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  • Go Go Go Joseph! DHS produce a spectacular musical in just 24 hours

    Over the weekend of 13th/14th October staff and students at Durrington High School worked tirelessly to put on a musical production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. They arrived at 7am on Saturday and left at 7pm that evening, only to arrive back at 7am on Sunday morning. The performance took place at 5.30pm and finished just before 7pm, meaning that the team had gone from casting to performance in just under 24 hours.

    Just to put something together that was vaguely stage worthy and resembled the well-known musical would have been an achievement, but they went way beyond that, putting on an amazing production of Joseph! The cast had learnt their lines, the dancers knew all their moves, the costumes and props were amazing and the whole thing looked and sounded fantastic.

    Emily Isham, who came up with the idea and is Director of Performing Arts at DHS said, ‘I cannot begin to express how proud I am of these students. Their work ethic, talent and dedication is second to none. We didn’t expect to have a cast off book, but they came back on Sunday morning knowing all their lines. What’s more they all had smiles on their faces the whole weekend.’

    The audience on Sunday night where not sure what to expect but were all blown away, giving a standing ovation at the end. Feedback after the production was overwhelming positive with parents saying ‘What can I say other than ……..WOW……. what a weekend and what a performance’ and ‘My girls were literally buzzing afterwards – they loved every single second of it.’

    The students all really enjoyed themselves, many of whom have only been at the school for 6 weeks. As well as raising money for the schools Rock Challenge production (via sponsorship) the weekend was hugely beneficial to students as they gained confidence, made new friends and felt a fantastic sense of achievement. This production was a clear example of the schools ‘going beyond our best’ motto in action.

    Many thanks to the staff involved, in particular Mrs Isham, the performance director and Mr Dean, musical director, who pretty much played the piano for two days straight, and his wonderful page turner /costume maker Miss Hewett. Thank you also for the invaluable help of Mrs Wallis-Tayler, Miss Wolstenholme, Mrs Bowden, Ms Graney, Mrs Owen, Miss Cross, Mrs Chaitow, Miss Hughes and Miss Hodnett.

  • Year 7 students enjoy watching ‘Streetwise’ whilst learning vital road safety lessons.

    On Tuesday 9th October we were visited by Performance in Education (PIE) who delivered a thought-provoking yet humorous and engaging performance designed to make our students aware of the importance of road safety.

    Supported by Sussex Safer Roads the play ‘Streetwise’ was performed to our year 7 students and focused on a group of school students; Chloe, Will, Mark, Jo, Tegs and Ripper as they headed out on a school trip. The multiple parts, including school teachers, local business owners, van drivers and parents, were played by the fantastic cast of just three. The play addressed key messages of road safety for young people – mainly being aware of what is happening around them when out and about, especially by the road and when using headphones or mobile phones or looking out for their friends.

    The vital messages were delivered in a fun and engaging way that had the year 7s laughing as well as silent as they absorbed the more serious moments. The play clearly had the desired impact with one student saying ‘it made me realise that when I use my mobile phone I need to be much more aware, I hadn’t thought of that before’ and ‘when you are messing about with your mates you need to be well away from any roads.’ They also all agreed that the performance was a great way for them to be presented with this information, saying that the play helped them to understand the messages clearly.

    The talented cast of Rhiannon, Llion and Dan all really enjoy their job with Dan saying ‘it is so important to teach young people about road safety and it is great to be part of a programme that is helping prevent accidents in the future.’

    The play was followed by a question and answer session to ensure all the students took the key messages of road safety on board, and most importantly, remembered them when they headed home.


  • Year 7 team-building days a great success

    On the 27th and 28th September year 7 students took part in two days of team-building activities. The two days were packed with fun and laughter as the newest members of Team Durrington bonded and worked together in a series of different tasks and activities.

    The year group was split into two, with one half heading outside on day one whilst the other half took part in drama activities, and then vice versa on day two.

    Outside in the sunshine the students taking part in the activities on the field had 25 minutes per challenge to gain as many points for their team as they could. The challenges ranged from ‘the gutter challenge’, which saw students working together to hold drainpipes in order to get water from one bucket to another, to ‘the crate challenge’, where students had to make a tower of crates building from the bottom up. There was also ‘the spider web challenge’ where students had to pass through a large net without touching the ropes, and ‘walk the plank’, where they all had to travel across a series of stone slabs using only one plank of wood. The other challenges were ‘the magic carpet’, ‘the ski race’, ‘the kart challenge’ and ‘the team pull.’ Each team had a team captain (a new one for each challenge) and were assisted by a student from Worthing College Sports Academy.

    Despite getting pretty wet the students had a fantastic time and the different characters in each form group began to emerge. The team-building days are a great way for the year 7 students to cement friendships and learn about how important working together is. Comments from students included ‘it really helped build up my confidence’, ‘it was really fun’, ‘it helped me make new friends outside of my form group’ and ‘being the team captain taught me leadership skills.’

    The drama activities were led by year 9 and 10 students and focused on learning about the importance of kindness and how our actions affect others. The students worked in small groups and after gathering ideas about the subject matter they devised a short performance piece. These were then shared with the wider group and initiated conversations and debate. Again, this activity is a great way for students to work together and explore a key value of life at Durrington; kindness. Students really enjoyed this day too saying ‘it was really good fun devising the pieces and showing them’, ‘I learnt a lot about people’ and ‘I loved watching the year 9s and 10s perform.’

    Chris Davis, Head of Vocational Activities and lead teacher for these team-building days says, ‘it is great to see the students having such a wonderful time during the team-building days. Having two days of fun, engaging and challenging activities at an early point in their Durrington journey ensures they are bonded as a year group and ultimately helps them settle into secondary school life.’

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  • Fantastic sponsorship opportunities available – be part of our incredible sporting success

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