Going beyond our best

  • Durrington has taught me that no matter what difficulties you face, you can always overcome them with determination and perseverance.

Our ethos and values

Here at Durrington High School we have focused relentlessly on traditional values of behaviour, hard work and respect, combined with innovation in teaching and learning based on the best available evidence from educational research. This is all within a framework of care and support for our students. The result of this has been over a decade of continued and significant improvement in examination outcomes. Last year 71% of students achieved a GCSE pass in English and maths.

We have done this by treating every student as an individual and making sure nobody gets ‘left behind’. Within our company structure, the well-being and academic progress of every student is tracked and monitored very closely. We will then work closely with the student, home and our own staff to ensure everything is put in place, so that every student thrives and fulfils their potential. As one of our students put it ‘At DHS everyone matters and everyone is treated as an individual – you’re able to get your voice heard’.

We also enrich learning outside of the classroom. We have a wealth of hugely successful sports teams, our drama and music departments put on a number of outstanding productions throughout the year and there are a number of educational visits. Some are close to home, such as the geography field trip to Swanage, whilst others are further afield, like the art trip to New York

Durrington really is a school going places. We look forward to you joining us on our journey, as we all go ‘beyond our best’.

Dr Brian Marsh
Chair of Governors