Durrington High School

Year 10 design and technology students go behind the scenes at MINI

Almost 50 GCSE design and technology students had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Mini Plant in Oxford on Thursday 12th March. The plant is the largest and oldest of the three MINI plants in the UK and is where all the parts are assembled and come together to make road-ready MINI cars.

The trip was a great way to enhance the students classroom learning of key subject topics such as automation, robotics, production lines, quality assurance, quality control and job role changes. The large group were split into small groups of 12 and taken on the two-hour tour of the plant which gave them the opportunity to see the production and assembly line in full swing.  They were able to ask relevant questions and build on their knowledge as they watched with interest all the different stages of production and assembly. They also learnt about the impact of electric vehicle technology and how this has led to adaptation of the production line.

Miss Wade, Head of Design and Technology, said ‘Being able to see what they had been learning about in a real-world setting has been invaluable to deepening the students understanding of many areas of the exam syllabus. Having this experience as a reference point as they continue their studies gives them a great foundation to refer back to. It is also a really inspiring trip for them as it shows where their skills and knowledge of D&T can take them.’

Many thanks to Miss Wade for organising and facilitating the trip.

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