Going beyond our best

  • Being a part of Durrington High School has made me want to achieve more than I believed was possible. It has made me believe that I can achieve excellence.


Following careful consideration and rigorously looking at our risk assessment we are delighted to be able to offer the extra-curricular clubs for year 7-10 (starting on Tuesday 6th October) outlined in the table below (click on link).

Clubs Autumn 2020

How this will work

  • The club will run on the same day each week
  • All clubs will run from 3.10-4.10pm
  • Each club will have a maximum number according to safety and space(s) available (this is the number in brackets in the table below)
  • To sign up for a club, students should use the link which has been sent to them in Connect. If demand is higher than capacity we will look to put in place a half termly rotation (more details will follow if this is necessary).

Students will be expected to leave the building immediately after the club finishes, the expectation on the wearing of facemasks remaining until they are outside.