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  • Durrington at the Rock Challenge national finals

    Having qualified as 3rd in the southern premier division finals back in April, and as one of only 9 from an original 324 schools, the 100 strong Rock Challenge team headed to The Magna Centre, Rotherham to perform their fantastic piece Angel of Prisons one final time.
    They headed off on Friday 13th July at break time in 2 coach loads. There was much singing, excitement and merriment (with even the coach driver joining in!) as they made the long journey up North. They arrived at the hotel around 7pm and had everyone checked in and ready to head out for some dinner by 8pm. After taking over the local McDonalds the group headed back to the hotel to get a good night of sleep before the big day ahead.

    After an early breakfast and checking out of the hotel, they arrived at The Magna Centre for 9am where they were given crew wristbands and explored the venue. As The Magna Centre is not solely a performance venue, but an exhibition space, the size and style of the venue was something unlike the students had ever seen before.

    At 11am it was our turn to rehearse and even thought there was a slight set issue, the students coped amazingly and were feeling good afterwards. It was then an afternoon of production meetings, hair, make-up, pizza and a teacher dance off! Mrs Isham also had to partake in a game of musical chairs in which she had to pick a balloon out of box to decide where we would be placed in the running order. We were placed 8th, the penultimate act.

    Back stage the atmosphere was fantastic, all 9 schools were so happy to have reached the national finals and there was a real sense of the occasion being a celebration of performance. The students made new friends, especially with students from Kinross High School in Scotland, who were in the opposite dressing room.

    Finally, it was time for the actual performance and the students excelled themselves. All the hard work that had gone into rehearsals truly paid off and as they left the stage whooping with delight, everyone involved felt great pride. They could not have done any better.
    Shortly afterwards, the results were announced and, although we were not placed in the top four, we were delighted to achieve eight awards of excellence. These came in the areas of visual enhancement, performance skill, concept, costuming character, stage use, set design and function, choreography and lighting.

    We were especially proud of the choreography award, as we were one of only three schools to receive this. We were also one of only two schools to receive the lighting award, something that is an amazing achievement as our lighting technician is year 9 student Tom Payne, who is very young compared to most of the schools who have 6th former lighting technicians.

    Everyone was exhausted but so very proud as they boarded the coaches to head back to Worthing. This Rock Challenge journey has been incredible and would not have been possible without the dedication and tireless efforts of Mrs Isham and Ms Graney. A huge thank you to all staff involved – Mrs House, Ms Hodnett, Miss Hughes, Mrs Bowden, Mr Morley, Mrs Savage, Mr Crane, Miss Wolstenholme, Miss Chaitow, Mrs Wallis- Taylor, Miss Hewett and Miss Freeman.

    We must also thank The Worthing Rotary Club, Carpenter Box, AMC Sheet Metal Fabrications, The Fry Group, Pumpkin Patch Nursery and all the friends and family that donated to our Go Fund Me page and made the 400-mile round trip possible.

    Bring on next year!


  • A year in office

    As outgoing Head students, Love Onwuzurike and Alistair Lee, have written their take on what being Head Student has meant to them this past year and how it has equipped them for life after Durrington.

    Love Onwuzurike

    I was privileged enough to be Head Girl at Durrington High School from 2017-2018 which came with a lot of responsibilities. Myself and the head boy Alastair Lee worked closely with the head teacher and senior staff to find ways to better the school for not only the students but for the community.
    We started the Be Kind campaign to promote kindness, one of our four DHS principles, inside and outside of the school. This consisted of fortnightly random acts of kindness through the school and kindness posters in every form, making people more aware of their actions.
    We also did a lot of charity work, for example we helped organise the pole to pole challenge showing students that together we can achieve great things. We raised over £800 for mental health awareness.
    I have always loved the challenge of leadership and being head girl allowed me to take that further. For example I have presented multiple speeches and assemblies making my confidence and love of public speaking grow. I have handled tough situations which taught me how to have patience and depend on my team. Durrington High School has pushed me to go further than I ever imagined and prepared me for the future ahead.

    Durrington’s four principles of aspiration, kindness, perseverance and pride are evident in the teachers, students, staff and school as a whole, making it the best place to be. I am sad to say goodbye to such an amazing school where many friends and memories were made but, I am glad to say I am well equipped to face my future, and that my story will not be written without mentioning Durrington High School and my time as Head Girl.

    Alistair Lee

    It was pleasure and honour to be selected as Head Boy for my year group in my last year at Durrington. As Head Boy I’ve delivered speeches, presented at open evenings and put my ideas forward that I believe will help to improve school. To wear the grey blazer around Durrington is a proud feeling, and knowing what you have achieved is amazing.

    Being Head Boy is a challenge but one that comes with many rewards and throughout my time I’ve experienced many of these. Speaking to new students on open evenings, giving speeches, working on the Be Kind campaign, being a part of the pole to pole challenge and knowing I have made a difference to the school. Being Head Boy provided me with skills and confidence that are priceless and I will require them in life and they will help me along my way in whatever I do.

  • Bringing learning to life – Year 10 geography field trip to the Jurassic Coast

    Ont the weekend of 13th – 15th July, 51 students and 5 staff took on the Friday night traffic and headed to Dorset for the annual geography field trip. They arrived at field study centre, Leeson House, where they would stay for 2 nights, and enjoyed take away pizza for dinner.

    On Saturday morning they woke to bright sunshine and after a quick breakfast they headed to Studland Bay to explore the sand dunes, performing a transect survey to identify the changes in vegetation as the dunes move inland. After this they travelled to Handfast Point to see the spectacular cave arch and stump formation that is Old Harrys Rocks. Students then had some free time to explore Swanage town which included looking at the coastal defences put in place to protect the town from flooding. On Saturday evening they headed back to Leeson House where they enjoyed dinner followed by team building games such as the famous tug of war and the lesser known challenge of peeling an orange without using your hands!

    On Sunday they began the day at Durdle Door beach where they saw the spectacular arch and discussed the geology behind its formation. They then walked the 1.5 miles along the coastal path to Lulworth Cove where they had a well-deserved paddle in the beautiful sea or refreshing ice cream before heading home.

    Below Rachel and Lucy give their views on the weekend, and although they have different writing styles, it is clear that the trip was not only enjoyable and fun but valuable to their learning too.


    While spending the weekend seeing various geographical locations with teachers may not seem the most exciting prospect for a hot weekend, it was most definitely a fun and interesting time. Being able to see the processes that are explained to us in lessons allowed us to understand and comprehend the scale of such processes. Despite walking a good few miles in fairly hot weather, walking up steeper hills than expected and having to rise much earlier than acceptable for a Saturday morning, it was worth it for the views we saw, the new friendships started, the tan developed and obviously the geography knowledge.


    Our trip to Dorset not only helped to enhance our learning by allowing us to see visually what we had been taught, but it also gave us a chance to connect with our peers and teachers. Over the 3 days we were there we walked miles discovering amazing wildlife, famous geographical landmarks and had the best ice scream I have yet to come across! This all took place within the idyllic and historic places dotted along the Jurassic coastline.

    Many thanks to the staff that enabled this trip to happen – Mr Crockett, Mr Atkins, Miss Townsend, Mr Suckling and Miss Montagu.

  • Sports Day in the Sunshine

    On Wednesday 11th July Durrington High School had a really successful and fun sports where students from across the years competed as form groups, taking on athletics events as well as rounders, volleyball, football and handball tournaments. There was a fantastic atmosphere with students all cheering on their peers; some had gone to the effort of making banners, which looked amazing.

    The sun was shining all day as the students made their way through the different sports, taking part in mini competitions and earning points for their company, which were totalled up at the end.  They were also able to enjoy BBQ food from the canteen and really enjoyed spending the day with their friends outside. Tom Pickford, Director of PE, said ‘The day is designed to be inclusive for all and give every student the opportunity to partake in the day. This means everyone is involved at some point which creates a real team bond and makes the day enjoyable for all.’

    All the students performed exceptionally well and were proud to be involved in the day; some students were amazed at how successful they were. After playing a rounders match, year 8 student Jeremy said ‘I never usually hit it and today I did first time, and scored a rounder, then I did it again!’

    At the end of the day the students gathered to hear the results. The Company in 3rd place with 406.6 points was Franklin, in second place with 486.4 points was Coubertin and in first place with 526.7 points was Da Vinci. Year group winners were 7CGR, 8SBO, 9KHA and 10JRM. Congratulations to the winners, but also to all students for their enthusiasm and for representing their companies so brilliantly throughout the day.


  • Year 9 students visit games studio Creative Assembly

    Nine Durrington High School students had the opportunity to visit the leading game development studio “Creative Assembly” based in Horsham. Creative Assembly works alongside SEGA and is responsible for many high end games such as Total War, Halo Wars 2 and Alien:Isolation. The company has won many prestigious awards as well as some BAFTAs.

    During the day the students got to put on a Motion Capture suit and create a 30 second animation, the studio is currently rendering the 3 scenes which the school will receive in a week or 2. After this, we were taken around the different sections of the studio showing how all the planning, art work, programming and testing was done. The students were not allowed to take photos at this point as staff were working on a game that has not yet been released. In fact they had to sign a non-disclosure agreement and so cannot report what was going on in the large rooms with 50 plus people in each over 5 floors.

    The staff were very friendly and answered all of the students many questions with a lot of enthusiasm as they had such a passion for what they were doing. At the end of the tour, the students had the chance to hold and pose with a BAFTA, which was surprisingly heavy.  The students spoke after the visit about how surprised they were at how many people were needed to create a game and the requirements needed to work there, predominantly a passion for games programming / gaming art. An amazing day was had by all and the students have been invited back anytime next year, hopefully for some, the next time back will be for a job interview.

  • Durrington High host KS2 maths challenge competition

    Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils from West Park Primary, Durrington Junior School, The Laurels Primary School, Hawthorns Primary School and Thomas A Becket Junior School competed in the first Durrington High School KS2 Maths Challenge Competition on Thursday 12th July. Each school entered two teams and arrived at 2pm to take part in the competition in the school’s Learning Resource Area.

    The competition began with 2 questions based on the popular TV quiz show Countdown, as they were given a target number to reach and then 5 random numbers to use to reach that target number. Teams were awarded 20 points for getting the exact number and 5 points for getting within 10 of it. The rest of the competition saw the teams taking on 16 problem solving questions and they had 40 minutes to answer as many as possible, each question answered correctly gave them 10 points.

    The competition is one of several initiatives Durrington High is taking which are focused on collaborative working with West Sussex primary schools. The aim is to build strong links with primary schools and provide opportunities for primary aged pupils to challenge their skills and experience in the secondary school setting. Frankie Pimentel, maths teacher and leader of KS2 maths at Durrington said ‘It’s really exciting to welcome the primary students and engage them in high level maths challenges. It is a great opportunity for them to grow their knowledge and confidence in maths, and something to feel proud to be involved with.’

    After the points were totalled up it was announced to a great cheer that Thomas A Becket Junior School had won the geometry set prize and all the students were awarded a certificate for taking part. Mr Watson from Thomas A Becket School said ‘Our pupils had a brilliant time and absolutely loved the problem solving relay in particular.’

    We will be hosting further maths challenge competitions next academic year. Many thanks to Miss Pimentel, Miss Bedford and Miss Hewett for organising and supporting the event.

  • Year 7 students visit the University of Brighton

    As part of the higher education programme at Durrington High School half of the year 7s have visited the University of Brighton campus this term. The other half have this to look forward to in the autumn term. The campus visit aims to inspire the students and open their eyes to the opportunities offered at university at an early stage in their secondary school journey. This visit is then built upon throughout their time at Durrington with various activities taking place. Karen Jefford, Careers Leader, explains ‘We work with various Universities with the aim to raise students awareness of higher education, learning and living environments. Our engagements with these establishments allow us to provide information and advice on study programmes, institutions and career opportunities; and enhance students’ academic, study and personal skills. The students enthusiasm has been fantastic with so many of them wanting to sign up there and then. By the end of September all our year 7’s will have experienced a University campus visit and will continue to be supported by the DHS careers team.’

    The day began with a short talk focused on answering the question ‘why go to university?’ which included an interactive quiz. The students are then split into four groups and throughout the day they each participated in three different sessions. One of these sessions was a tour of the campus which the students found very exciting and were particularly impressed with the canteen, with one student saying ‘it’s amazing, they have a Costa and a Starbucks and there is lots of choice of food!’ They also looked at the halls of residence which was exciting for the students, with one saying ‘it was really cosy with everything you needed for one person.’

    They were also really impressed with the size of the library and the fact that it had 2 floors and ‘so many books!’ The gym with a huge basketball court was another favourite. The students also saw the medical facilities where medical students train to be doctors and they were very intrigued by the training doll which had a pulse that could be checked and screamed in pain if something went wrong.

    The students also really enjoyed the Lego architecture session in which they were tasked with creating their own university campus. They really embraced this challenge letting their imaginations run wild and coming up with some very creative ideas including a university built within a hill and one with a sports centre made of cheese! The students also took part in a prospectus activity and listened to a talk about the opportunities offered by higher education. In the lecture theatre the students really liked the interactive remote controls which allow students to contribute to lectures.

    It was certainly an inspiring trip for the year 7s as many of them were really impressed with the opportunities available. In one class 10 students who had not previously thought about university were now seriously considering it as an option which meant the entire class (bar one) were now aiming for higher education.

    Vicky Johnson, Student Recruitment and Outreach Co-ordinator at the University of Brighton said ‘They were really engaged asking lots of brilliant questions and really getting involved in the activities. Our aim is to give students impartial advice and guidance around university so, when it comes to making choices in the future students are fully informed. We are really pleased to have Durrington as a partner. It was a pleasure to have the students come and visit the University of Brighton.  ’

    We are sure the next group of students will also be inspired by and enjoy this fantastic opportunity next term.

  • Best of the Best exhibition opening evening at Colonnade House

    On Tuesday 17th July the opening of the Durrington High School’s ‘Best of the Best’ exhibition opened at Colonnade House. The very best work from year 10 and 11 GCSE art and product design students are exhibited in the gallery which is situated on the corner of Warwick Street in Worthing town centre.

    As you approach the exhibition the fantastic work can be seen from the outside with four huge self-portraits hanging in the window, alongside some amazing textile work made as part of the year 10 upcycling projects. Inside the gallery every wall space, window ledge and window is filled with spectacular works of art which use a variety of different materials and textures. The bright and bold colours make the individual pieces stand out and everywhere you look the outstanding talent of the DHS students is apparent.

    Abbie Thompson, whose self portrait was used for the advertising poster of the DHS show, and also hangs in the window, said she was ‘very proud’ of her work and her parents echoed that is was ‘very special’ to be able to view her work in the space.

    The exhibition was very busy and the atmosphere celebratory, with students and their friends and family enjoying viewing the work. Tia Lobb, who had several pieces of work on display, said ‘It is really nice to see the work outside of the classroom and have somewhere that friends and family can see it.’

    Several items from the GCSE product design final coursework were also on display. The brief had been to design and build self-assembly furniture, the shelving units and coffee tables on display were creative and practical, and very diverse considering the students had all had the same brief. Issac Padwick-Morriss had designed a toy storage unit and seat inspired by, and created for, his younger brother Charlie. His mum and Charlie were very impressed and as Charlie tried it out his mum said ‘I’m really proud to see his work on display here.’

    Filling the window ledges are the amazing products from the year 10 steam punk and mechanical inspired upcycling project, which used recycled materials from a range of sources to create hats and jackets. The focus on sustainability is continued with the beach themed items which again use a range of seaside inspired recycled materials to create some wonderful pieces. Alongside the final pieces were the detailed and textured planning sketchbooks which are works of art in themselves.

    The evening was a huge success allowing students, teachers, friends and family to feel very proud of what had been achieved this year. Emma Wade, Leader of Design Technology and Food Technology said, ‘It is a fantastic opportunity for the students, whose work is truly exceptional, to feel pride and know that not only friends and family, but the general public, can view the products of their hard work and talent.’

    Gail Christie, Director of Art and Design Technology added that ‘The work of our students is truly outstanding and it is fitting that it is given a professional venue to really show off their talent. For those students leaving Durrington it is a great way to celebrate all their hard work over the past two years.’

  • Talent shines at art and design technology show

    The work of GCSE art and design technology students was on show on Tuesday 3rd July as part of the celebration programme of their outstanding work. The classrooms and hallways showcased GCSE fine art, textiles, product design, graphics and 3D studies. The stunning work of Year 10 and 11 students on display was truly inspiring in its scale and variety of materials. Testament to the high standards of the work is that 100% of students have achieved A*-C in GCSE art design every year since 2012.

    Throughout the 2 hours there were many visitors to the show with lots of proud family members relishing the opportunity to see the fruits of their children’s hard work over the past 2 years. Director of Art and Design Technology Ms Christie said ‘the year- long exhibition is a fantastic way to celebrate the work of our very talented students and the annual show gives them the opportunity to have their work viewed by the public which is exciting for them and a fitting way for year 11 students to end their art and design technology journey at Durrington. The show is also a fantastic exemplar to the younger students at Durrington High, showing them what can be achieved and inspiring them to work hard to produce their own original artworks.’

    To further celebrate the students achievements following the show there is a ‘best of the best’ exhibition which takes place at Colonnade House in Worthing town centre. This is where the very best pieces of work from across the art and design technology department are exhibited to the general public following a private viewing. The exhibition is open to the public from Wednesday 18th July –Friday 10th July between 10am and 5pm at Colonnade House, 47 Warwick Street, Worthing, BN11 3DH.

  • Sports celebration evening 2018

    On Thursday 5th July DHS hosted a sports celebration evening to acknowledge the hard work and outstanding achievements of students across a range of sports. They were welcomed with an inspiring quote from basketball superstar Michael Johnson which acknowledges how failure is a part of success. ‘I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.’

    It was a fantastic evening for teachers and students to honour the hard work and determination that goes into achieving fantastic results in many different areas of sport. Tom Pickford, Director of PE said ‘The sports celebration evening is a real highlight for both students and staff. It is a great opportunity to bring everyone together and look back at the year and celebrate the many achievements of Durrington High students.’

    The evening began by acknowledging the successes of various teams throughout the year, highlighting achievements in netball, football, cricket, boccia, rugby, athletics, basketball and badminton. For full details of these teams please see the presentation here.

    There was also an acknowledgement to how the school has embraced the Youth Sports Trust initiative to increase physical activity levels in girls. The year 9 sports leaders that are delivering sessions in local primary schools and the amazing team of 281 students that took part in Worthing’s Race for Life were highlighted. 

    There was an award for Outstanding Contribution to Sport which was won by year 11 student Eve McKernan. Other nominees were Alistair Lee, Eli Middleton, James Lee, Tom Nederpel, Emily  Dore, Taylor Seymour and Zoe Moore. Each year group was then awarded with a sportsman and sportswoman of the year. These went to:


    Year 7 – Ava Hudson

    Year 8 – Tiffany Davids

    Year 9 –  Izzy Miller

    Year 10 – Caitlin Campbell

    Year 11 –Emily Dore


    Year 7 – Ben Royall

    Year 8 – Harry Cooper

    Year 9 – Ethan Muirhead

    Year 10 – Levi Martin

    Year 11 –Alistair Lee and James Lee

    The final award of the evening was to the Team of the Year, which had been voted for by all staff. The nominated teams were U14 girls football team, KS3 boys badminton team, boccia team, year 11 boys basketball team and the U15 girls rugby team. The winners were announced as the year 11 boys basketball team.

    It was a fantastic evening which highlighted how strong Durrington High School is in so many areas of sport. The school’s fantastic facilities and the dedication of staff ensure that our students are able to go ‘beyond their best’ every year.

  • A fond farewell to year 11

    On Thursday 28th June year 11 students at Durrington High met for the last time as their journey at the school came to an end. We have been very proud of how hard the students have worked over the past 4 years and, in particular, over the intense exam period and it was fantastic to have the chance to celebrate their many achievements. There were mentions of particular students that had made an outstanding contribution in the areas of sport, performing arts and community, as well as a nostalgic look back at photographs from the past 4 years which were the cause of much laughter. A film of teachers giving inspiring good luck messages to the students was also shown, followed by a much enjoyed blooper version!

    Outgoing Head Boy and Girl, Love Onwuzuruike and Alastair Lee then gave a heartfelt and moving speech to their classmates, which can be read in full below:

    Good Morning students and staff, we are here today to say goodbye to where our Durrington journey first began 4 years ago. We were scared to make new friends, afraid to take on new challenges but ready for a new challenge. And now, through the help of the amazing staff and teachers available at Durrington High School, we have grown to be strong young people ready to take on what the future may bring.

    Myself and Ali, on behalf of the students, would like to thank the teachers for their ongoing support through the good days and the bad, and to Ms Marooney for giving us this opportunity. But most importantly thank the teachers for showing us that with hard work and determination we really can go beyond our best.

    Although our time here has come to an end, we will treasure the time, the memories and the friendships made possible by Durrington High School. As we walk out today, for the last official time as Durrington High students, we will walk out better than we came in four years ago. Because we walk with kindness, perseverance, pride and aspiration, instilled in us by Durrington High School and we will forever remain Durrington students. Thank you.

    In the evening the celebrations continued at a much deserved summer ball, held at The Avisford Hilton Park Hotel in Arundel. The students arrived in a variety of different vehicles ranging from classic cars to limos and party buses, and they all looked wonderful in their bright and stylish outfits. They enjoyed a delicious buffet and a fun disco, as well as an awards ceremony which included crowning prom queen as Love Onwuzuruike and king as George Hughes. The day was a fitting end to a fabulous 4 years at Durrington High School in which students have shown resilience and worked hard to go beyond their best. They have enjoyed many different enrichment opportunities that have seen many excel in different fields. We wish each and every one of them every success in all that they do.

  • STEM fun at the Big Bang Fair South East

    Almost 50 KS3 students attended the Big Bang Fair South East on Wednesday 27th June, held at the South of England showground in Ardingly, it is part of the nationwide Big Bang Fair programme. Over the 2 days around 8000 children from the South East attend.

    The fair celebrates all things STEM with a variety of workshops, challenges and exhibits hosted by a variety of companies, organisations, universities and colleges. It is a fantastic way for students to be inspired by STEM and to start to think about the career possibilities studying STEM subjects can open up.

    The Gatwick Airport area was a particular favourite of many students. One of the challenges in this area invited students to change a runway light with speed being of the essence, as an airport engineer would need to work between planes taking off and landing! Although at first some of the girls were a little intimidated by all the male names topping the timing leader board, once they got started there was no stopping them. Many of them soon topped the leader board with Laura Healy amazing everyone by beating the time of the actual engineer!

    Students had the opportunity to experiment with virtual reality (which they really enjoyed) and they also had a chance to handle some snakes in the reptile section. Some students had a ride in a cherry picker, climbed trees and rode tractors. No wonder so many students said ‘this was so much fun!’

    Science teacher and trip leader, Ms Bence, said ‘it is a really fun day with so much for the students to see and do. It is an opportunity to open their eyes to the many and varied ways in which STEM subjects are used in everyday life, and how important they are to society.’

    Thanks to Miss Searle, Mr Mohammed, Miss McDonnell and Ms Bence for making the trip possible.

  • Eco Club Members attend the 11th Worthing and Adur Eco-Summit.

    On Tuesday 26th June, Mr Atkins took 8 members of the DHS Eco Club to the 11th Worthing and Adur Eco-Summit organised by the E.Y.E Project and, this year, hosted at Worthing High School. The day was attended by over 300 students from 27 schools and is designed to inspire young people to understand and be proactive in helping protect the environment.

    Following a keynote speech from Tim Loughton MP, the students attended 3 workshops which they enjoyed very much. The Wildlife Trust ran a session focused on how to make a vibrant pond ecosystem, looking at what best to put in and how it can affect the wild animals, plants and insects around it. The students felt that this session really helped with their Eco club plans with Sofia Hughes saying ‘it was really helpful as we can introduce the learning from the pond workshop to our plans for the poly tunnel.’ During another workshop, ‘New Homes from Old Rubbish’ they built a mini habitat for the Red Mason Bee, recycling string, plastic straws, bamboo and used plastic bottles. They all donated the finished product to the school’s poly tunnel and are excited to see them in action.

    The majority of the students’ favourite workshop was making an electric mini go kart. They were challenged, under strict time conditions, to modify a battery powered car and charge it to the right voltage to make it travel the farthest. They were really excited to have built the car that went the furthest (10.75 meters) using 2.5 volts.

    They also watched a presentation about the planning and building of Rampion Offshore Windfarm which they found very interesting and were shocked to find it had taken 8 years.  As well at this there was an exhibition of Eco companies and organisations and they enjoyed walking around and finding out about these (and also the free pencil and postcard that some of them took away!).

    Mr Atkins, geography teacher and leader of the Eco Club said ‘it’s been a really great day and a fantastic opportunity for the students to widen their knowledge of the environment whilst having lots of fun. Many of the things they have experienced today we can take back to Eco Club and use as part of our poly tunnel project.’

  • Fantastic evening had as students show DHS Has Got Talent

    On Thursday 21st June 12 talented acts, who had made it through the audition process, took to the stage for the final of DHS Has Got Talent. It was a really fun and entertaining night, hosted by the wonderful Mrs Wallis-Taylor and Mr Crane. The students all performed to an audience of around 160 and everyone did themselves very proud. Before the acts began the audience was introduced to the 4 judges, Mrs Savage, Ms Graney, Mr Morley and outgoing head boy Ali Lee.

    First to kick off the night was Mary Mothersole who sang a cover of ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ which impressed the judges with Mrs Graney saying it was ‘a beautiful way to open the show.’ Next to take to the stage was Millie Sims who sang The Killers ‘When we were Young’ whist also playing the guitar. Again, the judges were very impressed, especially with the fact that she was playing the guitar and singing.

    A slight change when Molly Coleman, Jess Duggan-Rees and Elliot Day took to the stage to perform a mix up of songs, accompanied by dance a little bit of comedy. They were followed by Not A Capella, an 8 piece vocal group who sang a wonderful mash up of songs from Disney’s Pocahontas with beautiful harmonies. Following the very loud applause after this performance Daisy Isham, Daisy O’Hara and Ruby O’Hara took to the stage to perform a contemporary dance routine which they had choreographed themselves. The judges loved all these performances and praised the performers for their confidence and ability to work so well together.

    Megan Barker was next to take to the stage, playing a beautiful piece of music on piano. The judges were amazed when they found out Megan had only been playing for 18 months! Sophia Seaman then got the audience clapping along with her rendition of Pink’s ‘Just Give me a Reason.’ Then it was time for something a little different with Kumba Kanu drawing a portrait of Mrs Isham in 60 seconds, she did an amazing job and finished well within the minute. These performances were all praised by the judges, in particular for the way in which they had got the audience involved.

    Code Red, formed of students from years 8-10 then performed ‘Best Day of my Life’ by American Authors showcasing not only vocal talent, but violin, guitar, flute and drums too. The judges were very impressed but did think the flutist had missed the memo about wearing red! Tegan Clubb then performed a fantastic contemporary dance routine which saw her leaping through the air, pirouetting and doing the splits. She was followed by 9FPi, a group made up of Ollie Wadeson, Max Brotherhood, Miya-Jade Harrison and Ava Hodgeson, who performed a lovely mellow version of David Guetta’s Titanium, with the boys jointly playing the piano and the girls singing, another fantastic collaborative performance. The judges just thought they could do with a better name than their form group! To close the show was Rebecca Goswell, who did an amazing freestyle disco dancing routine which included hand stands and cartwheels.

    It was then time to get voting and whilst this took place the audience were treated to performances from Masterplan, Mia Coggin, Faith Onwuzuruike and Leonnie Natala.

    All the performers then assembled on stage for the results. All the contestants were congratulated for a fantastic evening of entertainment, before announcing the top 3. In third place and receiving 2 tickets to watch ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ at Worthing Theatres was Mary Mothersole. Second place, and winning a photoshoot with 5 digital images was Code Red and in first place, and winning not only the trophy, but also a recording session at GB Met was Not Acapella. Many thanks to Worthing Theatres, VP Photography and GB Met for kindly donating these wonderful prizes.

    To finish off a fantastic night Not Acapella took to the stage to perform again. Not only was it a wonderful night celebrating the many talents of Durrington High School students, but it also raised £800 towards taking our 100 strong talented Rock Challenge team to the finals next month.

    Many thanks to Mrs Isham, Miss Maughan, Ms Graney and Mr Dean for making the night happen. To Mrs Bowden for last minute backstage pep talks and calming nerves (at all 3 events) and Mr Lowe for photographing the final.  Finally thanks to to all the performers, judges and hosts for such a fabulous evening.


  • Year 8 Magistrates Day

    On Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 20th June a magistrates day was held for every year 8 student. The day has been running at the school for several years and aims to educate students about the legal process and justice system.

    We were delighted to welcome 3 local magistrates, 2 police officers and a former prisoner who is now part of the Directions Project, to run 5 workshops that examined different areas of the repercussions of crime.  We were delighted to be joined at the Tuesday event by the High Sheriff of West Sussex, Caroline Nicholls, who observed the day and said ‘it was a brilliant day, an fantastic eye opener to see the work being done by the magistrates, schools and police force to inform young people about the justice system and how the consequences of crime last a lifetime.’

    The 5 sessions attended by students included a workshop led by PC Worsfold and PC Eppy which gave students examples of different scenarios and asked them to think about how the people involved would feel and ultimately if the behaviour was ok or not ok. This session also looked at the process of being arrested and they spoke in detail about the differing and far reaching consequences getting arrested can have. The students had lots of questions; from asking about the welfare of pets owned by people who had been arrested, to what the age of responsibility was.

    Another session examined victim support, and involved students taking part in a mock interview to really understand how a victim of crime would feel. This session also examined stereotyping and the relationship between this and hate crime. A powerful video was shown to highlight to the students how important it is not to make judgements based on assumptions.

    The students also attended a mock trial workshop which allowed them to understand how the magistrates court worked and also gain an understanding of how difficult it can be to decide on someone’s guilt or innocence. Following on from this workshop, students looked at sentencing and how magistrates had to take a lot of factors into consideration before passing down a sentence.

    There was a very powerful session led by ex-prisoner Floyd, who transfixed the students with his real life experience of prison. Floyd works for the Direction Project, an organisation set up by ex-prisoners who work with schools and local communities to try to help young people make positive decisions by informing them about the realities of the consequences of crime. Floyd is an inspiring speaker and all the students were fully engaged with his presentation.

    Both days were a great success, with students saying ‘it was really interesting’ and ‘I had a great day.’ Ms Peach, humanities teacher and joint organiser of the day said ‘we are grateful to all workshop leaders for coming to speak to the students about their roles in society in order for them to gain an understanding of the legal system and the consequences of crime. At 13 and 14 the students are at an age when they are becoming more independent and face making decisions about right and wrong. Magistrates day aims to give students information that can help them make the right decision when and if they are faced with a difficult situation.’

    Many thanks to those involved in both days and to Ms Peach, Mr Fuller, Mrs Caldwell and Miss Freeman for organising such an informative and engaging day.

  • Rewards trip to the South of England Show

    On Saturday 9th June around 70 students from years 7-11 attended the South of England Show in Ardlingly. This was a reward trip offered to those students that had shown excellent effort and progress in ICT, Business and computer science. The students had all worked consistently hard throughout the year and this had been recognised by their teachers who nominated them.

    The day was lovely and sunny, fantastic conditions to visit the outdoor event. With so much going on from the Shetland Pony Grand National to fairground rides, dog shows, motorbikes and cricket, the students were able to head off in small groups to enjoy their own unique day. There was also lots of delicious food on offer and the chance to peruse lots of local produce.

    As well as a fun day out the South of England show is a fantastic example of enterprise in action. With so many small businesses showcasing their work the students are able to see small and large business models in action and also have the opportunity to speak to a variety of people with different job roles. The show gives the students an opportunity to see a different perspective to the large supermarket or shopping mall business set up.

    Miss Wheal, Director of ICT, Business and Computing said ‘the students were a credit to the school and it was fantastic to reward them with such a fun and exciting day.’

    Thanks to Miss Wheal, Mr Kelly, Mr Paul, Miss Morley, Ms French, Miss Gerlings, Mrs Blight and Mrs Guillaume for making the trip possible.

  • Durrington High School –record breaking Race for Life team

    On Sunday 17th June, 310 students and staff from Durrington High School took part in the Cancer Research UK Race for Life on Worthing seafront. This is the third year that the school has entered the event, taking teams of 17 and 33 previously, but this was the first year the opportunity was opened out to all girls from years 7-10. The girls were told about the Race for Life and the work of Cancer Research UK during a week of assemblies, following which they were given information about signing up to the DHS team. We were overwhelmed by the response, with numbers climbing steadily after each assembly, finally reaching the amazing number of 281 students and 29 staff.

    281 students represents 46% of the students that were eligible to enter the Race for Life and we are very proud to have so many students interested in getting active and raising money for such a great cause. After contacting Race for Life they confirmed that we were one of the biggest teams to take part in a Race for Life nationwide –impressive considering the aim was to get the biggest school team into the Worthing race!

    On the Friday prior to the race all those taking part attended a final assembly where they were given logistical information (taking 281 students to an event takes a lot of organising!), received their Team Durrington t-shirts and listened to some inspiring words from year 10 student Caitlin Campbell. Caitlin’s younger sister, Keira, was diagnosed with leukaemia 2 years ago and Caitlin spoke passionately about how the pioneering work of Cancer Research UK is changing the outcomes of people’s lives, including that of Keira who, having received brand new treatment is currently cancer free and recovering from a bone marrow transplant.

    The day of the race was perfect running conditions, dry and not too hot! As the huge team began to gather it was amazing to see the swarm of the pink Team Durrington t-shirts grow. During the warm-up it was clear to see that the DHS Team was certainly the largest team there. Again, Caitlin took to the stage to share her story with the crowd, receiving loud and encouraging whoops and cheers from her supportive peers and teachers.

    Finally at 11am it was time for the race to begin and the team headed to the start line. The students were happy and excited as they ran past the cheering crowds. 23 minutes and 11 seconds later the first member of Team Durrington crossed the line –Miss Wolstenholme – such an impressive time and third overall in the race. Shortly behind her was our first student, year 9 Keely Taylor followed quickly by Mrs Nixon and year 7 Ivy Hite. The students then started to come through at regular intervals –all with an exhausted smile on their face, full of pride at what they had achieved. However tired many of them were, it wasn’t long before they were asking ‘can we do it again next year?’ which is testament to the great time that was had by everyone. It was certainly a day in which everyone went ‘beyond their best.’

    So far the students and staff Just Giving page has reached £4665 (plus £960.63 in gift aid), something which everyone that took part is very proud of.

    Thanks must go to Mrs Graney, Miss Wallis-Tayler, Mrs Larks and Mr Woodcock for their hard work in organising Team Durrington’s participation in such a worthwhile event.

  • Footballing star Kurt Jenner-Swain collects 3 end of season awards

    Kurt Jenner-Swain has had an incredible season playing for Worthing Minors, he has changed position from striker to goalkeeper, and has come away with 3 end of season awards. Kurt was voted the Players Player, Managers Player and Parents Player of the season, which is a huge achievement. He has been a Worthing Minors Player for around 10 years and this is the first time he has picked up an award.

    In addition to these achievements he is also a member of the Brighton and Hove Albion Talent ID team and hopes to soon attend the academy. Kurt has also been awarded a scholarship at the SOKpro Goalkeeping Academy where he is coached by retired professional goalkeeper Stuart Owens.

    Kurt is extremely dedicated to his football and trains or plays for one of his teams from Wednesday to Sunday. Well done Kurt, perhaps we’ll see him as the England goalkeeper in the World Cup 2022 or 2026!

  • Year 9 students have a fantastic day at The University of Chichester Festival of Sport

    Year 9 students have a fantastic day at The University of Chichester Festival of Sport

    On Wednesday 6th June 29 year 9 students, all of whom will be starting GCSE PE in September, headed to University of Chichester for their annual Festival of Sport.  The day is a celebration of sport and an opportunity for students to experience the facilities the University of Chichester offers and discover a wide variety of sports. It is an incredibly active day with students partaking in practical sessions from their arrival at 10.15am to their departure at 2.15pm. The students had the freedom to choose the sessions they attended giving them the chance to follow their own interests and challenge their abilities.

    There was plenty to choose from, alongside the more common sports of cricket, football, netball, basketball and athletics, there were also opportunities to explore activities such as stoolball, ultimate frisbee, judo and trampolining. Students could also take part in strength, stamina, throwing, running and cycling challenges. They could also explore inclusion sports such as wheelchair basketball and blind football. The activities and exhibits were run by experienced coaches, lectures at the university and outside companies.

    It was a fun packed day with all the students having a great time. Izzie Miller said ‘the university has a great sports department and I had a fantastic day partaking in about 8 of the sessions. I enjoyed the netball session most but really enjoyed seeing such a wide variety of activities, including the army camp. It has definitely further inspired my ambition to become a PE teacher.’

    Mr De Gruchy, PE Teacher said ‘it is a great opportunity for the students to experience the university environment and expose them to a variety of sports. It is the first time we have attended and something I think will be worthwhile to do again. As these students are all taking GCSE PE from September, it is a fantastic chance to inspire them and open their eyes to the possibilities of further education in PE subjects.’

    Many thanks to Mr De Gruchy and Mrs Wallis-Tayler for enabling such a great day to take place.

  • DHS Has Got Talent -final line up revealed

    On Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th June the DHS Has Got Talent auditions took place after school. The judges were very impressed with the level of talent on display and would like to thank all those students that entered the competition. They had to make some difficult decisions but the final line up has been confirmed as below:

    Tickets for the final which takes place on Thursday 21st June, starting at 6.30pm  can be purchased via Parentmail. Tickets cost £5 for an adult and £3 for a student/child. All the proceeds go to our fundraising for the Rock Challenge Finals.

    Good luck to all the final contestants!

  • Tote bag competition winners bring their designs to life

    During National Careers week (5th-9th March 2018) we welcomed several businesses from industry, apprenticeship providers and FE & HE educational establishments into school to raise the aspirations of students and provide them with future careers ideas. As part of this, GB Met (Northbrook College) ran a competition for students to create a design for a tote bag. The activity drew lots of attention with students creating an overwhelming amount of fantastic designs.

    Carolyn Harrison, the art and design course leader said that the quality of designs was very high with some very creative natural drawing skills displayed. The judging panel each selected their favourite designs and then as a panel they chose the 7 winning entries. Carolyn commented that the winning designs ‘stood out due to creativity and high standards of drawing skills in some cases and more simple ideas and slogan messages for others.

    The winners were invited to attend the college during half term to have the opportunity to create their own tote bag using their winning design as well as having a tour of the Art & Design, Fashion & Textile department. The students had a fantastic time over the 2 hours they spent at the college. They were really pleased with their digitally printed bags and also had the chance to create another bag using stencils and open screen, mixing print colours and using other textile techniques. They also experimented with the transfer inks and press creating bondaweb fabric badges. Carolyn, who ran the day, said that ‘it gave them an insight into an advanced textile workshop and variety of techniques. They were so proud at the end of the session with what they achieved.’

    The winners were Marcus Quilter, Don Fei Qiu, Kumba Kanu, Sasha Sharman, Chloe-Jane Kennedy and Jasmine Jeffery. Congratulations to them all and look out for those names in the future –perhaps you’ll be wearing them!

  • Support Team Durrington in the Worthing Race for Life

    We have an astonishing 310 staff and students making up a supersized Race for Life team taking part in the Worthing Race for Life this Sunday. The event starts at 11am from Steyne Gardens in Worthing and takes racers out westwards along the seafront for 1.5 miles before returning back to the Steyne.

    If anyone is around and would like to come and support the team we would very much value your support and cheering! Alternatively if you would like to you can support us via the team sponsorship page please do so here:



    Many thanks for your support and good luck to our team!

  • Year 8 history trip to London

    On Thursday 24th May 50 year 8 students took the coach to London to visit the Imperial War Museum and the Cabinet War Rooms. This trip supported the learning they had been doing about the First World War as part of the year 8 curriculum and also prepared them for their studies in year 9 on World War 2.

    After a long coach journey they arrived at the Imperial War Museum where they spent around 90 minutes looking around the various exhibits which included information about the key battles, clothing worn and enlisting, amongst other things.  Each student had a question booklet to give them focus and ensure they gathered relevant facts. The booklet included 25 questions for them to investigate ranging from ‘How did most Britons feel about the Empire?’ to ‘How tall did you have to be to enlist?’ After completing their booklets the students ate a well-earned lunch in the lunch rooms at the museum before heading back on the coach to drive on to the Cabinet War Rooms.

    At the Cabinet War Rooms they were able to explore where Churchill’s government had retreated underground to strategize and plan during the Second World War. They walked through the narrow, winding corridors taking in Churchill’s bedroom and the very important map room. There was an overview film to watch and also each student had a guide phone so they could be informed about the important events that had taken place in the very place they were standing more than 70 years ago.

    Connie Jeffers gives her own account of the day below:

    We learnt lots about World War One in a visual way.  We were able to look around and read the sources, as well as try out some of the equipment, such as a height measurer used to tell if someone was tall enough to go to war. There was also some war uniform that we were able to try on in the museum. After that we went to the Churchill War Rooms, named after Winston Churchill, a British politician and Prime Minister.  We were given an audio phone to go round the corridors and listen to each pole number and find out what happened in the room we were looking inside and why. I learnt a lot on this trip and had lots of fun.

    Many thanks to Miss Haslett, Miss Montagu, Miss Clarke, Mr Dummer and Mrs Eastment for taking the students on this trip, and bringing their learning to life.

  • Durrington students wow at S’koolfest

    On the evening of Wednesday 23rd May DHS students were delighted to take part in the annual S’koolfest organised by Northbrook Met music department and held at The Pavilion Theatre, Worthing. S’koolfest is a fantastic opportunity for local school students to showcase their musical talent, but it is also a competition with several awards up for grabs. The 5 judges were Dan Clark of the Rock School Awards, Eugenie Arrowsmith of the Featured Artists Coalition, Jacob Aaron of the Reign and Frankie Day and Ellie Talebian of Juice FM.

    We were delighted that DHS students were awarded prizes and that overall the school won the main prize, a GAK mini-PA system, which was awarded on the basis of level of school participation. This is a fantastic achievement and testament to the support and opportunities given to students by our performing arts department.  All students that took part have been offered the chance to record their song at Northbrook Met on Saturday 9th June.

    The students that were taking part headed down to The Pavilion in the afternoon so they could rehearse on stage and ensure they were fully prepared. The audience began to filter in around 6.30pm and by 7pm the auditorium was full. If this made our students nervous, they didn’t show it as they waited patiently back stage or in the auditorium.

    The show was opened by the S’koolfest choir who had only had the afternoon to rehearse and got the show off to a great start. Then it was the turn of DHS’s first performers, the group ‘Masterplan’ who sang their self-penned song Needle in a Haystack. They performed it brilliantly and received a rapturous applause. The group received great feedback from the judges who said they had ‘lots of potential to build on already fantastic song writing. Once the confidence comes, they will be dangerous!’ We were delighted that Masterplan were awarded ‘Best Original Song’ and their prize is a one to one masterclass with MET staff published songwriting tutor Megan Clifton.

    Next to perform was the Durrington High School Choir who performed The Sound of Music acapella, a song written by year 11 student Love Onwuzuruike. The judges were very impressed saying it was ‘well organised musically with an uplifting message.’

    Eden Pailthorpe-Peart then joined the choir to play the piano and sing a Daniel Caesar/Beatles mash up. The judges thought she had a ‘wonderful warm tone and relaxed delivery which worked perfectly with the choir.’ This performance was runner up for the Best Backing Vocals Award.

    The next DHS student to take to the stage was Faith Onwuzuruike, who played piano and sang her own song How About we make a Deal. The judges awarded Faith the ready to fly award and the songwriting potential prize, commenting that she had ‘soul, soul, soul and a great tone’ and that the song was ‘beautifully written and arranged for one so young’ she is ‘a songwriting talent, no doubt.’ 

    The final performers from DHS were Millie Whiteside & Tia Poole, who sang and drummed their self-written song Headphones. Again they were fantastic and the judges were well impressed saying ‘simultaneously singing and drumming is an incredible talent. As the confidence built, the tone of the lead singer came through.’

    We are very proud of all the students that took part and are very grateful to music teacher Miss Maughan and Director of performing arts, Mrs Isham, for supporting the students and enabling them to have these fantastic opportunities to develop their skills and experience.

  • Year 10 careers day

    On Wednesday 16th May the whole of year 10 spent the day engaged in an insightful and inspiring careers day. The school welcomed over 70 employers from over 40 local organisations including Eurotherm, JTL Training, Brighton City Airport, Projects Abroad, St Barnabas Hospice, CarpenterBox, and West Sussex County Council, to ensure the students had a wide variety of experience to learn from.

    The day was divided into 5 sessions and every student attended each one. The sessions allowed the students to discover different job roles, hone their interview technique, learn about building an effective CV and explore the different post 16 options such as apprenticeships, sixth form and volunteer work.

    The session ‘What’s my line’ was a favourite of many students. The students had 2 minutes to ask an employer questions, which they could only answer yes or no to, in order to determine what their job was. With around 15 employers in each session this was a fast moving, fun and informative session. Once the students had been round the whole room and made their guesses, each employer revealed their job role and company. These ranged from an actor, a molecular geneticist at GSK, a sports coach at Teach me Kung-Fu, a business manager in HMRC, a hair stylist at Richard John Hair Salon, director of operations at Driving Miss Daisy, the Littlehampton Harbourmaster, photographers (Helen Tinner), a financial economics university student, an international trade adviser, a social worker, chair of trustees, DMAT, and a college student, to name but a few! Not only did the employers reveal their jobs, they also spoke about their route to the job and gave some inspiring pearls of wisdom to the students. The theme of much of their advice was to persevere and they encouraged the students to never give up on what they wanted to do.  Nikki Evans, the CEO of Goring Hall hospital said ‘knockbacks happen to everyone but never let them stop you doing what you want to do.’

    Another practical session was mock interviews, where students chose from 4 different jobs to interview for. After just 10 minutes of preparation they were then interviewed by one of the employers for the job before being given constructive feedback. The 4 jobs to choose from were trainee dog trainer, IT apprentice, customer services assistant and accounts and administration assistant. They were interviewed by employers ranging from a wide variety of organisations; HSBC, Soren Learning Solutions, Coast 2 Capital, The Body Shop, Dixon Carphone Warehouse, Kreston Reeves Chartered Accountants, Coastal West Sussex Partnership, Carpenter Box, Roger Harrison Graphic Design,  Eurotherm, Plumpton College and Worthing Hospital. These mock interviews were a really excellent way to give students valuable practise in speaking about their skills, interests and experience to someone they have not met before. The employers were very impressed with the students,  with Caroline Wood, Director of Coast to Coast Partnerships noting that ‘the young people have fantastic ability to bring their skills to the mock interviews’ and Amber Constable an accountant from Carpenter Box saying that ‘it is a great chance for them to build confidence.’


    The students also attended a CV building workshop where they used resources provided by TSB Bank to learn about what makes an impressive CV. They were made aware of details such as how to ensure you have a professional sounding email to how to make their skills and interests relevant to the working world.

    Another session focussed on transitions where students were spoken to about the various options open to them after year 11. One session was led by Sixth Form teachers and students from Sir Robert Woodard Academy about the possibilities attending Sixth Form can offer. Another session was led by the University of Sussex (Insert). Another session was led by Concordia who spoke about the value of volunteering and how the skills and experiences gained from it can be helpful in identifying and achieving future career goals.

    Another session was focussed on apprenticeships; these were led by West Sussex Apprenticeships, Apprenticeships in Sussex and Education Employers. Each session explored the variety of apprenticeships available and the various career paths they could lead to. Annie, currently enjoying her apprenticeship in business administration education and skills, explained ’the aim is to dispel the myths around apprenticeships. I want to give the students the right information so they can make an informed choice about if an apprenticeship is the right choice for them.’

    The careers day was a huge success with the whole of year 10 buzzing with the possibilities of what life after Durrington High School could bring. Karen Jefford, Careers Leader & Community and Enterprise Manager, who had organised the day, said ‘it is so important to inspire and engage the students, and to introduce them to a wide range of possibilities for their futures. That is why we are so grateful to the many volunteers that have given up their time to be here today.’






  • DofE bronze expedition teams complete practice hikes

    On the weekends of 5/6th and 12/13th May students undertaking their Duke of Edinburgh bronze award completed their practise hikes over the South Downs.  It was a chance for them to put into practice the 20 conditions of training required, such as skills in map reading, teamwork, learning to use hike tents and stoves, first aid, the correct way to pack a rucksack, and choice of menu, that they had been taught in after school sessions since January.

    It was a tale of 2 very different weekends weather wise, with the first weekend being the hottest early May bank holiday in 10 years. The 6 teams out on this weekend did fantastically well to be out in the blazing sun for 6-9 hours on each of the days. The 4 teams out on the second weekend had hoped for cooler conditions but not the rain they were given! They also did amazingly well to put up with the constant drizzle and wind of the weekend. The teams hiked from Patcham or Stanmer Park to meet at Plumpton College where they camped overnight. The next day they headed back to whichever of the locations they hadn’t set off from the previous day.

    The Red team had a fantastic weekend, although they did find it a bit too hot. They enjoyed getting to know other people in their year group, playing cards and laughing and joking while they rested in the evening. They were unanimous in saying that it was the sense of achievement on completing that they valued the most. They also had a hilarious encounter with some chickens which is still making them laugh today!

    As they plan to head back out for the real thing on the weekend of the 7th/8th July they are hoping the weather will be a little cooler, but would rather it was hot than raining. They have also learnt from this practise exhibition and will only be taking essential items and will distribute the weight more evenly between them.

    This practical exhibition is one part of the Duke of Edinburgh award and the students are also all partaking in volunteer work and learning a skill to ensure that they meet all the requirements to achieve the bronze award.

    Thanks for both weekends must go to Mr Davis, Mr Briscoe, Mr Griffiths, Miss Freeman, Miss Heane and Mr Suckling, for their fantastic support.

  • Giving Words to the World – a great success!

    From 8th – 11th May students and staff at Durrington High School were asked to bring in their unwanted books for a charity initiative. Giving Words to the World aimed to help combat literacy poverty by donating the collected books to Sub Saharan Africa and also local community projects.

    The week was a huge success with students and staff donating fantastic amounts of books. We were also grateful to receive books from World of Books, Little Elms Nursery and Sir Robert Woodard Academy.


    Each form was charged with the aim to collect enough books to make a pile as tall as their form tutor, and they certainly rose to the challenge. 37 forms collected enough books to build a tower more than 6 feet tall. The 3 forms to collect the most books were 7CBo with a pile 530cm high, 7MKy with 619cm and 8JMu with an incredible stack of books that was 2239cms tall! All in all the books collected by students and staff stretched almost a whole mile long.

    Friday was an incredibly busy day as Mrs Baker and her student librarians busily collected up the books and began packing. As year 8 student Jeremey Casse explains:

    Wow what a day. I am amazed at how many books we have been able to bring together and provide for people less fortunate than us. It fills me with confidence that every single one of these books will help educate and rehabilitate many young, teen and adult lives that do not have the access to books like we do. The library team and all of the students that helped have sorted and measured the books. They’ve done a great job. Some forms have been incredible, with a shout out to Mr Mulhern’s form who managed to in total gather over 22meters of books. We have done a lot to be proud of today, and I am so excited that all these books will help change lives. Thank you and congratulations to everyone involved. We have really gone beyond our best today.

    Many of the books have now started the journey to Africa where they will be distributed to children, teens and adults to help them improve their literacy, and therefore life skills. There are plans to work with the local community in the near future, focusing on distributing the children’s books to ensure local children have access to books and can develop a lifelong love of reading.

    If you want to see more photographs and facts search #GW2TW on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Year 10 students get a taste of Oxbridge

    On Wednesday 9th May 26 of the highest performing year 10 students attended an after school event at Hurstpierpoint College in Hassocks, created to encourage them to explore the possibility of attending the university of Oxford or Cambridge.

    The students were welcomed to the stunning college with light refreshments and were quickly seated for the talk. The two speakers, one from Oxford and the other Cambridge, represented both the academic and admissions side which gave the students a clear idea of what Oxbridge universities are looking for, and what it is like to attend them.

    As one of only 2 schools in attendance, Mr Runeckles, Senior Leader, said ‘ this is a fantastic opportunity to not only inspire our students to think about attending an Oxbridge university but also to offer them inside knowledge of the process of becoming an Oxbridge student.’

    In attendance was Lucy Spires who said ‘it was a great opportunity to have and it has made me think about the possibility of attending an Oxbridge university. I now know how focused you need to be and what is expected in terms of grades and a personal statement.’

    The students enjoyed the trip and were reflective on the coach as they headed home. Mr Runeckles said ‘an event like this is very important in giving students at this early stage the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and horizons in terms of further education.’

  • Students raise money for Safe in Sussex with charity music concert

    Durrington High School are delighted to have raised £384.04 for the charity Safe in Sussex (formally Worthing Womans Aid) by holding a music concert.  The concert was the idea of Sofia Hole, Kyrah Albert and Lynnard Tracey, who, having learnt about the work of Safe in Sussex during their social and moral education lessons, decided they wanted to do something to help.

    The three students are all GCSE music students and decided to combine their talents in order to raise much needed funds. After their suggestion, the music and SME departments worked collaboratively to host a KS4 music concert. They charged an entry fee and also asked for donations on the night in order to raise money. The concert was a great success and featured performances from the school choir, an a cappella group, the chamber choir and original compositions from year 10 and 11 students. It was a fantastic night enjoyed by all, and made all the more successful by the funds raised.

    Amy Dove, Head of SME, said ‘it was fantastic to see our students want to help after learning about the amazing work Safe in Sussex do. To use their initiative to combine their music skills with their passion for helping a worthy cause was inspiring.’

    The students proudly presented the cheque to Louise Gisby from Safe in Sussex last week. Louise commented, ‘the concert was brilliant and everyone enjoyed attending. It was fantastic to see such wonderful talent put to such a good use. The funds raised will enable us to provide our vital services to break the cycle of domestic abuse and help ensure we are able to continue our work in schools, educating young people about safe, healthy relationships.’

    For more information about Safe in Sussex, visit http://www.safeinsussex.org/

  • Year 11 receive vital CPR training

    During April and May, as part of their social and moral education classes, all year 11 students have had the opportunity to learn the lifesaving skills of CPR. Using recourses from The British Heart Foundation, which included instruction videos and blow up dummies that allowed them to put the theory into practise. This is the first year the school have participated in the programme and it has been a great success. Head of SME, Ms Dove explained ‘CPR is a vital skill for any person and we thought SME lessons would be a fantastic way to give a whole year group the opportunity to undertake the training. The excellent free resources from The British Heart Foundation meant that we were able to quickly roll out the programme and ensure all year 11 students accessed it before leaving. It is certainly something we would like to continue to offer year after year.’

    It was the idea of Ms Freeman, who joined the school in September and was instrumental in implementing the scheme. She carried out the training for the SME teachers who were then able to go ahead and, along with the resources, carry out the training. All the students received a certificate at the end of the training, but more importantly, left the lesson with knowledge that could potentially save a life. Students were really happy with the training, Tom Nederpel said he ‘really enjoyed it’ and Sofia Hole said she ‘found it really useful.’ Thoughts that were echoed by many more of the students.

  • U14 Girls Football Team: The road to the County Cup Final

    On Thursday 3rd May Durrington High School’s U14 girls football team headed to Sussex FC County ground (home of Lancing FC) to play in the county cup final. They faced a very strong Dorothy Stringer team (who had knocked out the reigning champions in their semi-final).  The journey to the finals was impressive, and at times nail biting, the whole team showed great determination in every match played. With expert coaching and encouragement from Ms Morley, the girls had a bye in the first round but beat Hove Park 4-3 to reach the quarter-finals where they played Oriel High School, wining 5-3. Their semi-final against Seaford Head was very tight but they won 4-3 to reach the final.

    They had to wait nervously all day for the 5pm kick off but were mature and calm in their preparation. They had a tough battle but they showed determination and excellent teamwork. Despite this, a close game saw the girls lose 3-2, but each player was fantastic and an absolute credit to the school. Although disappointed they were proud of themselves and their performance, and so they should be, coming second out of 25 schools is a great achievement.

    Special mentions must go to Grace Watkins who scored two stunning goals and Jasmine Williams, the team goalkeeper, who performed some outstanding saves to keep Durrington in the game.

  • Maria Dawes, Deputy Director, Regional Schools Commissioners Office visits DMAT schools

    DMAT schools were delighted to be visited on Friday 4th May by Maria Dawes, Deputy Director, Regional Schools Commissioners Office. It was a fantastic opportunity to share the wonderful work we are doing in both Durrington High School and The Laurels Primary School with someone who has such a key role in education. Maria was joined by Amy Barron, Team Leader, Sussex, Brighton and Hove, Regional Schools Commissioner.

    The visit started at Durrington High School in the morning and Maria was met by Chair of Governors, Brian Marsh and Headteacher and CEO of DMAT Sue Marooney. Four Year 8 students; Megan Vaughan, Ryan Johnson, Erin Bevan and Amy Brand gave a tour of the school, visiting lessons and taking in all the fantastic opportunities and facilities Durrington has to offer. Maria was very impressed and felt the school provided ‘an excellent learning environment that was vibrant and full of enthusiasm’ adding that it was ‘brilliant to see such a rich diversity of opportunities for young people.’

    The tour included Durrington’s Research Centre in which Mrs Blight and Miss Bedford were busily preparing to welcome teachers from 12 local schools for a KS3 maths training day. Maria was very impressed by this saying ‘I was so inspired to see the Research School in action, making an impact on the wider community by sharing good practice.’

    Sue Marooney then took Maria and Amy over to fellow DMAT school, The Laurels Primary School, where she met Headteacher, Charlotte Bull and Chair of Governors, Mary Mugridge, and saw many of the children partaking in focused and engaging lessons. Sue Marooney commented ‘we are pleased to have this opportunity to show how DMAT schools are supporting each other and working together to ensure all students from reception to year 11 are given the opportunities to be the best they can be.’ Charlotte Bull echoed this saying ‘I only took up post in January and already we have enhanced the curriculum and enrichment activities as we always want the best for our children.’

  • Great Success for Durrington at the District Athletics

    Durrington students had a fantastic afternoon at the West Sussex West District Athletics yesterday (Wednesday 9th May); the students performed incredibly well and came back with lots of gold! All students, from year 8 to 11, were a credit to the school and gave 100% in each of the 12 events, which took place on the field and track at Worthing Leisure centre. They were amongst 13 schools taking part and were able to enter two athletes into each event.

    The year 8 and 9 students took part in the junior events and the highlights included Archie Sloan coming first in the boys 1500 meters and Ethan Muirhead  coming a close second in the boys 100 meters.  Overall the junior boys team came in second place and the girls team third.

    Both the boys and girls from years 10 and 11 took part in the intermediate events and had many successes as can be seen below. The girls dominated the 100 meters, 300 meters, triple jump and high jump, where our 2 athletes took first and second place.

    Both the girls and the boys won the 4 x 100 relay, with the girls winning by an astonishing 60 meters! Special mention must be made for Tom Chalaye who encompassed the school motto in going beyond his best. After winning his heat and then competing (and coming second) in the 400 meters, and the 800 meters, he was called in last minute to replace a member of the relay team who was ill. He had no break and went straight in to run the third leg and help the boys claim a tight victory.

    Overall the Girls and Boys intermediate teams came first, with the girls achieving a staggering lead of 63 points.

    Intermediate Boys Results

    Luke Ellard                                                               2nd 1500m

    Will Pooley                                                                1st 200m

    Tom Chalaye                                                            2nd 400m

    Louis Crawley                                                          1st Javelin

    Boys relay team                                                       1st 4 x 100m relay
    (Will Pooley, Ciaran Laker, Tom Chalaye, Tom Dean)

     Intermediate Girls results

    Eli Middleton                                                          1st 300m, 2nd Triple Jump

    Lexi Spurr                                                               2nd 300m, 2nd High Jump

    Kelsey Sutherland                                                 1st High Jump, 1st Triple Jump, 2nd 100m

    Emily Dove                                                             1st Long Jump, 1st 10om, 2nd 200m

    Girls Relay Team                                                  1st 4 x 100m relay
    (Emily Dove, Eli Middleton, Lizzie Evans, Kelsey Sutherland)

    For the combined junior and intermediate boys and girls results Durrington finished second, but were just 4 points behind the leaders, Davison High School and St Andrews (who have their scores combined).

    Well done Team Durrington  –  look out for the above names in Paris 2024 (or maybe even Tokyo 2020!)

  • Heidi Sheridan wins regional Eco Poem Poster Challenge

    There has been more success from Durrington students in the area of climate change as Heidi Sheridan has recently been announced as the joint winner of the 11-13 years category for the Eco Poem Poster challenge, which is kindly sponsored by Southern Co-op who jointly run it with The E.Y.E project (of which Durrington are proud to be a part of).

    The panel from The E.Y.E Project were overwhelmed with the quantity and quality of the work received from pupils around West Sussex.  The panel shortlisted 22 posters and these were passed to the Southern Co-op judging team to select the winners and runners up.

    Southern Co-op advised that judging was a tough job! They were so impressed with the thinking, energy and creativity that went into the posters.  So impressed were they, they are planning to display the posters in their office. They were grateful to all the schools that took part.

    Speaking about Heidi’s winning entry, Southern Co-op said they loved the concept behind her vision as it was a very different approach to the brief.  The message they felt was particularly compelling. Her poster can be viewed here

    As a winner Heidi will receive a book token and her design will be used in a poster campaign meaning it will be distributed to schools and communities later this term. The three schools of the winning posters will all receive litter picking equipment.

    Congratulations Heidi!

  • Coastal Drains climate change competition –students win £500 for the school

    At the beginning of this term Durrington High School were delighted to be visited by members of the Coastal Drains team as they presented year 8 student Hope Waite-Jones and year 9 student, Eddie Pullen with a cheque of £500 for the school (and some book tokens for themselves).

    Hope and Eddie had been two of 100s of applications to an essay writing competition about their views on Climate Change. Submitted in letter format, Hope had answered the question ‘Does climate change exist?’ and Eddie gave his ideas on how climate change could be prevented.

    The Coastal Drains team were bowled over with the standard of the entries, noting both the passion and expert knowledge of the young people who had submitted entries. It is testament to Hope and Eddie that their essays stood out and were chosen as the winning entries against such tough competition.

    Well done to Hope and Eddie, it is great to see Durrington students going beyond their best and being rewarded and recognised by others. Please take the time to read their essays below, we hope you are as inspired as we are, and feel optimistic for the future of our planet, knowing these ideas and views come from the next generation.

    Eddie Pullen essay

    Hope Waite Jones essay

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  • We are a community here at Durrington High School, where we are motivated and driven by the excellence represented by everyone around us.