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  • Being a part of Durrington High School has made me want to achieve more than I believed was possible. It has made me believe that I can achieve excellence.

Year 11 exam support

Exam support

Year 11 after school masterclass can be seen here

You can view timetable of morning, lunchtime and after school sessions HERE. 

The presentation from the Year 11 Mock Support Evening can be viewed here.

Visit the Durring Research YouTube parental support channel here.

How to revise
As a school we want to support students and make sure they are using study strategies to support their revision, that work – based on educational research.

To do this, we are working with a group of cognitive psychologists from the USA, based in the University of Massachusetts, called ‘The Learning Scientists’ .  They suggest six evidence  informed approaches to studying, that can help students to revise:

Elaboration – explaining ideas in detail
Retrieval practice – practice ‘remembering’ what they have been taught
Spaced practice – spacing out your studying over time.
Dual coding – combining pictures and words to help you remember things.
Interleaving – switching between the topics that you study.
Concrete examples – using specific examples to understand abstract ideas.

Students and parents can download a booklet to give them more information about each strategy:

Learning Scientists study skill

They can also watch the videos on the right.

The folders below contain further subject specific information including knowledge organisers and tick lists.


Computer Science

Design and Technology