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We have established the Durrington Multi Academy Trust (DMAT) and Durrington High School is the lead school within our Trust, having converted to an Academy 1 April 2014. We wish to further develop links with all providers of Further and Higher education, employers and the local community.

As a successful and thriving school we were asked to expand by West Sussex and welcomed year 7 for the first time in 2015. This resulted in significant investment and enhanced facilities on our site to accommodate this new year group. At Durrington High School we expect all of our students to be active participants in a high quality learning experience, through lessons and enrichment activities.  In order to allow teachers to focus their time, efforts and energy on this, we have put the following in place:

We have six evidence informed pedagogical principles, that we think are important for great teaching, but how you implement them in your classroom is down to you.  If it gets great outcomes for our students, then its great teaching; we are not prescriptive as to how this is achieved.

We take a pragmatic approach to feedback (in terms of feedback on student work e.g. marking).  We don’t expect every piece of work to be marked every two weeks – this is not manageable or particularly useful for the teacher or student.  Each subject area has defined what type of feedback is expected, where and when, based on what works in that subject.

Student reports do not contain lengthy sections of prose. They simply have a grade for effort homework and progress.

We made the decision not to grade individual lessons before the Ofsted announcement. Lesson observations are followed on a professional developmental dialogue.

We have a huge variety of teacher led CPD activities happening across the school that will allow you to engage at a level that suits your needs.

Our NQT induction programme and appraisal programme is based on professional growth and support. Furthermore, second year teachers (RQTs) have the option of following a part funded school based master’s programme.

You will be working alongside people who are at the forefront of educational development, nationally and to an increasing degree, internationally.  This applies to many aspects of our work e.g. research and development, Pupil Premium Leadership and Assessment Without Levels.

John Digby
Chair of Durrington Multi Academy Trust

Mr Angus Watts   Chair
Mr Roy Barraclough
Brighton University

Board of Trustees
Mr John Digby  Chair
Mr Paul Noakes
Mrs Lianne Allison
Ms Sue Marooney  Headteacher
Ms Niki Thomas
Ms Emma Watkins

Attendance for 1 September 2017 – 31 July 2018 – maximum 4 meetings

Name Yes Apologies Absent
John Digby 4
Sue Marooney 4
Paul Noakes 4
Lianne Allison 2
Niki Thomas 1
Emma Watkins 1

During the course of this academic year no Trustees have left the governing body.

During the course of this academic year three new trustees have joined the board.

John Digby was Chair of Trustees for the full year.

The clerk of the trust body ensures annually that all trustees comply with legislation and declare any pecuniary interests (including business and relationships with school staff) together with details if they serve on another governing/trust body.

Any interest are shown below

Name of Governor Pecuniary Interests  Other governing body
None  None None 


Accounting Period ending 31st August 2016

Annual Report & Financial Statements – For the Period Ended 31 August 2016

Accounting Period ending 31st August 2017

Annual Report & Financial Statements – For the Period Ended 31 August 2017

Accounting Period ending 31 August 2018

Annual Report & Financial Statements – For the Period Ending 31 August 2018


Additional Documentation

EFA Funding Agreement for the period 1st September 2016 to 31st August 2017

 EFA Funding Agreement for the period 1 September 2017 to 31  August 2018

EFA Funding Agreement for the period 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2019

Articles of Association of DMAT