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D of E Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh award scheme is a programme of challenging activities that will help develop a young person’s confidence, self-esteem and many other skills and qualities that will benefit them in the future. The award itself is internationally recognised and is highly regarded by employers and colleges as well.

At Durrington High we participate in the Bronze award commencing during Year 9.
The award is made up of 4 sections, all of which must be completed outside of normal school hours.
Skill: the student either improves on an existing skill or takes up a new one.
Physical: the student must take part in a regular form of physical exercise
Volunteer: the student must carry out some form of regular voluntary work
Expedition: the students have to complete an ‘unsupported’ expedition in unfamiliar territory on foot – lasting 2 days and 1 night.

For the Skill, Physical and Volunteer section, all agreed activities must be carried out regularly for a minimum of 3 months and then students choose which one of these sections to carry out for a further 3 months , so totalling 6 months in all.

For further details please contact the DHS DofE team.

Mr C Davis        cdavis1@durring.com
Mr S Briscoe     sbriscoe1@durring.com
Mrs Chester      kchester@durring.com

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