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Year 9 students have a fantastic day at The University of Chichester Festival of Sport

Year 9 students have a fantastic day at The University of Chichester Festival of Sport

On Wednesday 6th June 29 year 9 students, all of whom will be starting GCSE PE in September, headed to University of Chichester for their annual Festival of Sport.  The day is a celebration of sport and an opportunity for students to experience the facilities the University of Chichester offers and discover a wide variety of sports. It is an incredibly active day with students partaking in practical sessions from their arrival at 10.15am to their departure at 2.15pm. The students had the freedom to choose the sessions they attended giving them the chance to follow their own interests and challenge their abilities.

There was plenty to choose from, alongside the more common sports of cricket, football, netball, basketball and athletics, there were also opportunities to explore activities such as stoolball, ultimate frisbee, judo and trampolining. Students could also take part in strength, stamina, throwing, running and cycling challenges. They could also explore inclusion sports such as wheelchair basketball and blind football. The activities and exhibits were run by experienced coaches, lectures at the university and outside companies.

It was a fun packed day with all the students having a great time. Izzie Miller said ‘the university has a great sports department and I had a fantastic day partaking in about 8 of the sessions. I enjoyed the netball session most but really enjoyed seeing such a wide variety of activities, including the army camp. It has definitely further inspired my ambition to become a PE teacher.’

Mr De Gruchy, PE Teacher said ‘it is a great opportunity for the students to experience the university environment and expose them to a variety of sports. It is the first time we have attended and something I think will be worthwhile to do again. As these students are all taking GCSE PE from September, it is a fantastic chance to inspire them and open their eyes to the possibilities of further education in PE subjects.’

Many thanks to Mr De Gruchy and Mrs Wallis-Tayler for enabling such a great day to take place.