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Future First is a charity who helps schools like ours stay in contact with their students from the day they leave. Signing up is easy and will take no more than 1-2 minutes. All you need to do is:

Step 1
Get a sign-up form: your teacher will give you a paper form or send you a link to an online form (links to online applications below along with links to hard copies, should you prefer, for you to download)

Step 2
Fill in a few personal details  then check and agree to the privacy policy 

Step 3
We’ll keep in touch! Don’t worry, you won’t be bombarded – just a few updates every now and again!

Why keep in touch?

Building your CV
Whether you’ve started thinking about it now, or you need a helping hand in the future, your old teachers might be able to offer advice / opportunities to gain work experience and learn new skills even after you leave.

Staying connected
Updates on upcoming events and all the latest gossip sent directly to your inbox.

Getting a job
Future First and your old school might find out about jobs you could apply for and other cool opportunities to get involved with…saves your time trawling the internet!

Giving something back
Just because you’ve left, it doesn’t mean you have to stop getting involved in the things you enjoy. For instance, you could get involved with coaching your old football team, help out directing a play or editing the termly magazine.

Helping others
Would you have benefitted from hearing from former students in jobs? Keep in touch and, a little further down the line, you might talk about your experiences to students in your old seats!

Asking for a reference
If you stay in touch now, some of your old teachers might be able to help you out getting your dream job in the future by providing references for your future employer.

Sign up directly by using the links below, or download the hard copies of the application form should you prefer

Former students:
Online applications

Current Year 11 students
Year 11 sign up form


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