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Year 7s inspired by University outreach programme

The year 7 students at Durrington High School have been finding out all about life as a university student this term as part of a programme with the University of Brighton Outreach Team. On Monday 29th April the whole of year 7 took part in hour long workshops led by the outreach team to introduce them to university terminology and give an overview of what being a university student involves. To do this the students worked in pairs to play a board game in which they collected tokens for answering questions correctly. The tokens were categorised into skills, study and social life, with the idea being to gather a range of different coloured tokens to indicate a rounded experience.

Despite some students being a little competitive the idea of the board game is not really to win, but is expertly designed to engage the students and boost their knowledge of university language and expectations. Toby Henry, Careers Adviser at Durrington High School, said ‘the workshops are a really fun and engaging way to introduce the idea of university to our year 7 students. It is also fantastic to have the student ambassadors from Brighton University to help them as they are available to answer any questions and offer first-hand experience.’

Following on from the workshops the whole of year 7 will, over this term and next, visit The University of Brighton as the next stage in this programme. This term 3 groups of 60 students have been on this visit and really enjoyed the experience. The visit includes a tour of the campus, a Lego architecture workshop and again lots of opportunities to ask the student ambassadors questions. The programme is an important part of the careers calendar as it inspires students at a young age and gets them thinking about their goals for further education. Rosie Green, Careers Leader at Durrington High School, said ‘working with the University of Brighton Outreach Team on this programme is a fantastic way to inspire young students to aspire to further education. The workshops are a great starting point and then the visits build on this interest, as the students get the chance to experience the university campus for themselves. This is part of a robust all-years careers programme at Durrington High School which supports students in making further education choices that are right for them by ensuring they are given all the options.’

Next week is the year 10 careers day in which the whole of year 10 will have the chance to meet a range of employers from various industries.

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