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Year 7 boys enjoy a day of dance at Chichester University

In December a group of eight year 7 boys had an exciting day out at Chichester University to explore the area of contemporary dance. The boys had been working with Miss Towson for around 7 weeks to choreograph a contemporary dance piece which they showcased on the day.

The day began with a chance for the boys to have a final rehearsal in the space they would perform. They were in one of the dance studios at Chichester University and it was exciting for the students to experience the universities excellent facilities. With lighting added to bring extra drama to their piece, the group were ready to perform in front of the 8 other schools in attendance.

They performed brilliantly and received a huge round of applause from their audience. Mrs Chaitow, PE teacher, said, ‘it was wonderful to see the boys perform in front of a live audience. They had put so much time and effort into choreographing and rehearsing the piece; it was really special to see them get the praise they deserved.’

They also had the opportunity to watch the other schools perform their pieces and were inspired by what they saw.

Following the performances and after a much needed lunch break, the boys took part in an exciting workshop led by an all-male professional dance company. They were shown new techniques and moves and given the chance to practice what they already knew. They also watched the professional company perform which was a magical moment for them.

The purpose of the day, hosted by Chichester University, was to raise the profile of boys dance, making it accessible and aspirational. Mrs Chaitow said, ‘today has been about nurturing the talent and passion of our year 7 boys that have an active interest in dance. By giving them the opportunity to meet professional male dancers, and be involved with an all-male dance event, we hope they will continue to pursue their passion for dance.’

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