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  • Year 11 students receive their bronze Duke of Edinburgh award and many year 9s are keen to sign up. Can you help?

    In November, 15 of our year 11 students were presented with their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Awards, having successfully completed the scheme. Five of these students were able to receive their award during an information evening for year 9 students and their parents/carers that were interested in commencing the DofE this year.

    The students must have been very inspiring as we have been delighted by the response from students keen to take part in the DofE this year. Almost 100 students would like to sign up and take on the DofE award which includes physical, expedition, skills and volunteering challenges. The DofE is a fantastic way for students to gain confidence, make friends, learn new skills and develop as citizens. There are many possibilities as to how students can fulfil the requirements but everyone that takes part discovers new interests and skills, often leading to further training or even a career path.

    Harriet Sheridan completed cookery classes (skills), learnt martial arts (physical) and volunteered at Rainbow Chest. Sam Eastwood volunteered at 10th Worthing Cubs, took part in Park Run (physical) and attending photograph club (skills). Harriet still volunteers at Rainbow Chest and really enjoys her role there. Volunteering is also an excellent addition to a CV when applying for part time jobs and colleges.

    Every student takes part in the expedition, which takes place in the summer term and involves groups of 7 students planning and completing a cross country hike, with an overnight camp included. Harriet said the expedition really built up her confidence and resilience, as when her group got lost they needed strong determination to get themselves back on the right path. The feeling of pride and relief on making it to camp was a highlight of the DofE experience for both Sam and Harriet.  They also felt that doing the DofE expedition was really helpful to their geography studies.

    It is fantastic to have so many students interested this year as taking part in the DofE offers invaluable life lessons both in team building and individual learning. However, with so many students signed up we would really value support from adults with relevant experience who would be happy to volunteer to help with the DofE this year. Any parents/carers or members of the local community that have skills in hiking, camping, first aid or have done DofE themselves, have a keen interest and a small amount of time to spare would be gratefully welcomed to the DHS DofE team. Mr Briscoe and Mr Davis, DofE leaders at DHS say ‘it is a truly rewarding experience to see the students complete their DofE expedition and it is a privilege to be part of their experience. Knowing that you have enabled a young person to push themselves and go beyond what they thought they were capable of is very satisfying.’

    We would also welcome hearing from local charities that would be happy to take on 14/15 year olds as volunteers and any local clubs where students could achieve physical goals or work on new skills.

    If you think you could help please contact Mr Briscoe on sbriscoe1@durring.com

    Students undertaking the practise expedition in May 2018

  • Year 7 enjoy getting wet and muddy during the Mud Run

    Last Monday over 300 year 7 students headed to the field after school to take part in a fun and challenging mud run. The mud run is a chance for our newest students to work on their teambuilding skills and also improve their individual resilience and confidence, whilst also having the opportunity to get really muddy! The course consists of a lap of the courts, astro and around the field. On the field there were a series of obstacles such as crawling through a pitch black tunnel, scrambling under a large net, jumping over a table and finishing with a slip and slide!

    The students really enjoyed the race with Oliver saying ‘it was really fun’ and Harry saying ‘I thought I wouldn’t like the tunnel but I overcame my fear and actually enjoyed it.’ Ayanda also said ‘ I didn’t think I was going to do it but I realised I could and I loved the slip and slide at the end!’ Emily loved the large net saying ‘I kept getting tangled up but it was so funny, I loved it.’

    As well as being a chance to have fun and learn important skills the mud run was an interform competition and the points earned by the students would go towards their company totals in July’s sports day. During assembly on Monday morning the year 7s gathered for a prize giving ceremony. Firstly prizes were awarded to the two form groups who had 100% participation in the race (including their form tutor) – 7DWa and 7SSt.

    The order of the tutor groups was announced next with 7KCl in third place, 7SSt in second and 7DWa in first place. The top 10 students were then announced:

    1. Harrison Langley
    2. Frankie Spiteri
    3. Jack Pynn
    4. Luke Bartram
    5. Josh Barden
    6. Jack Haward
    7. Jasper Stacey-Perkins-Stone
    8. Alex Brennan
    9. Zach Jackson
    10. Mia Brown

    Then the all-important company results were read out, Coubertin took the top spot by just 33 points with Mercator in second place and Shelley 3rd.

    Mrs Wallis-Tayler said ‘we are really proud of the amount of students that took part. At DHS we encourage our students to actively participate in events such as these, reminding them that the more they put in the more they will get out.’

    Congratulations to all the students and teachers that took part in the mud run and many thanks to Mrs Wallis Tayler, Miss Wolstenholme and the year 7 form tutors for enabling the event to take place.

    The slip and slide

    The large net

    Under/over the table

    The blackout tunnel

    Representatives from 7DWa and 7SSt who both had 100% participation in the race.

    Students from 7DWa -the winning form group

    The top 10 finishers

    Students from the winning company Coubertin and company leader Miss Wolstenholme

  • Year 7s off to a flying start with sporting success

    Year 7 have got off to a flying start and look set to continue the Durrington High School legacy of excellent sporting achievements. They have only been at the school 11 weeks but are already showing their sporting talents and determination to succeed across football, basketball and dance.

    The year 7 football team have now finished their first season at Durrington. The boys have worked extremely hard and shown maturity and resilience leading to a very successful first season. Overcoming some tough fixtures they reached the semi-finals in the district league and reached the 3rd round of both the national and county cup competitions. All the players worked well together as a team as well as individuals showing some moments of brilliance, such as Harrison Langley’s goal straight from a corner!  The year 7 football B team also got off to a great start as they took part in a 3 way tournament with 2 teams from Shoreham and St Andrews. Our teams finished 1st and 4th in the tournament, an excellent effort on their first outing as a team.

    As one season ends another begins as the year 7 boys basketball team played their first game last week and it was an incredible win. The team beat Littlehampton Academy, winning by an impressive 30 points with a final score of 34-4. The Most Valued Players were Will Pinkney with 22 points and Charlie Perry with 10 points. We are excited to see how the season develops and look forward to their future fixtures.

    The year 7 girls basketball team will begin their season in February and we are very excited to see how they will do. The team have already won the area tournament which was a fantastic achievement, especially considering that this was the majority of the players’ first experience of an inter-school competitive basketball game. We can’t wait to see what they can do as they gain competitive experience and confidence.

    Year 7 girls football team

    The year 7 girls football team have just begun their season and are off to a great start. They have shown excellent commitment and enthusiasm to training and fixtures. The team competed in the district 6-a-side competition in October and did amazingly well to beat 5 teams on their way to the final. Despite their very best efforts they lost the final but were proud of how well they played and for being runners up at such a tough competition. Their County Cup campaign has begun with gusto, winning their first match 13-0 and, despite losing, showing strength and resilience as they battled a tough Millais team in the recent storms and Tia Stone scored 2 great goals.  Again we are eagerly anticipating supporting them through future fixtures in both the county cup and national cup over the coming weeks and months.

    In November every year 7 form group competed in an interform dance competition. The students worked incredibly hard to put on a fantastic evening of dance, showcasing many talented dancers and some thought-provoking and beautiful choreography. The competition was won by 7KCL and the evening was again a wonderful example of our newest students excelling in sporting activity.

    We are really proud of the way these students have settled in to life at DHS and taken such an active and successful role in our sporting programme. They have all shown commitment to their sports and had a lot of fun too; it is a fantastic start to their sporting careers at DHS. It will be a privilege to see these students develop over the next 5 years and we can’t wait to see what they achieve.

    Many thanks to the excellent PE team for coaching these teams and giving the students the opportunity to improve their skills and confidence by taking part in a variety of competitions.

    We run a wide range of extra-curricular sports at DHS and encourage all our students to find something they enjoy and join in! For the full schedule see the timetable here or pop down to the PE office to speak to one of our amazing (award winning) PE team.

    Year 7 boys football team

    Year 7 boys basketball team

    7KCL – the winning form at the Interform Dance Competition




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  • Fantastic sponsorship opportunities available – be part of our incredible sporting success

    How can you support the next generation to excel in sports and physical education?

    Durrington High School has a rich history of excellence and success across a range of sporting activities and events. We want our local business community to be able to share in this success. Read the brochure below to find out how you could support our high achieving school.

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