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  • Year 8 students explore the Tower of London

    Over the course of two trips, 60 year 8 students visited the Tower of London this month, a fantastic opportunity for them to take their learning outside of the classroom. The Tower of London is a place of great historic importance and offers the students a multitude of ways to contextualise their history studies.

    As well as seeing all the main attractions at the tower the students took part in an engaging and informative workshop focused on WW1 espionage, which they have been studying in year 8. The session focussed on the true story of Hans Lody, a German spy who was executed at the Tower of London in 1914. The students took part in a mock trial playing the various parts, and the jury unanimously decided to execute. However, there were then given the letters Hans had written to his family and to the prison guards, which showed him as a courageous and dignified man.  The students were also presented with the moral dilemma surrounding the memory of Hans, as when the Nazis came to power he was declared a national hero, having died for his country. But following WW2 the people in his home town of Nordhaussen wanted to remove the memorials to him as they were ashamed. The workshop gave the students a really in-depth look at this story and the complexities and dangers surrounding WW2 espionage.

    The students really enjoyed seeing the Crown Jewels and were amazed at how sparkly they were and just how much gold they contained, a great example of how experiencing something in real life can make an impact and compliment the learning in the classroom. Students also visited the white tower where they played interactive games testing their abilities to use medieval weaponry. They particularly enjoyed ‘firing’ the cannon and arrows.

    Thanks to student Lucas Burridge whose uncle works at the Tower as a Beefeater, the students were lucky enough to meet and speak with him and try on his hat which they very much enjoyed. They also saw the religious prisoners’ graffiti, King Edwards medieval palaces, the memorial where the execution of Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Grey took place and the discovery site of the lost princes. All of which were very relevant to their year 7 study of the monarchs.

    It was a fantastic opportunity for the students and they had a great day. Emily Hitchcock, humanities teacher who organised the trip said, ‘The Tower of London is an amazing place, there is so much to see and learn about and it really helps our students deepen their learning from both year 7 and year 8 as the tower holds such historical significance.’

    Many thanks to Emily, Bethany Clarke and Georgina Eastment for facilitating such an important and exciting trip for our students.

  • Durrington High School GCSE students exhibit work at Colonnade House

    The exceptional work of GCSE fine art, textiles and graphics students was exhibited at Colonnade House in Warwick Street, Worthing from 16th -19th July. This is the third year in which the Best of the Best exhibition has taken place, with a private view for those whose work is exhibited and their guests on Tuesday evening and the gallery open to the public for three days.

    The work is incredibly impressive with a range of pieces including self-portraits, textile wall hangings, cardboard reliefs and hats. The students’ sketchbooks were also on show to allow people to look at the inspirations and process involved in getting to the final piece.

    The work was that of year 10 and 11 GCSE students and was the product of many different stimuli such as natural forms, collections, surreal and classic art, anatomy and messages. Some pieces had also clearly been influenced by the trip to Florence in February half term. Louise Rudrum’s wonderful painting of a close up of her friend in the back streets of Florence was one of them. Louise said she felt ‘very proud and surprised’ to see her work displayed in the gallery.

    Grace Martin had two pieces of her work displayed, a painting of herself with lemons and oranges from her fine art GCSE exam and an incredibly intricate and fascinating suitcase filled with collectable items which was her GCSE textiles final piece. The suitcase had been found in a charity shop and many of the collectables, including old photographs, were family treasures.

    This year’s exhibition was particularly special for Gail Christie, Director of Art and Design at Durrington High, as she retires at the end of this school year. Gail had been an incredible and inspiring teacher to students at Durrington High for 30 years and has been instrumental in the school consistently producing amazing GCSE results in all subjects across art and design.  ‘I love to see the students work celebrated in this way. It is of outstanding quality and deserves to given a professional setting. It is fantastic to see the students faces when they see their work, it is one of the highlights of the year for the art and design team.’

    Many thanks to Gail, Steven Bloomer, Claire Grey and Alison Humphries for their hard work in putting on the exhibition and giving our students the chance to see they work in a professional setting.


  • Wonderful evening at the performing arts celebration

    On Wednesday 17th July parents and carers gathered in the main hall at Durrington High School to watch a variety of performances from students across all year groups. The evening was an opportunity to celebrate the work the students had been doing during the summer term, with the chance to perform in front of an audience.

    The first half of the show was focused on the Labours of Hercules with the year 7 drama club performing 4 short extracts using traditional Greek theatre techniques. The dramatic performances were interspersed with the choir, instrumental group and musical theatre vocal group (MTV) performing songs from the score of Disney’s Hercules. MTV sang I can go the Distance and the choir sang The Gospel Truth and Zero to Hero accompanied by the instrumental group. There was also a performance of a fantastic original composition, written by year 9 students Jess Townson and Lewis Skeel, tilted Hercules. Lewis sang solo and Jess played the violin, along with the rest of the instrumental group and the choir. All performers, including music teachers Beth Maughan and Cyrus Dean, dressed in togas with vine leaf headbands to fit with the Greek theme.

    Following the fantastic first half, the second half focused on soloists, with singers and pianists giving some outstanding performances. There was also a year 9 and 10 play told in 3 parts called What are they Like? which explored the way parents feel about their children growing up. The performances were excellent and the play had a great blend of humour with some poignant moments.

    Many year 11 students came back to perform for the last time as Durrington High students, including Lara Beale and Becky Moore who sang a duet For Good which sounded beautiful with lyrics significant for their final performance. There was also an outstanding piano solo from year 9 student Hudson Hebert who performed a solo piano version of Bohemian Rhapsody that he had arranged himself.

    Emily Isham, Director of Performing Arts said, ‘The summer term celebration is a lovely evening and it is fantastic to see all of the hard work our students have put in during this year come to fruition. At Durrington High we give students performance opportunities as often as possible to help them grow in confidence and believe in their own abilities. Our students are very talented and we are very proud of all who performed this evening.’

    Many thanks to Emily, Beth, Cyrus, April Cross and David Hall for nurturing our students’ talents so expertly and for arranging such a fabulous night.

  • Exceptional students rewarded at DHS KS3 celebration evening

    On Monday 15th July Durrington High School held a key stage 3 celebration evening during which students that had shown the highest effort and achievement in a specific subject were awarded a prize. It was also a chance for their parents/carers to see the fantastic work they have been doing this year with each subject hosting a display of excellent work.

    In addition to the work displayed there was an MFL café, where people could sample some delicious French and Spanish food, including gazpacho, pain au chocolate and madeleines. Students had to place their order using French or Spanish which was an excellent way for them to practise their conversational skills.

    The evening began with 2 excellent pianists, Ela Maybarskan and Billy Hopkins, playing some classical pieces. Mr Fuller, Deputy Head teacher, then welcomed everyone and highlighted what an achievement it was to be invited to the event, ‘We are very proud of you all and hope that you are proud of yourselves for being recognised by your teachers for showing exceptional effort or achievement in a subject. It is important to acknowledge this and for you to be congratulated on a fantastic year.’

    A group of students then took to the stage to perform an impressive gymnastics routine and were followed by a humorous performance of The Hare and The Tortoise from students in 8CGr, which had the audience laughing along. It was then time for the first 6 subjects to award one student from each year group for effort and one for achievement with their certificate and prize. Each child proudly shook hands with Mr Woodcock, Head of School, and then stood for a photograph alongside their fellow prize-winning students.

    The audience were then treated to two more dramatic performances, the year 7 drama club performed a fantastic extract from The Labours of Hercules and students from 8RBu gave a great rendition of the classic fable The Lion and the Mouse. Following the wonderful performances, the remaining 6 subjects awarded their certificates and prizes to the nominated students.

    Mr Fuller congratulated all the students who had won prizes and performed, praising them on ‘making the most out of the plentiful opportunities they are offered at DHS’ and acknowledging that ‘receiving a prize at a large school is an exceptional achievement.’ He also thanked parents and carers for their ongoing support of the students and the school.

    Many thanks to Mr Down, Ms Hedger, and all the subject staff for organising such a wonderful evening reflecting on a fantastic year.


  • Durrington High School launch termly magazine

    The creative writing club at Durrington High School have launched their own creative writing magazine which will be published termly. Ignite, will focus on a different theme each term and students can submit writing in any style they choose. They are supported by English teachers Laura Pritchard and Bridgett Norman, teaching assistant David Scott. LRA manager Sally Baker and LRA assistant Viv DaCosta.

    The theme of the first edition was summertime and the students submitted a range of pieces including poems, journalism and short stories, interpreting the theme in their own unique way. From horror stories about hitchhikers to the ‘ultimate summer poem’ and some stories influenced by the 50th anniversary of Tiananmen Square.

    The logo for the magazine for designed by year 9 student Nathan Williams, who did a fantastic job of adapting the traditional school logo to fit with the magazine.

    The students were all very proud of themselves at the launch and were very happy to see their work in print. Creative writing club takes place every Tuesday lunchtime in the LRA, all are welcome. The theme for the Autumn term edition of Ignite is new beginnings.

    You can read the summer term edition of Ignite here

    Nathan Williams who designed the Ignite logo

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