at 7am on Sunday 22nd June. We are hugely proud of their initiative, drive and community spirit as well as their physical strength and determination.

They were supervised and encouraged on every run by mum /Aunty Lori, who said ‘It was difficult to keep us all fueled throughout the run and although not as hard on the body as a real marathon it was mentally far harder, as it would have been so easy to give up due to tiredness and pain. I’m really proud of the four girls who did a great job.’

Here the girls reflect on the experience:

Isla Knapp (year 11)

Over the 24hrs we ran 7 different routes including one on the beach at 5am to watch the sunrise. We had a 20-minute snooze each and a lovely shower as well as the occasional dip in the pool. We walked the routes from 1am to 4am as we were just too tired but other than that we ran most of them. We managed to sleep for 4hrs once we had finished completely and then had a massive breakfast to start the day. We are all very tired and rather sore but it is definitely worth it for the bragging rights we all have now.

One of the most difficult parts for me was the half way run as it felt like you should be about to finish but we still had over 12 miles to go and my knees started to hurt, but our Nana came to our rescue with pain relief gel to cure our ailments!

The last run was also incredibly hard as we were so tired and sore, plus it had started to rain, but we got through it and now I couldn’t be more proud of us all. It was also one of the best parts as we knew that we were so nearly finished and we were joined by Grandma, and other family members who ran with us (socially distancing of course) and gave me the boost I needed to finish.

My favourite moment was the beach run at 5am as we were joined by Run Academy Worthing and we got to watch the sun rise. It was also amazing to have the fire pit which kept us awake during the night!’

Erin Cummins (Year 10) ‘I also found the most difficult part was getting to mile 12 and then realising how much your legs hurt and how tired you were whilst also being aware that you were only half way. I loved the beach run at 5am and the 4am run because it was starting to get lighter outside which meant that we were almost finished. I felt felt tired and sore the next day but felt much better the next day.’

Evie Knapp (Year 9) ‘I found the most difficult parts were the runs we did during the heat of the day, I much preferred the evening runs as the temperature was cooler. At the end I was proud that I had done it, I felt good in the morning but a bit sore.’

Freya Cummins (Year 8) ‘The most difficult part was sitting down for 50 minutes and the having to do it all again! The best part was finally finishing and being able to sleep and rest my legs. At the end I felt very tired and sore but very proud that I had done it.’

Well done girls! A fantastic family effort and wonderful to continue to raise money for Worthing Hospital. If you would like to donate the Just Giving page is still open here

  • Durrington High School has made me work harder than what I thought was possible, making me proud of the results I have achieved.